Why is Dr. Donald Douche Bag pushing Malaria Pills? Why does he push anything?

When I first heard the bullshit spew out of his Orange butthole like diarrhea about Malaria pills on their way to being a cure for Coronavirus, I…rolled my eyeballs.  So that’s why everyone needs more toilet paper….ohh.  I foresaw the avalanche of people rushing to get the pills, because the delusional believe Dr. Donald Douche Bag’s every word.  And now it’s happened overnight.

First of all it’s bullshit. Secondly, he’s a mindless fuck. Thirdly, he always has an agenda.  My opinion is that it is two-fold. His base will eat it up, literally swallowing the prescription of his nonsense,  and keep supporting him; and more importantly, he and the pharmaceutical rats conjured this up to make more money.  (Not to be confused with hard working pharmacists, or scientists working on discovering cures.)

I’ve taken malaria pills, (Chloroquine) for travel, and I can tell you it’s no picnic. Very strong drug, with side effects. There are also millions of people who rely on it for  decreasing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and to treat systemic and discoid lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, pemphigus, lichen planus, polymyositis, sarcoidosis, and porphyria cutanea tarda. (Whatever the hell those are!)

All of a sudden, pharmacists are getting so many scrips…from even dentists…for this drug, and supply is running out.  What a shocker. One pharmacist had the integrity to refuse a prescription and tweeted about it.  Pharmacists (and singer-songwriters) are outraged by Dr. Donald Douche Bag’s negligence.

Of course I hope there will be a cure for Covid-19! But false hope is just another virus.

TRUMPVIRUS Paulschickecartoons.com

(Paul Schickler, I hope you don’t mind that I used your brilliant cartoon. I don’t make a cent of off this blog.  If you want me to remove it, I will. Thanks, Love, Linda.)

And one more thing, why are prominent, wealthy figures (athletes, celeb’s politicians) able to get tested, when others with serious symptoms cannot? Read about what happened to the first case in West Virginia, and the hoops they had to jump through to get tested.  If any country is going to fuck this up, it is ours…(besides Italy)…the most dangerous virus, unfortunately, is in the oval office. You know what to do, vote blue.

P.S. And we need medicare for all.  Too bad Bernie Sanders will not be our next president.  But his message is alive in Saving Bernie!! There’s a pill worth taking for laughter. Here’s a link to watch episode 1 for free, on me, promo code: FUKORONA


VAIL RESORTS DO THE RIGHT THING. You are causing me and many, stress and anxiety with unfair policy. Refund completely unused epic passes. NOT ALL SKIERS ARE RICH.

via VAIL RESORTS DO THE RIGHT THING. You are causing me and many, stress and anxiety with unfair policy. Refund completely unused epic passes. NOT ALL SKIERS ARE RICH.


VAIL RESORTS DO THE RIGHT THING. You are causing me and many, stress and anxiety with unfair policy. Refund completely unused epic passes. NOT ALL SKIERS ARE RICH.

During this unprecedented period of the Corona Virus outbreak, the last thing we need is any more stress. Vail Resorts is causing me stress and anxiety.  They finally closed their mountains, which in my opinion, should have been closed down sooner, like the responsible NBA, MLB, Disney, Broadway, and schools.  I had a trip planned for Spring Skiing, so sure I’m disappointed that I can’t ski, but I completely support the mountain being closed.  And our country taking every precaution to prevent a wider spread of this pandemic.

However, for the small percentage of us, who bought epic passes, which cost close to a thousand dollars each, who did not use a single day, for Vail Resorts not to automatically do the decent thing and give the customer the option to roll over their unused pass for next season, like the airlines are doing with tickets, is baffling. Why are they not?

Most of us who purchase these season tickets, do so, because we can’t afford to go skiing, otherwise.  It costs $209 dollars A DAY to go skiing in Vail. Certainly, unless a family is well off, that is an extravagant expense.

I was so excited to go celebrate my 60th birthday by skiing at some of the finest mountains in the world. I’ve had my accommodation reservations since last year.  Now, I know I am not an exception, I am sure every person in my shoes is…LIVID.

I had inquired before they had shut down, of my concerns of coming, being in a higher risk category, and not wanting to bring anything back to Arizona, and had asked them to consider rolling over our passes. They said, no.  (Dumb). That caused me stress and anxiety. Then after they announced they were closing for a week, (which I was pretty sure was optimistically delusional), I thought, surely now they will roll over our passes. They were refunding unused lift tickets.  But, they said, no.

And now that they are completely closed, because there really is no other choice, they did the right thing, which I support, but once again saying no?  This is the wrong thing.  (Dumber).


Vail Resorts have the decency to refund us poor slobs.  (Or at least roll them over.) This virus is no one’s fault, but causing some of us stress and anxiety is on you. Vail Resorts, do the right thing.


Thank you.



America, smarten the fuck up. SHUT DOWN. STOP THE SPREAD NOW.

Well, folks, we have no leader. The White House and the orange fucking idiot occupying the oval office is burning down the house.  What part of Pandemic do some Americans not understand?  We must stop the spread NOW. TODAY. LAST WEEK. NOT TOMORROW. We are screwed with the indignant, ignorant, unworldly population who will take us all down with their stupidity and arrogance.

So what do you do?  Be the leader of your own house. Stay home. Yes, I realize we all have bills to pay, but if you get sick, (and unable to have a respirator, which I guarantee will not be available), you won’t be working in the long run, and maybe not even living, so I guess, if you want to look on the bright side, you’ll be dead, and not have to worry about paying your bills. Great strategy.

Today the President said “You are on your own, get your own masks and equipment.” to Governor Cuomo.  We are on our own.  Heaven help us when the ill prepared, literally and figuratively, are desperate, while you are in your safe haven.

The solution is so simple. Quarantine the entire country NOW.  Learn from the other countries, who have way more discipline, and are culturelly more aware and cooperative.  What’s happening in Italy will happen 10 fold here, if we don’t act now as a nation.

In the short run it will be a pain in the ass, but in the near future, it will avoid way more pain.

Imagine this situation as a cut on your skin not in need of stitches right now. It’s not a bad cut, but it should washed, disinfected, and bandaged.  But, nah, let’s wait until it’s really infected, and serious. Then deal with it! Yeah! Great strategy.

America, wake the fuck up, and for fuck’s sake, stop listening to the orange idiot. He is an idiot. He never should have been elected. He is unstable and a pathological liar, and the most dangerous, unqualified U.S. president in history.  And we are in for the pandemic of the century. Please take care of your house.  Be your own leader.


Photo from US NEWS.


Vail Resorts decision to keep internationally crowded mountains open is irresponsible, during Pandemic Corona Virus outbreak.

Why are ski mountains still open for business? THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I believe the answer is the mighty dollar overrules decency. Vail Resorts owns several mountains, where hundreds of thousands of people flood from all over the world.  When the NBA, MLB, Disney, Broadway, The Boston Marathon and schools are shutting down, why does Vail think it knows better, and putting people in the position to spread Corona Virus, because of the “precautions they are taking”? Sure it will truly suck to close down during the nicest time of year for skiing, and most will not get the virus, but some absolutely will, as a result of the lifts being open.

I love skiing. I go every year. My husband and I drop a few grand a year at Vail Resorts. They have some of the best skiing in the world. We have had reservations starting next weekend, to ski for a couple of weeks. We have an annual “Epic Pass” that we have not yet used, as our ski trip was in mid-March this year.

I called Vail Resorts with my concerns about coming, for my safety, (as someone in the vulnerable age demographic), and the safety of the Nation…and the world.  Their response? “We are sorry you feel that way.” Which is code for, we don’t give a shit.

A) If people feel uneasy about traveling, in this situation, why, when all other tourist industry businesses, such as accommodations and airlines are honoring the situation, taking the hit, and making adjustments to allow the customer to make the decision, and offering either refunds, or credit for the future, is Vail Resorts not?

B) Vail Resorts is putting their own employees in danger by keeping the mountains open.  Have they tested their employees who have been interacting with hundreds of thousands of international skiers?  Just because these folks may not show symptoms they may indeed be carriers.

C) CDC’s recommendation for social distancing is 3-6 feet apart. People are practically on top of each other in lift lines and lift chairs…and often coughing, sneezing, and breathing hard. Also, everyone’s nose drips while skiing, and generally drops right on one’s gloves, or people instinctively swipe their noses with their gloves. Those gloves touch the lift bar, then everyone touched this bar with gloves on, but they take their gloves off, and touch the gloves with their hands, which of course they wash, but it’s still a risk.

It’s not so much the physical skiing that is anymore of a risk than it already is, but it’s the lift lines, lift chairs, and gondolas, where thousands of people are in very close proximity. I don’t want to get into a closed little tin can with 10 strangers from around the planet, or on a lift chair that even gets stuck or stops from time to time.  And of course having to travel to get there, is a risk.

I only requested to roll over our unused passes until next year.  Under these circumstances, why is this request unreasonable? And why is Vail Resorts the only very public place of business being unreasonable? My take? Greed and selfishness. I believe Vail Resorts and other ski resorts will be responsible for spreading the Corona Virus. SHUT THEM DOWN.


On a lighter note…One probably has more of a chance of dying by getting cut off by a snowboarder, than getting the Corona Virus while skiing.


UPDATE: Vail is requiring people to take individual chair lifts with their own parties, however, that does not eliminate lift lines, and snot.



I think I can. I think I can…tell my story.


“Linda Chorney is touring the country with her film, music, and speaking engagements.  Her presentations are inspiring, enlightening, brutally honest, funny, and above all, wildly entertaining. Its just a matter of time before she blows up, so see her now!”   Jimmy Star


WINS…check check check check check! 6 so far, including 2 Grand Jurys, and 2 Audience Awards!

wins november

Arizona Daily Star, April, 2018

New Jersey Stage, May, 2018

The Aquarian, June, 2018

Two River Times, June, 2018

Metrowest, Massachusetts, June 2018

Asbury Park Press, New Jersey – June, 2018

NEXT SCREENINGS:   UCR, California, January 22, 2019 – DENVER – February 9 – Santa Fe Film Festival, February 16, and OPENING FILM Beloit Film Festival, February 22.

WHEN I SING has been screened in California, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Nashville, Michigan, Colorado, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.



New Jersey Stage

WBZ-I-Heart Radio


Jackie’s Groove

WBZ-iheart radio with Morgan White



ELFF – Audience Award  *Note. We won alongside Oscar Film, “The Insult.”

HRIFF – Best Feature Film

Houston Worldfest – Best Feature Film, Low Budget

Borderlands Film Festival

Best Screenplay

Best U.S. Feature

Grand Jury Award






And sign up to find out where and when @ whenising.com

For Speaking Engagements, please contact linda@whenising.com

Linda Chorney has been a TEDx Speaker, as well as an inspirational speaker for many events, and Universities.





I second, Holy Shit, with When I Sing’s second review!

Well, it’s not the New York Times…yet. But it’s writers, publications, and movie lovers who are writing about When I Sing. And now for our second review, from New Jersey Stage magazine.

By Gary Wien


originally published: 07/18/2018


REVIEW: "When I Sing"

Most of the world learned of Linda Chorney in 2012 when her name was listed as one of the Grammy nominees for Best Americana Album. Her film, When I Sing, not only follows her rise from obscurity to the Grammy Awards, it goes much further.  It’s a love story between a die hard Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan; a spotlight on how indie artists survive on the road; and a deeply, revealing portrait of how the media and the music industry turned what could have been a wonderful Cinderella story into a very hurtful experience.

When I Sing was directed by Robin Russin and stars Chorney as herself, Maxwell Scott as her future husband Scott, Chris Mulkey as The Rock Doc; Bari Hyman as Linda’s mom; Mia Moravis as Rhonda/Rhoda, Eli Panero and Paul Chorney (Linda’s Dad) appear as themselves.  But the biggest star of the film is Linda’s music itself.  The songs in the film are wonderful and will lead many to wonder why Linda wasn’t a household name prior to the Grammy nomination.

The film begins with Linda performing at Apres Ski on a deck in Vail, Colorado.  It is here that she first meets Scott, a fan from the Jersey Shore who never knew Linda played shows literally in his backyard area.

The film shows how Linda took full advantage of a “companion pass” for an airline provided by a dear friend.  The pass allowed her to travel anywhere, which Linda used to help her perform all over the world.  Unfortunately, the pass only got her to places – she still needed to find a place to sleep after shows.    The hustle of an independent musician to find places to play, get paid, and get food and lodging (all while trying to keep costs to a minimum) is an interesting and important aspect of the film.

“What is it about a ballad that makes you want a frozen daiquiri?” she asks while performing and watching the bartender blend one up.  “But if it wasn’t for alcohol, musicians wouldn’t get paid, right?

Her path gradually attracts more and more “angels” along the way – people who would do anything to help her career.  One such angel helps her with the costs to produce her dream album – the recording that would be titled, Emotional Jukebox, and would change her life.

The album was so good people wanted her to submit it for Grammy consideration. This was an incredible long shot as no independent artist had ever been nominated before. Her odds changed when Linda learned about the Grammy 365 site, which allowed people to reach out and directly contact Grammy voters.  With the help of her teenage nephew, Eli Panero, she is able to invite hundreds of voters to listen to her album.  And many not only took her up on the invite, but loved the album and said they would vote for her.

When the nomination actually came, Linda thought people would love her story.  “I am officially starting my first documentary – my Cinderella story,” she said, holding up a video camera.  “Oh my God…. am I dreaming this?”

She runs through several opening segments, unsure of which road to go.  “Once upon a time there was an obnoxious Jewish girl who always wanted to be a rock star” was one take.  “Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to document the Americana story of the century of the self-absorbed artist’s ridiculous quest for validation!” was another.

“And what the hell is Americana?” she wondered.

Unfortunately, Americana was an established genre with a particular clique of its own and the establishment saw her as crashing a private party.  The film shows Linda having problems with publicists; Americana writers out to destroy her; and record label executives who bully her privately and publicly – accusing her of ‘gaming the system.’

In short, the film shows what happens when your dreams come true, but nothing changes… or things actually get worse.

Linda expects the nomination will help her career, but those expectations are crushed when she talks with a big time manager.  “Look, you have done great,” says the manager, skillfully played by Kiki Ebsen, says.  “What you have achieved on your own is amazing.  You sang in bars your whole life – why don’t you go back to singing in bars? It seems to be working for you.”

REVIEW: "When I Sing"

When I Sing balances that poignant lesson with a wonderful love story and lots of comedy.  The love story provides a nice balance to what could be a very sad story. The film is beautifully shot, moves at a nice pace, and offers interesting insight into the life of an independent artist.  A good part of the film was shot in New Jersey (where Linda lived for many years) and you’ll see plenty of logos for local businesses — The Windmill, Sea Bright Pizza, and 90.5 The Night are well represented. In fact, 90.5 DJ Jeff Raspe appears in the film as well. He is seen on stage at The Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park where Linda performed during a Light of Day Foundation concert.

Maxwell Scott is terrific as Scott, a huge fan of Linda’s music who wants to be romantically involved as well. Her nephew, Eli Panero, is often hilarious and, along with Linda’s father, adds even more realism to the story.  And Chris Mulkey provides a strong performance as the Rock Doc, but the film lives and dies with Linda’s performance, and she is good – very good.  Her performance reaches its highest heights in the closing moments after she finishes singing the title track.  Walking off stage, we see Linda begin to break down.  It’s a moment of pure pain, pure sadness, and pure honesty.  It speaks volumes.

When I Sing has been hitting the festival circuit and was rewarded with the People’s Choice Award for Best Feature Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival; Best Feature Film – Low budget at World Fest Houston; and was a finalist for Picture of the Year in Nashville Universe film competition. The next stop for the film will be Borderlands Film Festival in New Mexico in October. Additional screenings are being added and can be found at whenising.com. Here’s hoping that the film finds its way on to television where the world will learn that there is much more to her story – there is a tremendous artist as well.






It’s about freaking time I got a review.  Yay!  We’ve screened “When I Sing” five times now.  Two screenings for Film Festivals – and we won both…and then three more, independently. Not only that, but our “little indie that could” has also received press.  Let’s do this!  

“When I Sing” Hits Many Sweet Chords 6-29-18

Review by
Jordan Rich
WBZ Boston, i-Heart Radio


For those who decry the lack of story, spirit or creativity found at

their local movie complexes these days, allow me to introduce

you to one Linda Chorney—-musician, writer, producer, and star

of her own inspiring cinematic story “When I Sing,” one of the

most endearing and entertaining indie films in years.

If you were to ponder, “Who the #@$%$ is Linda Chorney” you

would not be alone. It just happens to serve as one of the more

memorable taglines for the film. The question speaks to why

and how this “little movie that could” works as well as it does.

Audiences will find themselves (for a welcome change) cheering

for a real-life underdog, possessing tenacity and heart. And it’s a

sound bet that you will laugh, cry and empathize with the

characters along the way.


Linda Chorney has been a working musician for decades.

Gigging in clubs, opening for A-list artists, composing and

creating at a frenetic pace, she has managed to self-produce

several musically rich albums, albeit for limited audiences.

After many years of pursuing her dream of making it big (that

elusive dream shared by thousands of her fellow musicians) Linda

surprised the entertainment world in 2012 as the first truly

independent artist nominated for a Grammy award. While many

were excited for this talented artist who finally got some national

recognition, others in the industry attacked her for allegedly

“gaming” the system to acquire the nomination. The attacks

were often personal, demeaning and ugly. But through it all

Linda retained her unique brand of spunk and cutting sense of

humor. We witness her more delicate human side as well, as she

occasionally succumbs to the pressure, crying herself to sleep.

“When I Sing” is a film that musicians as well as plain

old civilians should find engaging.


The film spotlights certain friends and heroes she meets along her

way.  They include Jonathan, the “Rock Doc,” played by veteran

character actor Chris Mulkey. It’s Jonathan who encourages her

as a fan and offers a generous financial boost to produce what

would become the Grammy nominated album. Another key

character is Scott, played with warmth and likability by

actor Maxwell Scott. Scott becomes the friend and lover whose

adoration and support for Linda is unwavering and real. Her

journey is made easier and much more fun thanks to Linda’s

steadfast soul mate Scott.


A couple of actual family member of Linda’s, as well as genuine

music industry people in her story, appear in “When I Sing.”

There’s her teenage nephew “Eli” who aids Linda in navigating

social media during the run up to the Grammys. Eli Panero is a

scene stealer (which tends to run in the Chorney family). Linda’s

real life Dad, Paul, plays himself and adds a loving, humorous

touch alongside vivacious actress Bari Hyman portraying her

Mom. “When I Sing” is lovingly dedicated to Linda’s Mom,



The most important bit of casting however is that of Linda, the

central character. She’s energetic, exuberant, fragile and quirky.

We’re rooting for her from the opening scene, witnessing the

emotional rollercoaster this talented, complex, lovable musician



When asked about playing herself, the star of one of the most

original, heartfelt, hilarious indie films in years told a preview

audience that she tried hard to woo Sandra Bullock to play her in

the film. I was in attendance conducting the Q&A  that evening

and the consensus was that while we all agree that Sandra

Bullock is a superb Oscar-winning actress, no one could have

played the role of our fearless heroine with more conviction and

heart than Linda Chorney herself. She turns out to be one heck

of an actor.


Don’t see this movie expecting even the briefest of car chases

(although there are some hysterical moments involving Linda in

cars). Thankfully, there are no explosions or gunshots and

certainly no superheroes in tights to be found. What you can

expect is a movie about a real woman, reaching for her brass

ring, and dealing with identifiable setbacks and triumphs along

with a handful of well placed “F” bombs along the way.

The film concludes with Linda’s touching performance of the title

song “When I Sing,” an anthem for anyone who’s been bullied,

beaten down or neglected. Her lyrics address the hope that lies

at the core of the movie…


“There’s just one thing makes me feel as light as a child on a

swing, where no one can hurt me…when I sing.”

This “little movie that could” is well worth seeing and supporting.

For more visit http://www.whenising.com.


Maynard MA JR


Clap, clap, clap!  And now for the press so far!







And here’s what other folks have been saying as they leave the theatre on WHEN I SING WICKED AWESOME WORLD TOUR. Please request a screening in your town. And I’ll sing a few songs for you, too. (Enough Linda til ya puke!) Just go to whenising.com and sign up for tour dates, and say hello!



Houston, we have lift off! Special Jury Award for WHEN I SING – BEST FREAKING FEATURE FILM…again! – for Low Budget Category…which is anything under $500,000…which is most Indie Films, so WHAT AN HONOR from Worldfest.   Not only that, but Worldfest, you have spoiled me and and all of the other filmmakers with such a warm welcome, and an experience not to be forgotten.VICTORIOUS

Worldfest shows the filmmaker a great time, gives you a roof over your head, feeds you, and chooses films solely based on the films, the whole films, and nothing but the films.

I was only able to see a few, because of my busy schedule, (puff, puff), but managed to see 3 OUTSTANDING films, and I highly recommend you check them out when they come your way.

  1. LUBA   There was not a weak moment in the film. From the clever, beautifully animated credits, to the superb acting, great dialogue even mixed with humor, to the very real, semi-tragic story of basically a single Mom, trying to raise her kid on a shoestring, with a dead weight father, dragging her down, yet she manages to triumph against all obstacles.  Director, Caley Wilson slays this film with wonderful angles on an acute budget. Brah-fukn-vo!


    With Director, Caley Wilson  (I don’t know why this photo is messed up on blog!)

  2. VUIL WASGOED   (Dirty Laundry)  -In Africans. A hysterical, goofy, smart, dark comedy adventure of two regular underachievers with a dream, still working at a laundry mat, who inadvertently get tangled up with some really bad guys, and although they’re clothes got pretty dirty, they manage to come out alive, and fulfill the dream of owning a coffee/laundry shop. The acting, dialogue, color, characters, all superb. Brah-fuckn-vo!


    With writer/star Bennie Fournie and Director Morne du Toit  (I don’t know why this photo is messed up on blog!)

  3. PASTORAL SONG OF THE SPRING In Mongolian. Take a very inexpensive vacation to the most spectacular scenery of Inner Mongolia, while in the warmth and comfort of your seat, and glide through a different world, yet the same, when it comes to the innocence of love.  Director, Xurenhua manages to capture the beauty, and the sense of being there, feeling the wind on your face, as you witness the porcelain perfection of the faces of the actors, while going on an adventure through time, routing for the good guys, feeling their pain and love. A sad, believable story.Xurenhua

What I did not get to see, and must, is the winner of Best International Film, The Little God, from India. As well as The Italian Gaze, by Sandro Del Rosario, and The Butterfly Trees, Documentary, by Kay Milam.

Where is the next stop for WHEN I SING?  Just waiting.  We’ve struck out on most of the big time fests, and that hurts in the pocket, and the heart, but we realize there are a gazillion great films, and they can only choose a few.  (That sounded politically correct.)

That being said, I am taking WHEN I SING on the road, targeting a few places, most likely starting in Boston, and The Jersey Shore.  We had an extremely successful screening in hometown Tucson, to a sold out crowd at The Loft, where…get this…the film made money, instead of spending it. What a concept! So, I’ve seen the light, and it’s green.

I think the biggest compliment I’ve received is from filmmaker, producer, Jon Scheide, who compared WHEN I SING to Angelica Houston.  “It has a beauty all of it’s own. Not the classic, but one completely different and just as stunning.”  How’s them apples?!

I’m very thankful for the film festivals who have accepted our special film, and of course a little bitter about the one’s who did not. It’s only human. You can pretend that it doesn’t bother you, but it does. It’s tough out there.  So many great films. (So I made up a poster, which I think is hilarious, and that’s all that matters.  Fuck em if they can’t take a joke!)  Audiences are cheering, laughing and crying…and that’s also all that matters! No one can hurt me when I sing, and when you see the film! Sign up for our mailing list, and watch the trailer at http://www.whenising.com.REJECTED





YEEEEEEEEHAH! How’s them apples? No one can hurt me when I sing…and when we win! Our very first festival! Gosh, it feels good. It’s just the beginning, but it’s like being a rookie American League pitcher up at bat for the first time, and hitting it out of the park. BOOM! (Yes, I emphasized American League, when the DH is not an option.)


Here’s the trailer!

So far I’ve worked 2 years, every waking minute on this film. (I am not exaggerating.) And then there’s the rest of the team.  I surely would have struck out without them. But imagine! Winning People’s Choice in the Los Angeles market?  Holy Shit! What an honor!

Click Here for your personal backstage pass video tour to our World Premiere of WHEN I SING in Los Angeles.

I’ll be honest, the film festival circuit is brutal. Why?  Because you drop a hundred here, fifty there…just to submit!  Then you don’t get in to most of them, because thousands of people are doing the same thing you are.  Being an artist is a tough road these days. Everyone wants to make money off of you, while you spend more…and time.  Time? What is it worth?  All of us artists know how much time we spend creating and promoting our work. Why? We have to. Passion and belief drives us.

I believe in this film 100%. I promise that 99% of artists will relate, 99% of underdogs will be cheering, 99% of women will be laughing and crying, and 80% of people will thoroughly enjoy it.  The rest of you..well…you can’t please everyone.

So now what do I do?  It’s nice that I’ve already been approached for distribution. But this is my baby, just like my albums. Who can I trust with…MY LIFE’S STORY?

Maybe it will be Coming to a theatre near you!  Then Netflix! Or AmazonHBO! Or Showtime!  (I say fuck a lot…so no Disney.) Did you know you have to spend like millions in promotion for a theatre release. I swear this could be a cult blockbuster! (See, I do believe in this film…or I’m delusional, and I’ll end up selling them in the back of my fucking car.)

Stay tuned.  But for now, FILM FESTIVALS everywhere, show WHEN I SING. I guarantee a sold out crowd, and lots of smiles.  Let’s do this!

Next stop, Worldfest.  Houston…we don’t have a problem! What an honor to be chosen for the 3rd oldest film festival in America! And we’ve already been informed that we’ve won one of the top awards…one of their coveted REMI AWARDS!  YEEEEEEHAH!


I’d like to congratulate all of the fellow nominees.

The IncantationBuckout RoadIn Echo ParkThe Evil Rises.

Also an honorable mention to my two favorite nominated shorts that blew me away!

The Obituary and This is Ed


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