Hafez Nazeri Tells the UNTOLD

Can music accomplish what Mankind cannot? It is said that people in comas respond to music. I believe it is the most powerful stimuli for the brain.  The language of the cosmos that we all understand no matter what language we speak.

So can music create World Peace? I doubt it. But one brilliant musician, Hafez Nazeri, with a passion for peace, is trying his best; doing his part, by releasing his album, “Untold”.

As a voting member of the Recording Academy, occasionally I stumble upon genius…fairly unknown genius. But rarely do I find the genius accompanied by a good story.

I noticed a post of his on Facebook, of all places, that caught my attention.

This is a very disappointing and sad that after all the hard works I have been doing to bring pride to my country, I am not even allowed to perform for my beloved people in my own country!
But I believe in love and I know this will also pass!

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Naturally, this infuriated me. Imagine not being allowed to play your music? Imagine not having that freedom?

I felt compelled to reach out to this guy and find out exactly why he couldn’t play?   So I sent him a note, after checking out his music. If he sucked, well, then maybe that would explain the cancellation of his show. But…UNTOLD is an amazing musical journey.

Hafez was open to speaking with me…fairly openly, as there are certain things he could say that might be translated as risky, with consequences in Iran.

If he desires world peace with his music, he has an uphill battle in his hometown to start.

As an example, women are not allowed to perform, solo, in Iran. They must be accompanied by a male. (According to Hafez in the interview below.) I guess I’ll be cancelling my tour dates there, too.




 Q & A (Slightly paraphrased for language clarification, without changing meaning.)

So, Hafez, why was your concert cancelled?

I don’t know. 

Can you take a guess?

Well, I just know that we applied for the Visas for my U.S. players a couple of months in advance, and I never received clearance. They kept saying it would be later.  And then it was too late.

Is that normal?

I didn’t expect it to be a problem when we booked the show.

Do you think it was because you had Americans with you?

Untold crosses Classical Persian with Western Music, and I was really excited to perform with my musicians from the U.S, since I have not performed in my country for such a long time. Maybe this was a problem. I don’t know. I just know I didn’t get the permits.

Do Americans play over there?

Well, no American has performed in Iran for 35 years, since the Islamic Revolution.

Did you lose money?

Yes, I lost about $100,000 dollars of my own money .

Wow. That must have been a big show planned. When was the last show you did in Iran?

When I was nineteen. I played with my father for over 140 thousand people. We performed Classical Persian Music.

That’s a pretty big audience at 19. How were you that popular? And how old are you now?

I’m 34.  My father is a very famous musician.  They call him the Pavarotti of Iran. When I joined him on stage, it brought younger generations to the shows.

And how many shows have you played in Iran since then?

None.  I came to the United States at 19, and studied music at Mannes College of Music, in New York, where I still live.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to expand my horizons.

Are you a US Citizen?


How did you get your citizenship?

From my music.

When I listened to Untold, I noticed your first piece, entitled, “Atomic Peace”, kicks off the creation of the universe, and is described on your album as “The Big Bang.” I adore that piece, and I can close my eyes, picturing the scientific creation of the universe. And I emphasize, Scientific. I almost feel like I could be in the Hayden Planetarium, listening to it. You are known as a controversial figure in Iran. Do you think because you refer to the beginning of the Universe with the Big Bang, that perhaps it could cause some controversy, or even be part of the reason your show was cancelled?

When someone comes along and introduces change to tradition, it always causes controversy, because there is fear to lose tradition. My album was even criticized for the clothing I wore on the cover.  I was dressed in more Western fashion. I like fashion. There was objection to not being in proper traditional dress, for example. 

Untold Final cover

Do you believe in Scientific Evolution?

      Science is science. It’s hard to deny science.

How long did it take for you to record this  album?

                            10 Years. And in several countries.


Several Countries? You are signed with Sony. They must have had quite a budget to fly you all over the planet!

Actually, I paid for much of this album on my own, with much of the money I made from shows. And we actually have been filming a documentary, “The making of Untold” in five countries: Toronto, United States, England, Scotland, and Iran.


Hafez on set in Toronto, while filming “The Making of Untold”


When was your first show in the U.S.?

The Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles, in 2005.

So, I guess you didn’t start in dive bars on Bleecker Street….Who are your favorite Rock bands?

As a kid, I listened to Metallica and Pink Floyd.

I guess it was okay to play their stuff in Iran? So, can you play whatever you want there?

No Never! And as a musician in Iran, you must register your work with the office of music department in the Iranian government. They must approve your music and lyrics. I have been traveling with my mother and father since I was 4, so I was exposed to music from around the world. It was great!

And what about women in Iran?

A woman cannot play out in public unless she is accompanied by a man.

That is awful. Do you agree with this?

No. My Grandmother was like a Queen. I have grown up with very powerful women. It’s preposterous that half of the population cannot sing freely.

I noticed you shared an Iranian Newspaper with you and Malala Yousafzai on the cover. What an honor! She is my hero. She brings tears to my eyes when she speaks. Malala is the bravest woman I know. So inspiring.

What do you think of Malala? I only ask these personal questions, because your album is all about bringing peace to the world, and in the country where you were born, women do not have the same rights as men.  Of course the unfair treatment of women, is certainly more harsh in other countries, and is not just exclusive to Iran. The unjust treatment of people exists everywhere, including the United States. There will be no peace if all people are not treated equally.



She has a great cause. She is helping women and education and this is great. She is one of the voices in the world that is now being heard. There are so many other ones like her and even better that no one knows about.

What do you mean, even better?! Perhaps it is your English, but that response does not sit well, Can you clarify?
Well, there are many girls, women, who fight for this and do not get the opportunity to be heard. In Iraq, for example, there was a student who had a relationship with a teacher, together they wanted to bring change for equal rights, and she was beheaded because of this. And another girl in Iraq who wanted to go to school, was forbidden by her family. When she was caught with a book, she was stoned. Malala now has the platform to have every word heard by the world. She has much power.
So, if you had the power, would you want to change the laws so a woman could have the same musical rights as men in Iran?
Are there many protests in Iran that you know of?
No. There has never been a protest in Iran besides election crisis in 2008.
 Would you ever want to move back to Iran?
No. But I love my country. It is beautiful. The music is beautiful. I want to represent them proudly with my music. I was so upset when my concert was cancelled. I was really excited about it.
I’m sorry, and I understand your sadness. But I applaud your music. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me so openly.  END INTERVIEW
Well, personally speaking, as a very critical listener, to answer your musical critics in Iran, I think Untold is a masterpiece, as do many of my voting colleagues.


Dance more less war!

Aside from the slamming players, stunning arrangements, flawless engineering, and logical poetry from Rumi, Hafez also happens to have a voice that must have come from another planet. As a singer, I listened, and thought, “How the heck does he do that?!”  As for his quest for peace, musically orchestrating Middle East meets West? It’s a nobel thought. If only music could disarm the world. If the sounds of injustice, cries, and bombs seized to ring in the cosmos, and there was only music, love, and laughter, the world would be magical. Put down your weapons, and pick up an instrument!

(My label is Dance More Less War Music. I say, get all of the world leaders together for a big jam session, give Malala the solo, and drop the childish, destructive, backward behavior. Please refer to lyrics of “Imagine” to fill in the blanks.)

Untold is certainly worthy of a nomination. If it does not get the nod, it won’t be unusual. Many, many brilliant musicians never get nominated for a Grammy. It is a nearly impossible task.  Although it is one sweet statuesque form of validation, not possessing one, would not deny the big bang impact Untold spreads in the musical cosmoses.
(Cosmoses definition = the new gender-free intellectual cosmos)









A couple of years ago, I met a very funny, nice guy from Hong Kong, while scuba diving in Micronesia. We have stayed in touch. He is always posting clever and humorous things on facebook.

Today he had commented on one of my posts, which led me to reach out to him and ask how life was. As it turns out, he was at the protest in Hong Kong that moment…so I asked him if I could share our conversation in a blog. I apologize for some of the redundant questions.

My dear friend Linda , please spread it out if you support us protecting HK. A touching song (is English in the latter part). Please. Thanks

《傘下奇蹟》When You Believe 中文版
2 hours ago
Hey XXX, how are you doing? Is it crazy over there?
HOw can I help? Maybe write a blog?

Yes, u are good writer support our spirit by articles is the best

This is a critical history in HK

May not happen again in a hundred years, everyone stick together peacefully and fight against government force. But no throwing rock, no a glass broken, no burning

We know how to seek for democracy by a peaceful way even the government used different devil action to destroy us.

But we are still safe

49 minutes ago
Perhaps we can Skype and I can interview you?

Ha, i dont have skype installed

Now police just arrested two students

We thousands of people following about a hundred of police, ask for release

But no fighting
are you there right now, protesting?!

Lots of photos in my fb pages about this umbrella revolution

wow. are you safe?

No fighting
can you take a couple of pictures and send them?

I am safe
no pepper spray?

Now no pepper spray
tell me exactly what you are protesting? I am pretty sure it is because of the election control?

Days before pepper spray and tear gas
Did they stop the pepper spraying?
was it an order?
…and the tear gas?
Chinese Governemnt ordered it?

Theae 3 days stopped using those
tell me in your own words what you are protesting

Maybe chinese government or .,,but sure that is our hk adminstrator

For a real vote
yes. A democracy

According to our schedule, 2017, ppl should able to vote our adminstrator
what is “your administrator”?
like your governor?
and is it only young people protesting?
how is the weather?
are people there 24/7?

But, hk and china government only allow select two or three of their ppl for we citizen to vote

Say that it is already a democracy
I understand. And that is not a democracy, of course.
Do you think they will give in to your demands?

General ppl cannot be a candidate
And of course, that is what you want?

After tear gas, we also want our adminstrator down the stage
what does “down the stage” mean? I don’t understand the expression
And we are routing for you guys here in America
Was Hong Kong better when it was under UK?

And two days before, a news about our adminstrator, 2 years ago
HE received usd 7 millian from an Australia company

Yes, of course there is corruption. I am sorry you are in this position

Down the stage .. = resign
I see. Thank you.
Is there an election coming soon?

Hk is clean on the last 20 years ruled by uk
And do you think there is hope to choose your own administrator of the people?

But these years corruptions more and more
Is HK not as clean now that UK is out?

The government, the officers… etc
and when you say “clean”, do you mean corrupt, or physically not clean…as in, pollution, trash, etc.

We don,t want to lose this cleaness of corruption

Clean = less corruption / no corruption
Is it young people protesting?

Fair play
What age groups are there?

Most are young, but old ppl also there when they after work, like me
Are you having fun?
is anyone singing?

The oldest is around 80
Or just holding signs?
Is the weather okay?
Are people there all day and night?

The youngest is 10 years old I seen
Has anyone been killed or hurt?

Young ppl all day and night
Are there any Chinese reporters/journalists – interviewing you?

Or shift

Sleeping on the road

Sleeping on road?
is it cold?

No reporter interview me
do they have sleeping bags?

Reporter interview other people?
CHINESE reporters?

You know different areas
“Some” what? Have sleeping bags? Or are physically hurt?
can you take a picture???!!

The peak period, Total more than 100 thousands hk ppl in the streets and road

Would you get in trouble from the governemt, or your employment if your name was published in the conversation with me?

Can you take a selfee, too?
Is there a leader of your protest, who is communicating with the Chinese Governement?
Are people angry?
Are they scared?

At this moment may not be trouble, bit in future, who knows
Do they feel afraid of the police with the tear gas, violence…etc…?

Ppl angry bit not violent
do the police use batons?

And brave

NPt yet ..boins
We admire what you are doing…peacefully

I hope you make some progress!
batons – have they used them to hit people?

Not cold , autumn

I wish I could help.
I am sorry you have to fight for such a simple right for democracy
It is not fair.

What do you do for work?

give me selfee!!

ARe the bankers for this protest?
Would you get in trouble if they knew you were at protest?

and what does the sign mean in the picture with the white banner?

This is one of a touching songs

The latter part is English
Do you think the Chinese Governement will give in?

And have lot of views of the protest
Do the people at the bank support the protest???
Do you think you’re being monitored on Facebook?

White banner, ask the adminstrator Mr Leung to resign

Not all ppl support this

Some support , some not

Could you lose your job by protesting????

1) Can you take picture of yourself and your friends, now, and send to me?
2) Would you get in trouble if your name was in my blog? I do not have to use it – or a picture. I would not want to get you in trouble.

FB ,monitor by china government,, not surprise
3) Can the bank make you resign for being at protest..?
I will copy our conversation and put it in the blog. Good luck!!!
We are routing for your democracy here in the U.S.

But at this moment, hk law can still able to protect us in a certain extent
meaning = you cannot get fired from job?
what do you do at the bank?

Use Mr.Lam only family name may not be trouble

Not fired by the bank

We still have this freedom in these years
Can I say that we met scuba diving in micronesia?
to say how I know you?
I won’t say spefically where…

I do businness support manager in foreign exchange systems in the bank

But just upper half

Is it fine enough ?

You are such a funny, humorous guy…too bad you need to be serious now.
You made us laugh alot on our scuba trip!
I hope to meet you again soon!

Pls listen to the song and watch the video, i feel touching about it, the latter part of the song is english

Please tell your friends around you that we are thinking of you with admiration.
…and caring
be safe, my friend.

U too. Take care

U too. Take care
Tsi Chien
(That is my bad spelling of my limited Chinese!)

Chat Conversation End
Sent from Messenger

THese are great!

《傘下奇蹟》When You Believe 中文版: http://youtu.be/QRSp0IzXWrc
can you take picture of yourself?
and what does the sign mean in the picture with the white banner?

This is one of a touching songs

The latter part is English
Do you think the Chinese Governement will give in?

And have lot of views of the protest
Do the people at the bank support the protest???
Do you think you’re being monitored on Facebook?

White banner, ask the adminstrator Mr Leung to resign

Not all ppl support this

Some support , some not
Yes – like corrupt people.
in the bank?
support – or not?
Could you lose your job by protesting????
I just would like a few more questions answered. THen I have to go. And I wish you much luck.

1) Can you take picture of yourself and your friends, now, and send to me?
2) Would you get in trouble if your name was in my blog? I do not have to use it – or a picture. I would not want to get you in trouble.

FB ,monitor by china government,, not surprise
3) Can the bank make you resign for being at protest..?
I will copy our conversation and put it in the blog. Good luck!!!
We are routing for your democracy here in the U.S.

But at this moment, hk law can still able to protect us in a certain extent
meaning = you cannot get fired from job?
what do you do at the bank?

Use Mr.Lam only family name may not be trouble

Not fired by the bank

We still have this freedom in these years
Can I say that we met scuba diving in micronesia?
to say how I know you?
I won’t say spefically where…
and I guess you don’t want to send me a selfee of you at the protest now?

I do businness support manager in foreign exchange systems in the bank

I sent
I didn’t get it.

The last pic

But just upper half
very dark. Could not see your face.

Is it fine enough ?
at all
I can’t see you at all
try again?
You are such a funny, humorous guy…too bad you need to be serious now.
You made us laugh alot on our scuba trip!
I hope to meet you again soon!

The street is dark
I see you now. Very serious….

Thank you
no flash?
Now you are making me hungry for chinese food!!!

Pls listen to the song and watch the video, i feel touching about it, the latter part of the song is english

My phone , front camera has no flash
You make the sad, crying face. I am sorry this is so serious. You are an awesome guy!
Please tell your friends around you that we are thinking of you with admiration.
…and caring
be safe, my friend.

U too. Take care

U too. Take care
Tsi Chien
(That is my bad spelling of my limited Chinese!)

HK 1HK 2HK 3HK 4HK 5HK 7HK 8HK 9HK 10HK 11HK 12HK 13


My Brain During Yoga

So yoga is supposed to be really good for your body and brain. My instructor is awesome, calm, and always mentioning to free our minds and concentrate on our breath. When she says that, I wonder how my breath is? And the dialogue begins in my noggin…

“Does it stink? What did I eat last night? Oh yeah, I had those perogies from Costco. They were pretty good. I sautéed onions with it. At least the onions weren’t raw, so my breath should be okay. I like when Costco does free demos on food. I wonder what amount the check will be this time from Costco? Do people know you don’t have to spend it? You can just cash it in. But we always end up spending it anyway. We have enough Pace Salsa to last until I die.”

Then we move on to these balancing exercises, where I yell “TIMBER!” in my head, as I can only hold the position for 2 seconds. The dialogue continues in my head: “I can just picture myself walking on a tight rope attempting to cross the Grand Canyon. Bu-bye. I’d be dead in a second. How do those guys do that? What was the name of that guy who did it, while saying, Jesus is my savior, or something like that? Okay. Linda. CONCENTRATE! SHUT UP!”


TIMBER!  (This photo is not in class, but notice the”RELAX” plack I bought. Yeah, right.)

Next we go into downward dog, and I wonder if anyone is looking at my butt and how big it has gotten, as she reminds us to relax our face muscles. I undo my knotted expression, and think about what I refer to as my “what the fuck” wrinkles on my forehead, because I’m always thinking, “what the fuck? Then I wonder if I will ever be good enough at yoga to smell my own crotch.


Everyone is wearing really zen overpriced Lululemon yoga outfits, while I am wearing cruddy shorts and a T-shirt from Sudbury Pizza. As I bend down during my downward dog, I look at how dry my skin is on my thighs, and how hairy my legs are. “Yuck! When did my skin get like this? I have to moisturize more often. And what a pain in the ass it is to shave my legs. I wonder what is more of a pain? A woman shaving her legs, or a man shaving his face? Should I post that question on Facebook? Man, I’m hungry. I wish they had Sudbury Pizza in Arizona. Nick, the Greek was so cute, there. He drove a BMW. That place was always packed. He must have made a lot of cash. The Roast Beef subs are the best! They don’t even know a good pizza here, and the best subs available are from friggin’ Subway! I can’t believe they used that chemical in their bread that they use for tires! What the fuck? …Jersey has great pizza, too. I wish Sea Bright Pizza would come here. At least they finally opened Bianco’s in Tucson.”

My thought is interrupted as the instructor reminds “us” to relax the face again, as she looks specifically at me, and I start to giggle.

Then we proceed with some ridiculous position and I see myself in the mirror, and compare to the other people that look way more graceful.



Next the instructor says we are now going to do “badanahsa” or something like that. So another dialogue begins in my head. “If Italians had there own sort of yoga there would be a bedaubing position. What would it be? Would it be some sort of movement with the hands going up when they say Gabagoo? And what about the French? Rather than reaching for a block, the instructor tells les yogevons (I just made up that word) to grab their  vin and cigarette. Slowly motioning to puff and sip. And rather than relaxing the face, she says in a heavy french accent, to make that ridiculous pouty face the French women do. And of course the outfits would have to be tres fashionable.”




Finally, at the end of my relaxing yoga session, my lovely, calming, slow pace voiced instructor says, “Now just relax and let everything go.” At that moment I think about ripping a huge, loud fart. “Wouldn’t it just be hilarious if I did that? Could I? I really do have to fart right now. Must be the perogies. But would anyone laugh? I would. If someone else did it, I would. Oh God. Hold it in, Linda. I wonder if anyone else thinks this much during yoga? I hope at least I lost some friggin’ weight after this torture. I do feel pretty good. And I’ll feel even better when I get into my car and let her rip. Namustgo!”




The latest controversy in the “friendly skies” is about the knee defenders. These gadgets have been invented to prevent a seat from reclining.

To me, there is no debate. These should be illegal. They take away the rights of an individual to have a seat they paid to recline! That’s part of the fabulous package deal the airlines have to offer for your comfort! (Yeah, right.)

I am certainly not defending the folks who actually have the balls to buy and use these. But the question is, why were they invented?

They were invented because the fucking seats on planes have become ridiculously squishy!!!

On my last flight, I posted a few shots. The knee room was a joke. The airlines are removing the old seating, and replacing the rows…with additional rows.  And gouging the customer to pay more to have a seat meant for a pigmy.



The photo above was taken BEFORE the seat in front of me was reclined!

And this was after!



Once I took a Laotian airliner from Bangkok to Luang Probang, where I banged my head on the seat in front of me, for lack of space. And if I had a kok, I would have had to slap it up on the tray to fit. Fortunately, this was a short one hour flight. But this was also a third world country’s airline!

This has nothing to do with the subject of the blog, but Laos, properly pronounced is "LAO" no S. You're welcome!

This has nothing to do with the subject of the blog, but Laos, properly pronounced is “LAO” no S. You’re welcome!

But the pictures of me, above, were taken on United….fly the friendly skies, my ass! (Which I could barely fit in the seat.)

On top of major airlines squeezing in more rows, they continually squeeze the customer with any changes made on a ticket, and charging for bags and food. I don’t care about the food thing. I prefer bringing my own pic-a-nic. But I can barely fit my little basket on the tray now.

Regardless, my goodies would never include “knee defenders”.

And I cannot believe they have been defended in publications:

“A must have”


“If the guy won’t compromise, whip out your knee defender”


“These little beauties work. definitely made my time at 36,000 feet more comfortable and more productive.”

Travelocity – Amy Ziff

Yeah sure, Amy, but what about the person in front of you, who has the person in front of them, reclined?


I find the airlines at fault for cramming more seats on their planes. But I also accuse any asshole purchasing these things, and actually using them.

Its like having a hotel room, and thinking, hmmm, this isn’t quite comfortable enough. I think I will take the pillows from the next room, where someone is staying. Let them suffer.

Or being at a restaurant, and your portion isn’t big enough, so you grab food off of the table next to you.

It’s not yours to take.  (Although I have tremendous empathy for the taller passangers.)

Recently, a plane had to make a diverted landing, because said asshole used his knee defenders, and the woman in front of him got so pissed off that she threw a soda in his face, causing a confrontation. I wonder what I would have done?

I suppose the man would need a different sort of knee defender if it had been me…his hands, if they are quick enough, to block my knee from bangkoking.

“Lao! That hurts!”






Are Chemo & Radiation more effective or lucrative? “Cancer is Serious Business”

Do you have cancer? If so, I am very sorry. I hope I never get it. But if I do…I will not use chemo or radiation. There has to be a better way than killing the bad and good stuff by poisoning and burning one’s body. And there is…there are…but, of course the pharmaceutical companies and the National Cancer Society…and even the FDA,  don’t want you to know about other options, because they and their shareholders will make a little less money.

A friend of mine who was terminally ill, suggested I watch a documentary about a Dr. Burzynski.  http://youtu.be/dQXYXY5GCi4. (My friend is very healthy now!)

This is a story of a medical doctor and Ph. D. Biochemist who discovered the genetic mechanism that can cure most human cancers.

But guess what? If you google him, you will find all sorts of controversy. Why? He is a threat to profit. What the FDA, Big Pharma, and National Cancer Society did to Dr. Burzynski and the human race, is disgraceful.

Basically, the greedy, corrupt powers that be, tried to hang this guy for his discovery, and then steal it! I. am. not. kidding.

And our system is getting more fucked-up by the minute. As an example, when you look up “Burzynski Clinic” on Wickipedia, the first sentence is a lie.

The Burzynski Clinic is a clinic in Texas, United States, founded in 1976 and offering unproven cancer treatment.


How does it get there? How can it be removed?

YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE whether you have cancer or not.

Seriously, everything is getting out of control. Money wins over morals. And the general public is too complacent (or poor) to do anything about it.

Other Examples? Companies being granted the “Right” to not tell us what is going into our food, and our earth.

“Pink Slime” is used in our beef.  No laws or regulations exist to require food producers, restaurants, or grocery stores to label products containing pink slime.

Here is a petition you can sign to fight this.

Then we’ve got your toxins being pumped into the ground for fracking, and the companies using these harmful methods, rather than being persecuted as criminals, have greased government pockets to downgrade the consequences! North Carolina is next to get fucked.

And guess what all of this shit does? CAUSE CANCER.

CHA CHING!  (Check out this link to see the profits made by top pharmaceutical companies…you will laugh that the numbers are quantified by the billion.)

Don't let pink slime ruin this body!

Don’t let pink slime ruin this body!                                                                                                                                                                                     (I used this stunning photo of Irina Shayk, just so folks would click on my blog….nothing sexy about cancer.)


Then of course, we’ve got our wars, and the very profitable selling of arms. At least they don’t cause cancer…just death.

How can we remove the assholes in power? They are too powerful, rich, and stinky, and ruining everything.

The biggest assholes with the most money, win. 

I’m just a jackass with a bank account full of words, trying to make a difference.

And why is it, in order to fight the bad guys, we are asked to donate money for other political good guys?!

If there were no lobbyists, and all candidates had the same exact budget, NOT backed by corporations, the government might get back to working for the people. It’s the only way.

Be healthy and careful. And please watch the movie. It’s free! “Cancer is Serious Business”. Dr. Burzynski, you are a hero.

Happy friggin’ Sunday.

P.S. And of course the other evil empire of health insurance companies, are in bed with all of the assholes. Alternative cancer treatments are not covered.




Last night I watched Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 9/11″ for the second time. The only advantage of getting older is that I forget many details of films, so I can almost enjoy it like the first viewing. Well, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed this film. And I do remember not enjoying it the first time. It was very upsetting.

After a sleepless night, I decided to do a little research and fact checking as much as is available. According to the Chicago Tribune,, the facts are pretty accurate.

According to a report by David Kopel, whom I mistook for Ted Koppel, this morning…(another sign of aging), thinking it was valid, wasting my time, as he shows some alleged deceits in the film.

I proceeded to read many more Moore dissecting fact reviews. Even FOX! Sure, Michael took a few dramatic liberties, but the FACTS about the reasons we went to war in Iraq, being based on lies, cannot be disputed.

The fact that we were attacked after being warned, cannot be disputed.

The fact that Halliburton profiting greatly by war, and having a major connection to Dick Cheney, cannot be disputed.

The fact that there were no weapons of mass distraction, yet the Bush Administration stated they had 100% proof that Iraq had them, cannot be disputed.

The fact that many innocent people, children, women, men, were “the price of war,” cannot be disputed.

The footage of the carnage in the film cannot be disputed.

I had to cover my eyes, but too late. I broke down and cried during the film. Little children with their faces being stitched up, screaming. Dead children in the back of a truck. Dead soldiers scorched and displayed. Showing a beheading from a far.


I was angry. Angry at the Bush Administration. Yes, I do not trust what their intentions were. For that matter, I do not trust The Obama Administration for remaining at war. Last night I posted on Facebook “I’m watching “Farenheit 9/11. Haven’t seen it since it opened. I am crying. Bush Administration was pure evil and greed.” And of course that caused the Conservatives to chime in and call bullshit on the film.

The bottom no bullshit line is, we had no reason to attack Iraq. Yet we did. Ya know, I actually don’t like using the word, “we”. We, the people, didn’t decide to attack, the President and his cronies did. Why don’t we the people get a vote when it comes to going to war?

And to clarify, I love my country. I hate war. I support our soldiers coming home safely, and wish them no harm. But I also wish no harm to innocent bystanders in any part of the world.

I am disgusted with the latest horrifying beheading of an American journalist, James Foley, at the hand of ISIS. I cannot bring myself to watch the film. My heart goes out to his family.

My heart also goes out to all of those suffering in Iraq, and Africa, and wherever. And closer to home, the victims and families of 9/11.

Everly life and death is of equal value. (Accept for Bin Ladin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and anyone who dropped THE BOMB on innocent people. hehem.)

What bothers me, is that I think many Americans generalize the deaths in other countries. “Price of War”…”Nuke ‘em”.

And if some country came over here and bombed us, killing our relatives, we’d be pretty pissed. Oh yeah, that did happen, but it wasn’t a country, it was a few individual assholes. It wasn’t Iraq. It wasn’t Afghanistan. It wasn’t Saudi Arabia, although the majority of the hijackers were Saudis.

And now the newest assholes are ISIS. Ironically, allegedly trained by the U.S. Government! (Speaking of assholes), WHAT THE FUCK?

What do we do? This country loves war. But I don’t. And I know lots of other folks that don’t. Can’t we just take out the assholes?

And although a lot of people think Michael Moore is an asshole, I would like to invite him to be a member of my very own little, non-violent organization, IBIS. (Integrity, Balls, and Intelligence Society.) I think he is a brave motherfucker. I just read his book, “Here Comes Trouble”. Did you know that he had numerous death threats after he made his acceptance speech at the Oscars for “Bowling for Columbine?” He made the dreadful mistake of saying, “Shame on you Mr. Bush.”

After seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 again, having insomnia as a result of watching, and fact checking, as best I could, I can’t disagree with Michael Moore’s statement. And I hope our country figures out a way to take out these monsters in Iraq, without harming the innocent people of Iraq, and our troops.

But what is more impossible to ask? What the fuck is the real story?





They’ve done it again. The organization that boasts a level playing field for all musicians, luring them into a shot at the dream, with a membership, have changed the game again.

To the average person outside of the music biz, this doesn’t mean much. In comparison to the shitstorms around the world, this is very low on the scale of importance, however, as a musician, its amusing.

I’d give up a guitar to be a fly on the wall during these meetings the controllers have. They really are little bully brats.

“How do we destroy the mess we created?! We offered a service that provides great communication between fellow members, which enabled artists to present their music to other voters, for consideration for a GRAMMY! And…and…damn it, they got nominated! That wasn’t supposed to happen!

Last year we put committees in some categories to prevent the Linda Chorneys and Al Walsers from getting nominated. That’s not enough!”

It is simple math. Einstein’s bastard brother, who was dropped on his head at birth could have derived at the new calculated system they just launched….

“Grammy Pro”.  Or as I refer to it….”Grammy Probe”.

Yes, my ass is sore, as they have just stuck it to us again.

They have wiped out Grammy365, and replaced it with GrammyPro. What’s the difference? Well, now they have capped the number of people you can contact. 750. They have also eliminated pertinent information, such as, do they vote?


INDEPENDENTS BE HEARD? (Just not by too many.)

That page above no longer exists. Although it did, even when they already had committees!

Yes, it is simple math. I got nominated because enough people heard my music…to compete with the support that the majors have in their pockets. (Old news….just making my point.) If we can’t get to those voting ears…an indie – A REAL INDIE, (not Macklemore, which the organization boasted and milked, and misrepresented as Indies last year, as Warner was working with them)…a real indie cannot get enough votes to get nominated, using this new and improved system.





Will I renew my membership? The dues are worth the hysterical entertainment provided to see at what lengths they will go, to keep the majors happy, and keep us out. And best of all…they get away with it, because they can. Brats.

What will they think of next?!

What will they think of next?!

Honestly, the biggest benefit of remaining a member is that I have met some amazing musicians. The saddest part, is that most of you will never hear their brilliant music.


P.S. Book plug….my book, “Who the F**k is Linda Chorney,”  is enlightening and entertaining, elaborating more amusing crap about the music biz.

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