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So, I am a bit of a Sci-fi geek.   Here is an encore performance of dream 2 – (Part 2 of dream sequence with Neil DeGrasse Tyson!  And of course, if you are a Trekee, you might enjoy this….btw – I am OLD GENERATION!

Beam Me up Scotty!

Star Trek Rocks, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Rocks, and Science Rocks!  Fact Rocks!

P.S.  (For Linda Stone…yes, it is fun to be back to just being the goofy me, as opposed to the Grammy me.)


Neil DeGrasse Tyson Dream ~ Part 3 ~ THE NIGHTMARE!!!

Yup…the dream continues.

My genuine dreams are extraordinarily vivid.  The details, colors, and conversations are coherent.  But they don’t always make sense.  (Actually, rarely make sense.)

When I am in the moment in the dreams, they seem so real!  The emotions I feel are real.  So when I wake up, I still carry that.

It’s great when it’s a happy dream, like when I see and speak to my Grandparents!  Those are my favorite!  I just get a little bummed when I wake up, because I want more!  The feeling is euphoric!

Then I can dream about my sister being chased by a vampire; and I run to help, and trip over a cow in the neighborhood where I lived when I was a child, fall down and wake up.

Or how about the dreams when someone dies that is very close to you?  Or they break up with you, or you find them cheating on you!  I wake up crying my eyes out!  It takes a while to shake off.

The best dreams are the good ones that come true….like being able to interview Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Of course I could have made one full length feature film instead of breaking this up, but too much A.D.D. around….I’m lucky if you are even watching these!  But I hope you are!  What’s 10 minutes of your life for a laugh?  (They take me hours to put together!  Yeah, yeah, whip out the violin.)

Oh!  And I learned how to spell “hune”!  It’s HEWN.  My Dad informed me.

All has been fun and games in part 1 & 2…(’til someone loses an eye…or Bachmann’s possessed eyes show up!)   I knew the silliness couldn’t last…so here come da nightmare….

(I’m picturing Sammy Davis, Jr. from Laugh In…let’s see if I can find a photo…)

  I just found one!

..straying for a moment….big shocker…


(Those of you old enough to appreciate the show might get a nice flashback….sock it to me….very interesting but stupid…  That’s particularly fitting!)

“Here come da dream….Here come da dream….”

<a href=”“>

AHHH! AHHH!  Wasn’t that terrifying?  You bet your sweet bipee!  My highlights….

Most classic line in the dream by Anthony Bordain!

Most important moment – Neil pointing out the number of Lawyers in Government.

Most amazing off the cuff quote by Neil in response to me asking him his reaction to Creative Evolution being taught in school…

“It is one of the greatest reminders of the beginning of the end of American Civilization”.   Neil Degrasse Tyson, August 25, 2011 – Chorney Blog!

Although Tyson is a doctor of science, I’d like to personally thank him for the free therapy session!  (He seems to be able to handle the insanity better than I.)





As a finale to my first season, I am proud to present

a mini video series of one of my heroes –


This is the length of an actual t.v. show!

Hard to edit such an outstanding individual.

So indulge when you have the time.


Especially if you are a fan of

Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

And If you don’t know who he is…

You should! Now’s your chance!

If you are a Geek of Science!

Or a fan of Old Sci-Fi Television Shows!

Don’t miss an episode!

It’s taken me a month to put together!




Neil For President!

~Dream 1~

This blog Series is sponsored by: Babes In Space!


(I threw in Barbara Eden, because Neil qualifies her as being married to an Astronaut…it counts…if Neil says so!)

You guys might recognize Neil DeGrasse Tyson as a guest on The Daily Show.

(Hip Hip Hooray! Jon just won Emmy Awards 9 years in a row tonight!)

Or The Colbert Report, or

Real Time with Bill Maher.

(Below is a great quote from Maher, taken from clip of my “Tea Bag Party” video…(But enough about me!) (And Bill just trumped that quote with his hilarious response to Bachmann and Palin when referred to as “MILFS” – “Morons I’d Like to Forget.”) (But enough about him.)

You may also recognize Dr. Tyson from the Post Office’s “Most Wanted” poster for killing Pluto!

(Watch this clip! It’s awesome!)

Regardless of murdering Pluto, Neil’s popularity has grown so much that he has his own hip radio show, too. Star Talk Radio!

Neil puts the “Rock” in Rocket! The astrophysicist gives “star” a literal meaning in his Rock Star status!

And who would have imagined talk shows featuring guests that actually make you think? That you can learn from! And be entertained at the same time!

I want to personally thank my favorite, brilliant, hysterical hosts for having these shows to preserve what sanity I have left, while exposing these amazing minds to mainstream television.

Featuring intellects and politicians (not always synonymous, in fact, frequently oxymoronic), have become massively popular!

If you don’t know this favorite guest of many, you are missing out!

But whether you know him or not, here, in this blog, you can see another dimension of the Sex Symbol of Science!

Damn! If he had been my professor in school, I would have rushed to class. (Then maybe I wouldn’t have dropped out!)

I predict that Neil will be added to the next updated school History and Science books! (In the States that actually print fact. I guess Texas is out.)

Mighty Tyson’s personality is as bright as his brain! His enthusiasm, and conviction are heart-felt and inspiring.

I found that out the first time I met Dr. Tyson, several years ago, before he became a 21st Century Rock Star.

He kind of reminds me of my Dad, who has his Ph.D. from M.I.T. in E.E. (That sure is a mouth full of letters!) (None of which I posses…Mailman?)

Despite the genius stats, they are both very charming and funny!

Neil’s latest television appearance was on “Real Time”, August 5th, 2011.

(If you have HBO, check it out!…it’s too bad we all have to pay to see programs that drop “F” bombs….but my blog is free!)

After watching Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Bill Maher, I realized that he’s not only a Rockin’ Scientist! He could run our friggin’ country; fix our economy, and bring up the GPA of the next, “Next Generation”.

Neil for President, 2012!!!

Of course, running the country with logic seems to be a stretch even more so these days.

And the audience of Stewart, Colbert, Maher, and me, are usually all on the same team. It’s not as if we are enlightening anyone from La La Land with an associate’s degree from FOX Community College. They don’t watch these “Liberal, Elitist, Commi-Socialist” programs.

The panel consisted of a Tea Bagger, A smart woman, some wicked funny guy, and The Tysmeyster.

The audience ate Neil up! He was the DH of the panel.

In short, every time Neil came to the plate…BAMM!


I was cheering as if it was the World Series of ’75, Game 6, when Carlton Fisk hit that historical homer!

I felt every word! I wanted to join in! If I could only get a chance to speak with him again!! But he’s too famous now.

I couldn’t stop thinking about The Mighty Tyson!

Tossing and turning…”Oh, if I only had my own show! And I could have Neil on as a guest! He says what I sing! I could ask him riveting questions!”

I finally fell asleep and had this wild dream……

This portion of my dream is sponsored by Uranus!

The next portion of my dream will be sponsored by Urethra!

…meanwhile, after sleepwalking to the bathroom, the dream continues tomorrow!!

Do you ever have one of those dreams that just goes on and on? The one’s that you WANT to go on? This is one of them!!!

Next, Neil will talk about Star Trek and his radio program “Star Talk Radio” !

You don’t have to have a Ph.d to listen! You don’t even have to be smart. It’s like running for President of the United States…and sometimes even winning! You don’t need to be qualified!

Hmmm. Maybe it’s not just a dream! If I throw on a pair of glasses, I could look Presidential!

I’ve seen who’s running for the next election. With Neil’s looks and my brains! If they can do it, I don’t see why an accomplished Astrophysicist and a University of Miami drop-out Musician can’t!!! (Better have our birth certificates handy!)



Men – O – Pause, for Labor Day.

Labor Day seems like an appropriate time to dedicate this blog to the love of my life…who has worked harder than I thought was humanly possible, and deserves to retire whenever her little heart desires…

Is it purely coincidental that the word Menopause contains the words Men and Pause?  And “O”?   I think not.

I have never read the “Vagina Monologues”.  So I hope my words are not too redundant.

In this dramatic stage of my life, I can only speak for myself.  The pausing has begun.  Men, my man, sex…not really interested. Boo. Hiss, hiss.

It sucks.  I feel like there should be a funeral.  I really LOVED sex.

Oh pause, men.   No room at the Inn.  It’s like one of those neon signs that once flashed so brightly, now down to it’s last flickering bulb.

My precious stud muffin is in a coma.  The plug soon to be pulled if she doesn’t make a miraculous come back.

Let me prepare the Eulogy, just in case.

(Read the first half with a church organ sound in the background of your mind.)

(Then in the second half, kick into your best Patton impersonation.   And imagine the humming of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.)

We are all gathered here today to mourn the loss of my beloved, beautiful, closest friend.

She was always there when I needed her.

And for you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you…..

And you, and you, and you , and especially you

You all know who you are!

My dear, dear, sensitive friend.

Shedding tears for me when I needed you to cry, bawling even.

You were so drenched with emotion.

You stood by me when I was alone.

Through the ups and downs, the ins and outs.

The best little buddy I could have ever have asked for.

Through times of peace,

Through bloody battles.

You got me through many sticky situations.

Even when I said I couldn’t do it, you insisted!

You’d say to me, “Damn it, Linda!  Do it for the team!  Do it for Joe, for Dave, and the rest of the guys!

You were always there to carry the extra loads no matter how big.

You were quite the soldier.  

You deserve the Goddamn Purple Heart.  

Of course, you weren’t always tough.

In fact, sometimes you were a real pussy.

Occasionally you broke down,

but I never left your side.

Even when you felt like crawling inside of your little hole,

But what a trooper.

Even when you were sick and burning up, you still wanted to go, go, go!

You worked hard for me when I asked of you any task, hours upon hours of hard labor thrust upon you.

You worked so well with others.    You got the job done.

Even if you accidentally let things slip through the crack on rare occasion,

You saw things through the end.

You opened up for so many, regardless of their disposition, country, age, religion, skin color, size,  intellect, income, occupation, political party, or morals.

Even if someone was a complete asshole, you managed to love them in particular.

And I appreciated you backing off when I drew the line at that Tea Party member you wanted to screw when we were really drunk and desperate once.

I hope you know how much I loved you, even if I told you to shut your trap every once in a while.

But no matter how much shit I’d give you,

You never gave me any of your lip.

They should make you a fucking Saint.

I salute you.

I’m going to miss you terribly.  And we will all never forget how very giving you were.

But as Scotty said on Star Trek,

“I’ve given her all she’s got, but she just can’t take anymore!”

Bow your heads that once lifted so high for her, in a moment of silence…

…I’d like to thank all of you for coming.

Yet gone from this earth, I guarantee she will always remember you deep inside her.

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