Houston, we have lift off! Special Jury Award for WHEN I SING – BEST FREAKING FEATURE FILM…again! – for Low Budget Category…which is anything under $500,000…which is most Indie Films, so WHAT AN HONOR from Worldfest.   Not only that, but Worldfest, you have spoiled me and and all of the other filmmakers with such a warm welcome, and an experience not to be forgotten.VICTORIOUS

Worldfest shows the filmmaker a great time, gives you a roof over your head, feeds you, and chooses films solely based on the films, the whole films, and nothing but the films.

I was only able to see a few, because of my busy schedule, (puff, puff), but managed to see 3 OUTSTANDING films, and I highly recommend you check them out when they come your way.

  1. LUBA   There was not a weak moment in the film. From the clever, beautifully animated credits, to the superb acting, great dialogue even mixed with humor, to the very real, semi-tragic story of basically a single Mom, trying to raise her kid on a shoestring, with a dead weight father, dragging her down, yet she manages to triumph against all obstacles.  Director, Caley Wilson slays this film with wonderful angles on an acute budget. Brah-fukn-vo!


    With Director, Caley Wilson  (I don’t know why this photo is messed up on blog!)

  2. VUIL WASGOED   (Dirty Laundry)  -In Africans. A hysterical, goofy, smart, dark comedy adventure of two regular underachievers with a dream, still working at a laundry mat, who inadvertently get tangled up with some really bad guys, and although they’re clothes got pretty dirty, they manage to come out alive, and fulfill the dream of owning a coffee/laundry shop. The acting, dialogue, color, characters, all superb. Brah-fuckn-vo!


    With writer/star Bennie Fournie and Director Morne du Toit  (I don’t know why this photo is messed up on blog!)

  3. PASTORAL SONG OF THE SPRING In Mongolian. Take a very inexpensive vacation to the most spectacular scenery of Inner Mongolia, while in the warmth and comfort of your seat, and glide through a different world, yet the same, when it comes to the innocence of love.  Director, Xurenhua manages to capture the beauty, and the sense of being there, feeling the wind on your face, as you witness the porcelain perfection of the faces of the actors, while going on an adventure through time, routing for the good guys, feeling their pain and love. A sad, believable story.Xurenhua

What I did not get to see, and must, is the winner of Best International Film, The Little God, from India. As well as The Italian Gaze, by Sandro Del Rosario, and The Butterfly Trees, Documentary, by Kay Milam.

Where is the next stop for WHEN I SING?  Just waiting.  We’ve struck out on most of the big time fests, and that hurts in the pocket, and the heart, but we realize there are a gazillion great films, and they can only choose a few.  (That sounded politically correct.)

That being said, I am taking WHEN I SING on the road, targeting a few places, most likely starting in Boston, and The Jersey Shore.  We had an extremely successful screening in hometown Tucson, to a sold out crowd at The Loft, where…get this…the film made money, instead of spending it. What a concept! So, I’ve seen the light, and it’s green.

I think the biggest compliment I’ve received is from filmmaker, producer, Jon Scheide, who compared WHEN I SING to Angelica Houston.  “It has a beauty all of it’s own. Not the classic, but one completely different and just as stunning.”  How’s them apples?!

I’m very thankful for the film festivals who have accepted our special film, and of course a little bitter about the one’s who did not. It’s only human. You can pretend that it doesn’t bother you, but it does. It’s tough out there.  So many great films. (So I made up a poster, which I think is hilarious, and that’s all that matters.  Fuck em if they can’t take a joke!)  Audiences are cheering, laughing and crying…and that’s also all that matters! No one can hurt me when I sing, and when you see the film! Sign up for our mailing list, and watch the trailer at http://www.whenising.com.REJECTED





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