If I wait any longer, they will be freezer burnt. The last blintzes my Mom made. When she was pretty sick, but still well enough to cook, my mom taught my sisters and me how to make her delicious blintzes. I knew the end was near.

They’ve been in my freezer for 8 months. I took them out to defrost last night. And now the moment has come.

I’ve stared at them a few times. Well, I can’t eat them without my family. And am I ready to let them go? I tear up now as I write this. I miss my mom so much. I am sure every child feels the same way.

How do you get over the loss of a parent? The emotions come in waves. A film might trigger the tears. Recently I watched a film where the Mom was in a hospital with Cancer. (which is what my Mom died from…and too many others die from these days). And the little girl was crying in her mother’s arms. And the sick mom, comforted her healthy little girl.

I wept like a baby, at age 54, in my weak yet strong, Mom’s arms, in the hospital, shortly before she died. She played her role as loving mom until her last breath. There is no substitute.

So filling the void is impossible. And now I am about to fill my stomach with the last thing I have left that she cooked.

…one hour later.


Face time with sister in Oregon for the occasion.

Face time with sister in Oregon for the occasion.

Dad, Scott and I enjoyed every bite, and shared the occasion on face time, with my sister in Oregon.

I served the blintzes on my Grandmother’s china. It was a special moment. And we talked about mom. I shared that when I get into funk mode, I just concentrate on what a long, beautiful life my mother had, and how much pain she was in towards the end. Not necessarily from the cancer. She also had major back problems, which, believe it or not, caused more pain than the cancer.

But I think about watching her shut down. I think about seeing her feet swell, and turn purple, and then spread up to her knees, and then up her thighs. I am grateful that she passed before her organs shut down, because she was still alert. She is at peace. And that gives me peace….and I just slowly ate the last piece of her blintzes.

I love you, Mom. And I hope I dream about you tonight. Please visit me…


Oh wait!! I just found a container of her frozen chicken soup! And even after I eat that, I’ll get to relive it with a burp. (You might not, but my mom would have laughed at my silly line.) Of course, Mom’s always think everything their kids do is great. Just another of a million reasons to miss her.


Sandra Bland should not have been arrested. PERIOD.

I don’t understand, why a guy who was allegedly giving this woman a warning, couldn’t just let it go. He does not deserve to wear a badge that requires responsibility. He is supposed to be the professional.

A civilian gets stopped maybe once every couple of years. An officer pulls over a civilian multiple times per day. His job is to do his job. His/her job is not to escalate the situation.

I watched the entire clip with the verbal exchange, and then the threats, and assault of an innocent Sandra Bland.

I saw a strong woman who knew her rights. I saw me. (Although I don’t smoke.) Is it illegal to smoke in one’s car when being pulled over by a cop? I don’t think so. Would it have been nice of her to put it out? Yes. I hate fucking cigarettes! But she never used profanity, she never raised her voice, until he dragged her out of the car, threatening to “LIGHT HER UP,” with a tazer. WHAT. THE. FUCK?

The officer asked her if something was wrong. He asked the question. She answered it honestly. He was smug. Such a child. Big man with the wittle badge has an ego problem, and she was ruining his power trip.

What a big bully. I am so sick of seeing these guys abuse their power. What happened to freedom of speech? And yes, I wonder if she were white if he would have been so disrespectful. Would it have been courteous if she had put out her cigarette because of his request? Yes. But not a law. And certainly not a crime to warrant arrest. She asks several times why she is being arrested, and he never answers.

Watch, and I mean, really watch this entire exchange, and you be the judge.

This second video has audio of him afterwards, calling and attempting to explain/justify the idiocy of his decision to arrest her in the firt place.

Clearly, Sandra Bland should never have been dragged out of her car. PERIOD.

I felt so disgusted and discouraged after really seeing for myself, that I changed my profile picture to hers. And I asked people to change theirs. I thought if we, as a whole, could let the world know that it is not okay what happened to Sandra Bland, her family could know our compassion. Imagine if everyones profile shot was her face for the day? It wouldn’t bring her back, but the love would be felt.


I tried. Hardly anyone bit. People don’t care enough anymore. I do.

And I am not accusing anyone of murder…yet. I am accusing false arrest and unnecessary abuse to a citizen of The United States of America.

What did happen afterwards? I don’t know. You heard her start to cry when she was being hurt, and defeated. If I was being man handled, I might have mouthed off, too. And then when reality set in, and my fierce lioness was beheaded, I’d start to cry, too. I’d be really scared. She was scared.

And if this triggered other things going on within her, and caused her to take her own life, it is just tragic. With all of the injustice I have seen lately with the Black Community, perhaps it was too much for her. Perhaps she lost all hope. I found her exchange intelligent. I did not see a woman who would take her own life. But I could be wrong.

Regardless, the arresting officer should not be punished by being behind a desk, he should be behind bars. He fucked up, and he should pay the consequences. Cops should not get a pass. Most cops are good. This guy is not. Get him off the force.

My condolences to the family and friends of Sandra Bland.



This is just a little silly spontaneous, off the cuff clip, filmed 2 days before the Grammys in 2012, while I was recording at EastWest Studios, in Los Angeles.

I just found it in my pile of stuff, and thought I would share it, to encourage more independent artists to go for it. Just because you are not famous, doesn’t mean you are not great!

And although the Recording Academy has made it more difficult for an Indie to get a nomination, since I managed to get there, you can still try and do it your way.





Well, it was live. Now it has been a couple of days. Here is a short film of my first experience of being at a political rally. But not just any political rally. Bernie Sanders. I guess I’m spoiled now, because it was pretty good.

I cannot emphasize enough how transparent people are when they speak. Its like corporate people, “Yes, we can get that done for you. Our company…yada, yada, yada.” – Or really formal waiters in a restaurant. “Today we are going to be serving…” Sometimes I say to them, “Do you really speak like that at home?”

Well Bernie Sanders speaks to you like he is home. No grand facade; no vibrato to sound like a king. As much as I’d love to see an intelligent woman be elected as president, and that Hillary is, no doubt, when she speaks, it doesn’t sound like she’s talking from home.

So Bernie hit a home run with me. Oh wait…let me take that back. I’d say a triple. Why? He neglected to mention anything about legalization of marijuana, and I understand he is pro-gun. Thus, he avoided those topics. I almost had the balls to shout out the question…”What about marijuana?” But as you will see, I wasn’t in the best position to do that…

P.S. OMG, in the last scene, my hair is awful! It was a spontaneous move after I worked out. Thinking ahead is overrated.

Get a press pass to political rally for Bernie Sanders. He inspired me enough to get on the band wagon. BERNIE! BERNIE! This is Linda Chorney, reporting from Phoenix Convention Center!

P.P.S. BERNIE SANDERS CAMP – Please do not fire anyone for this. I pride myself on getting passed gatekeepers. And I was telling the truth.

Me and Bernie!

Me and Bernie!


twitter, numbers, “liking”, and bullshit

I feel like everyone – well – I – spin my wheels for nothing while gathering twitter followers. The fact that your worth is weighed by how many followers you have – well – is bullshit. (Well, actually my husband, Scott, gathers the followers, and even tweets on my behalf sometimes, which causes an argument. That is another story.)

Who are these people? Are they just other people spinning their wheels, so they have more numbers? Are they Russian hookers? Scammers? Terrorists? Or just people like me. And as far as some of the celebs, are they really tweeting? Or do they have a staff that handles their stuff?

I’m sure some of the comedians use their own words. I want to tweet when I have something…well…clever to say. (Or just a pissed off rant, limited to 140 characters, trying to right a wrong.) Not just pushing my music on the world. Sure, I’d like more people to hear my music, read my blogs, read my book, watch my TED talk, but the world is saturated! And who are all of these other people? Do they care what you are saying? I would say the majority don’t. Why? They just want you to follow them back and get more NUMBERS of followers. I want to follow people who have something to say. To make me think, or laugh. CONTENT.

I know I am guilty of judging. I see someone with 100,000 followers and think, “Wow. This guy must be important. Ooh. I hope he follows me, and maybe retweets my stuff to 100,000.”

And then you have random people asking you to like their Facebook page. I don’t even know who the fuck you are! For what reason should I like you? Oh. Because I’m just a nice person, so I’ll do it for a total stranger. And, well, I usually do. I think, “Sure, I’ll like you.” CLICK. But when it comes down to it, why is our entire society now just a popularity contest? Some of the coolest kids in school were not popular. It makes me want to pull out my hair!


This semi-rant all came about this morning when some guy in England was conversing with me,(Private messaging via twitter), telling me how he wrote a song in an hour. Did a video in an hour, and social media “liked” it. What the fuck does that mean? And why am I taking minutes of my LIFE to do this shit? (Well, again, it’s Scott doing most of it.)

So we had another fight, because he tweeted stuff again, about my career and my music, and, well, I don’t speak that way! I would never say it like that! Not that it was bad. It’s just not my voice. But then again, who gives a fuck? Who are these people? And do they even care?

I’m just disgusted. I’d rather spend my time being creative…creating quality…rather than looking for quantity. (Which is also why Scott is the one building my profile.) In my day, I’d have to walk 50 miles, barefoot in the snow to tweet. Just call me old fashioned, but I don’t like the bullshit.

You don’t have to like this.


Yo, Mainstream Media Whores, COVER BERNIE SANDERS not Trump the Ass Clown!

Last night this self-proclaimed jackass of all trades, attended…and covered my very first political rally. I put on my bullshit journalist/documentary filmmaker cap, and talked my way into the exclusive press area to watch long shot Presidential hopeful, Senator Bernie Sanders, ring side! But the other bullshit media didn’t cover Bernie as much as they did Trump. Why?

Though the Phoenix Convention Center was a packed house, filled with a diverse enthusiastic crowd of young, old, tattooed, families, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Veterans, and disabled; they all had the commonality of being tired of the same old same old game in Washington.

Sanders spoke with a genuine passion and honesty. Lots of people give sensationalized speeches, where they talk as if this is how one should sound when doing a speech. He just spoke.

And he had a lot to say that made sense, addressing the absurdity of the interest rates on student loans, for example, being more expensive than a mortgage. And having an education should not be a profit center. What American wouldn’t want their child to have a shot at an education? He said that any child, starting young, like, in the fourth grade, (and the parent), shouldn’t have to worry about being able to afford going to college. They should just be able to think, “If I study hard, and do well, I can go to college!”

Instead, that privilege, for the most part, is reserved for the wealthy, and those who put themselves in debt. Not just a few grand…but over 100 grand!

Then on the other side of the planet…or even, another planet, you have Donald Trump spewing out insults to Senator John McCain, and to all soldiers, for that matter.

“McCain was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

He. really. said. that.

We all know he is an idiot, but he is also a fool. For a bidnith man, that was not too savvy. And although the majority of the Republican Party was not outraged enough to express their disgust with Trump after his anti-Mexican racial statements, attacking the sacred ground of the military broke the orangutan’s back.

I guess I fucked up. I'm fired.

I guess I fucked up. I’m fired.

(This morning I was lucky enough to sneak on his 250 billion acre ranch in Scottsdale, and snap this shot of Trump!)

The Circus of Republicans running, are now talking about refusing to be on stage with the Donald, because of his insults to McCain. I agree. But why weren’t those steps taken after his despicable comments about the Mexican people?

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

Okay. Enough about him. Back to Bernie.

As I was rubbing shoulders with bigtime journalists, I had an opportunity to speak with a couple. When I asked one guy, who I assumed was a journalist, who he wrote for, he said he was a “stringer”.

“What’s that?” I asked. It’s someone who takes pictures and hopes to sell them. Kind of a political Paparazzi.


Then I met Miss Debbie Downer, who has a conservative program with ABC in Chicago. While EVERY other photographer, cameraman, and journalist was cheering and agreeing with everything Bernie had to say, she was just bla, bla, bla, complaining, laughing at these progressive notions of making America better. I turned around, finally, and said, “You are a real bummer.”

Then I met this big time journalist. (If I tell you his name, I’d get him in trouble.) He was very frustrated trying to get the money shot. Bernie rarely looked our way. He mostly looked dead ahead, or to his right. We were on an elevated platform to the left. He said that Obama is the same way.

But, I got one! But only with my shitty iphone camera, as I was also filming with my hand held at the same time. But he looked right at me!HI BERNIE!

I also asked him, “Do you think Bernie has a shot?” He said it was already “fixed”. It’s going to be Clinton and Bush.

Maybe that’s why Bernie is not being covered well on the tayvay.

Well, I finally got the balls to move from the platform, right to the stage! I have a few clips, and will put them together for my next blog. Since I got press privileges as a documentary filmmaker, I might as well make one!

Me and Bernie!

Me and Bernie!

That was a selfie I tried to take before I would get busted, while juggling my movie camera!

Oh. One last interesting observation. As we entered, there was a sign. “No fire arms.” Naturally, in Arizona, much of the population carries. But here, there was not a single security checkpoint. When I spoke with the conservative show host, she told me when she was at Trump’s not nearly as well attended rally, “They inspected everyone with a metal detector…”

Let’s just say, the crowd for Bernie was unarmed but shooting for the stars to elect Bernie Sanders as our next President of The United States of Ameriker!

P.P.S. Thanks to the guy in the light blue shirt who believed I was an acclaimed documentary maker, and let me through the gates! Bernie’s campaign is primarily funded by “the people”. So I’m one of them. Why shouldn’t I be there? (I did just finish my first, and just submitted to film festivals! Look out for “The Opening Act”.



What a fucking rip-off! Yeah, yeah, the view is spectacular. The quick elevator ride up with the footage of the city is impressive…but THIRTY-TWO DOLLARS?

I guess my expectations were a bit taller than the Freedom Tower, who’s owners are free to gouge people, taking advantage of the largest terror attack on our soil, in American History.

I dunno, I just thought there would be a little something, tribute, to those lost on September, 11th. I realize there is a 9/11 Memorial right below; and a museum dedicated to the tragic event. I should have spent less money to visit that, ($24) rather than be cattle on a cruise ship.

Yes, a cruise ship without bathrooms! When you arrive, you wait in one line, which wasn’t so long, (if you have a reservation). Otherwise you must use the Disney line for them to take your money.

“Excuse me, can you tell me where the bathroom is?” I desperately asked after entering the building.

“It’s after security.” Perfectly understandable. Absolutely necessary. But then after you’ve gone through security, no bathroom. “It’s at the top.”

At the top?! Yes. They funnel all the cattle to the top. Thousands of people, and no bathroom.

I get to the top…”Excuse me, can you tell me where the bathroom is?”

It’s after this quick 5 minute presentation…

No. I need it now.

“You have to wait until the presentation is over.”

No, I. need. it. now. I’m going.

The very nice elevator attendant informed me that the builders even neglected to put locker rooms anywhere for their employees. I guess with 102 floors, there was no space.

I was escorted to the rest room, which you can’t get to unless you go past their tacky gift shop at the top. 4 stalls for the masses. Only four stalls!

THIS IS NOT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. There is no Windows of the World, just a tacky cafeteria.



Yes, that was class. And if you went there, you didn’t have to pay to go up the damn elevator. You could spend your hard earned money on a drink, or a lovely meal, while dining with table cloths looking over the greatest Western city in the world. (Small tip, when visiting cities with tall buildings, try to avoid the “observatory tickets”, if there is a restaurant. Go there and enjoy a similar view.)

Now it is like a freaking Costco Cafeteria, without the bargain hot dogs, and its even more like a Costco, (I love Costco, by the way…even though I never leave without dropping 200 dollars), because there are employees in golf shirts with wireless speakers giving demos about the attractions of the city!

But wait! There’s more that you get for your 32 dollars to ride up a fucking elevator. As soon as you are done with the impressive 5 minute movie, which at the end, the screen rises, to reveal the SPECTACULAR skyline – Once you finally get out of the maze, excited to get your cheese, you arrive at the cheesy hustlers in the golf shirts, egging you on to get your photo, backed by a green screen. Once you skate around that, you FINALLY get to the observation area, with the Costco demos.

It’s closed in. No outdoor observatory. Yes, the view is insane.


The most moving experience is looking down at the Memorial of WT 1 & 2. But not a single exibit about it.

Then to get the elevator down, you must go through the gift shop, filled with t-shirts and mugs made in China, by ten year olds in sweat shops.

The graffics on the ride down are also cool….for ten dollars. 20 is a stretch. But 32 fucking dollars?

Once you get off the elevator, there are actually more bathrooms.

But even after flushing my $32 dollars down the toilet, I had not escaped the cruise ship. As soon as you are about to leave, they ambush you, asking for your photo ticket. Huh? Yeah, the hustlers are there to sell you your photo. “WHERE IS THE EXIT?!”

I say shame on you. A normal family of four, (where Mommy or Daddy aren’t employed on Wall Street; and 100 bucks is what they spend on lattes in a week, without batting an eye) has to drop over a hundred dollars to have the freedom to see the greatest view in the world.

My advice? Skip it. Unless you bastards lower the price. Go to the 9/11 Memorial Museum instead.

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