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Grammy’s change the rules again…because of the way James Comey treated Hillary Clinton.

As Ronald Raegan would say, “Well, there you go again.”  I learned, as someone nominated for a Grammy, that getting awards can be as bad, and full of shit as politics.

Ya know how bills are passed that have a lot of pork and earmarks? Well the latest from the Recording Academy is filled with oink and skid marks.  How so?

Here is the article from The Associated Press.    The headline?  “Grammys switching to online voting, changes top album rule.”

Okay. That sounds cool and reasonable, as long as the votes aren’t hacked, which I do not personally see as an issue. In fact, it would be nice if voting in USA for government positions could work that way..and actually be obligatory, to possibly prevent a total idiot from becoming POTUS.

What the headline from the AP neglects to mention, is the pork.  And of course, most people have A.D.D. and only read headlines.  (below taken from the AP article.)

“Bill Freimuth, the academy’s senior vice president of awards, said the academy expects to attract younger voters and touring musicians who are away from home during voting season.”

said of online voting, which comes a year after the Latin Grammys made the switch.

Freimuth said there were concerns about security issues, but added they have “done everything we can to make sure the integrity of the system will be preserved.”


I read that word, and spit out my tea. Let’s talk about integrity.  (And by the way, I have met Bill Freimuth, and he is a really nice guy, and I’m sure his intentions are honorable, but….)

I repeat. Let’s talk about integrity, shall we?  Please allow me to dissect his statement.

“attract younger voters, and touring musicians who are away from home during voting season.”

99% of these touring musicians – and younger “voters” also want a shot at the brass ring. The academy welcomes these voters with open arms to pay their dues, and participate. But they don’t really trust the paying voters to make the right decisions. How can I say that? Answer? One word.


When I was nominated, in 2012, there were no committees in “Americana” and all roots categories across the board, thus it was a democracy of the voting members who decided  the top 5 nominees, by majority vote, and then the winner, in the same manner.

The following year, without transparency to the voting members, they changed the rules, and put in a committee to decide the top 5, vs. the democratic vote, because, God forbid, another indie, like myself, gets past the gatekeepers. I put these facts in my book, “Who the Fuck Is Linda Chorney”, (I also mentioned it at the time to the Press, and they didn’t give a shit) – and then, the following year, after my book release, (read at least a thousand times!) all of a sudden, The Recording Academy decided to be transparent.  (My transparency? Yes, that was a slight plug for my book. tee hee.)

Then in 2013, Al Walser, another Indie, was  nominated for a Grammy in Dance Electronic category. At the time, this too was a democracy. Low and behold, the following year, they put in a committee to decide the top 5 in all Dance stuff.

Still, a few categories remained  true democracies, thus completely independent artists grabbed that brass ring, and some even won in New Age, Rap, and Contemporary Instrumental genres. And you bet your ass, lots of touring musicians joined, and paid their dues, in hopes of having their shot! Membership doubled after my nomination, alone, being the first in history to get the nod in Americana. (Imagine me taking a bow.)

BUT NOT ANYMORE!  (Say like Inspector Clouseau, after he trashed the “priceless Steinway”.)

The Below excerpt, is taken from the same AP article, for dissection number 2, also coinciding with spitting out more tea.

Other changes include nomination review committees added to the rap, contemporary instrumental and New Age genres. The committees serve as an additional layer of checks and balances, and for rap, could prevent wins like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in 2014 over Kendrick Lamar, which were highly criticized. It could also allow rising acts to earn nominations over veteran performers like Eminem and Kanye West, who consistently earn nominations.

“We form these committees only when we hear from … those genre communities (when) they feel like something’s wrong, or that our nominations could be better,” said Freimuth. “For rap, what they were finding was that ‘legacy’ artists, almost no matter what they released, they would get a nomination because of their name recognition and fan base.”


“Layer of checks and balances.”  Bwahahahahhaa! = CONTROL.

Justification for committees – “It could also allow rising acts to earn nominations over veteran performers like Eminem and Kanye West, who consistently earn nominations.”


Here’s the deal. “It could also prevents no-names, without labels, where no gatekeepers profit off of their nominations, and spares the Recording Academy the embarrassment of the likes of a Linda Chorney getting nominated.”  THAT’S ALSO WHAT IT MEANS.

Which brings me to the title of my blog. The Recording Academy’s justification for putting in these committees, is as valid as Donald J. Trump’s justification for firing James Comey.  (Because of the way he was unfair to Hillary Clinton. Such an outrage!)

Now the tea has come out of my nose.  (Maybe I should run for a governor of The Recording Academy and add my 2 cents.  I’m reading Al Franken’s “Giant of the Senate”, and cannot believe the bullshit he has to put up with. I don’t think I could handle it…or they could handle me. I am still a voting member. They have not yet kicked me out.) Again, I digress.

Of course, putting in committees to decide the top Nominees for President of The United States, might not be such a bad idea. Because, it would give Macklemore & Ryan Lewis a better chance than Kanye West.




Monica. Part II. The U.S. Empathy.

Hi Monica,

Me, again. I have appointed myself the U.S. Embassador to the The U.S. Empathy. Seems like not a lot of people are knocking on the door to come in. I feel a bit discouraged.

As you know, in my first letter to you, I expressed my little pep-talk. One to encourage you to be brave enough to tell the real story, your real story. I was under the impression that people would want to know the truth from your perspective.

I mostly got smart ass, sexually inuendoed cheap shots. I can’t even imagine what you have gone through. (And I am also empathetic to Hillary.)

But the lack of humble understanding, blew my mind.

Jeez, how many women have been used? How many girls believed someone loved them in high school, or college, and then slept with that person, only to find out the guy’s goal was to only get into their pants. And then, to top that off, they told their buddies on the football team, and all of a sudden, even though he was the only person you slept with, you are now easy. With a scarlet letter on your team jacket. “Slut”. (Feel free to create a significance to the S and the C)

Girl next door gets her first lesson when a guy lies to her in order to get into her pants.

Girl next door gets her most valuable lesson when a guy lies to her to get into her pants.

(No offense to the beautiful young lady I found on google images. You just happen to have an “S” on the jacket)


But in your situation, it wasn’t just the campus that knew…the entire planet found out!

You would think people evolve, grow-up. Not judge. Get off their fucking high horses of perfection, and get down to earth with some compassion. And certainly get past the double standard. Men are the whores who pray upon most women’s hearts. Using love.

Anyway, I’m not saying that Bill didn’t love you. He may have…

I’m just saying that I am disappointed that I have not found many people with empathy for you, here in the U.S.

In other countries, they laugh at our puritan bullshit.

I’m shaking my head this morning, and will laugh later.

I think you should still write the book, and we should still make that movie!


The U.S. Embassador of the Republic of Empathy.


Dear Monica Lewinsky, you have a story to tell. Own it!

Dear Monica,

Hi. Allow me to introduce myself. If I may be so bold to give you some advice, here are my thoughts. And please do read my tone with all sincerity, and zero snarkiness.

Your’s is not just a story of scandal. This is not just a story of a President…who screwed one of his interns. This in not just a story about Bill Clinton. I don’t feel this was a forced strategy, put upon you, because Hillary is running. This is your story.

I want to know what it was/is like to have been a twenty-four year old girl, with a mad crush on a very charismatic President of the United States of America. And then to get the notch on the belt for having an affair with the most powerful man in the world…and having the entire world find out about it? Do tell!

You weren’t just balled, you were blackballed. I know what that’s like….being blackballed. And to be honest, (I know no other tact), if I were twenty-four years old, and there was a mutual crush with the President of the United States…and he was Bill Clinton, who personally, I find very sexy, I would have done the same thing. Maybe my response would have been different to the press. But, maybe at age twenty-four, I hadn’t that confidence yet. But certainly by age forty, my confidence would boast about it!

Fuck morals, and judgemental nobodies, by the way. I’ve had an affair. It was one of the greatest, hottest experiences of my life. We loved each other. I don’t regret it for a second. And every second I was with him, was euphoric. Spectacular sex that I will recall with a smile on my face, all the way to my grave. Do I regret hurting anyone? Of course. (However, I told the truth to my husband, at the time….umm…we got divorced.) Most people who have affairs, from a woman’s point of view, are no longer in love with their husbands. And you weren’t even married, anyway. Bill did the boo boo. Men, on the other hand, (I think) can love more than one woman at the same time. (Gentlemen, correct me if I’m wrong.)

Then there is that complication of children. I didnt have any. I can take a wild guess that Bill has had many affairs, and probably cares deeply for his wife and daughter, but maybe Hillary and he are just best friends at this point in their lives. But so what? Lots of marriages are like that. He just happened to be POTUS, and his wife might be one, too!  Many Presidents have had affairs. Most men in power do. Most professional athletes do. Most famous actors do…and even the not so famous. Most high level executives do. Most. Men. Do.

 I think there is a double standard.  Women need to grow balls about owning it.

I say, if you’re going to have an affair, and get crushed anyway, might as well do the Pres! And then write a friggin’ book!



I’m a little disappointed that you sold yourself short with an “essay,”  rather than a full-blown (pun intended) book! I’m not just talking about the graphic details of sex. I’m talking about emotion. And how you handled, or didn’t handle it. It’s a fucking movie! If you are completely honest, it would be most compelling.

Act I – The Crush. (And a bit of childhood background of YOU)

Act II – The Affair

Act III – Getting Caught & Life Afterwards for YOU

I. Smell. Oscar.

I googled, “Does Monica Lewinsky have a book?” And all that I found was a book on Amazon written by an “Andrew Morton,” entitled, Monica’s Story. 

So, I read a quote from your Vanity Fair “Essay.”

“I myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again. I. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.”

I think it would be fascinating to know in detail, why you regret it. What do you not regret?

What the fuck did happen? If you are going to spill some beans, do it yourself! Why sell out to a magazine?! Why not write your own book? Take control. Do not let ANYONE intimidate you. Did you consider writing one? (Or have you already, and I am just talking out of my behind?) Were you blackballed in the publishing industry, too?  Did you have a planted publicist to fuck with your head? They can be pretty evil, ruthless, and out for themselves over the best interest of their clients. I’m sure your well being was not on the top of the priority list of those in charge of our country when they put this thing to bed. (oops…)

Your parents and family have already been put through the ringer. And I am sorry about that. But the damage is done. (Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Lewinsky. I bet you are unconditionally loving parents.) Shit happens.

In your essay, it also states that you are having difficulty finding employment, even now, because of your past. Create your own position! You don’t need a job. You have a story to tell.  

I am quite sure there are many people, besides me, that have compassion for your situation, or just want to know the truth…if you tell it. In your words. No editors, uninterrupted. Take control of your story! The whole story. I am rooting you on!

I cannot imagine how difficult it was for you to be the brunt of many jokes…on, or off, tv. The bullying. Making fun of your weight. Cruel, ridiculous.

Look them in the face. And laugh. Fuck ’em all. (Figuratively, of course.)

And were you in love? Do you think Bill loved you? Besides the scandal, you must have been heartbroken. How did you get through it all? It must have hurt. How badly did it hurt? What was worse, the heartbreak pain, or the embarrassment? How badly does it still hurt?  I’ve wanted to die after loving with all of my being, and then being dumped. But I got over it. And write songs!

Of course, it is your prerogative to not share any of this. But the point is, you already have, by writing this “essay” for Vanity Fair. Think bigger. You have a story to tell!

In Wikipedia you are quoted as saying:

The affair led to pop culture celebrity for Lewinsky as she became the focus of a political storm. In 1999, Lewinsky declined to sign an autograph in an airport, saying, “I’m kind of known for something that’s not so great to be known for.”

Fuck that! You didn’t kill anyone!   You   fell    in    love.  Go out there and tell your story, woman! Profit from the bullshit you went through just because you are female. (A female that had sex with POTUS, which resulted in his impeachment. Minor details.) You are woman, let’s hear you roar! You fucked Bill Clinton! (Or had relations) How cool is that? Tell all! And own it! How about a book on tape!? Does the Secret Service have a gag on you? Tell it like it is. Show off your notch. Embrace what happened, and make the best of it. Take your folks to the Oscars, when we win “Best Screenplay” for the next “Best Picture”.  And I’ll do the soundtrack, too!




Where I reside in New Jersey, I am surrounded by “fiscally responsible Springsteen fanatics.”  *My new acronym: FRSF’s.

Being “fiscally responsible” is synonymous with being a “wealthy Republican that chooses to overlook all of the prehistoric beliefs of their party.”

And it is their number one excuse for defending being a Republican these days.

(Hey!  Some of my best husbands are Republican!)

I know what you’re thinking.

“I don’t have to defend myself for being Republican, you Bleeding Heart Liberal, Tree hugging, free loading hippie freak!”

The difference between me and just about everyone else here in Monmouth County is that I prefer listening to Bruce Springsteen speak, unless he is playing solo acoustic.  That’s when my ears are happy.

And the difference between a Springsteen Concert and a Ted Nugent Concert is that 99% of the Republican crowd cheers when Nugent speaks.

I can’t stand Nugent’s music or his politics.  The guy makes me sick.

And I am hoping the FRSF’s might be the 1% not guilty of cheering when Nugent suggests that Obama stick one of Teddy’s machine guns in his mouth, and calls him a piece of shit.  Or when he tells Hillary to ride his machine gun.  Are you?  (And Nugent was invited to the White House by Bush…and that was okay with FOX NEWS.)

And the difference between the dreaded “Liberals” and the “Real America Republicans” is that the wealthy left doesn’t put up a stink about paying more money in taxes for the greater good of their country.  They are “Real Patriots”.  The economy is suffering because of greed.

My example of a “Fiscally Responsible Republican” monologue:

“It’s not that I believe all of the crazy shit that most elected Republicans say!  I’m not anti-abortion, or anti-gay, or ultra religious.  I just don’t want to pay any more taxes.  Too many people are getting free rides on my money.  I would rather have the extra cash to buy some great weed and see Springsteen for the 100th time, even though I can’t stand listening to him talk about politics.  He should just shut up and sing.”

So, regardless of the ethics your party seemingly stands for, you ignore those unpleasantries, and stick with circus clowns solely to defend preventing a 3% hike in your taxes, at any cost, as long as it’s not your cash.  You love your money.

Regardless of what goes on morally in Bruce Springsteen’s head, you ignore his beliefs, and the mind behind what creates his songs, because you love your music and your money.

And while I am at it….for ALL of America’s decision makers, regardless of Saudi Arabia beating women for driving cars, you are still fans, because we love their oil.

The same behavior is unacceptable for other countries that don’t provide us with oil.

It’s fucking hypocritical.

And where are the Republicans in office stepping up to the plate to say, “These other religious righty whack jobs do not stand for what we do?” Or  “They are trying to hijack our party; and they are out of line?”

How about Chris Christie?

Last night at the dinner table, I had a discussion with my former FRSF, most patient husband about Springsteen and Christie.

He actually said, “Christie is a fan of Springsteen.  So I am sure his music influences Christie’s thoughts!”

I almost choked on my organic arugula salad, laughing.  “Are you kidding me?”

I love your optimism, honey, and the rainbows in your eyes; and I appreciate that you were open minded enough to not vote for  The Grumpy Old Man and the MILF.  (Moron I’d like to forget).  But he is just like the other fans that complain when Springsteen talks at his shows.

If Christie should happen to run for the Presidency , I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to muscle in on using “BORN IN THE USA” to help him get elected.

Reagan used it in his campaign in Hammonton, N.J, prompted by a not so brilliant idea of George Will’s.

Springsteen was so displeased, that when he was invited to the White House by Reagan, he “kindly rebuffed”.

Below is a direct quote Reagan used during his campaign, when he had no clue what the song was really about.  If he had actually read all of the lyrics!

“America’s future rests in a thousand dreams inside your hearts; it rests in the message of hope in songs so many young Americans admire:  New Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen.  And helping you make those dreams come true is what this job of mine is all about.”

The message of the song was so misunderstood that Springsteen contacted his record company, “Thrill Hill Productions, Inc”, and  insisted that a video be made to display the accurate meaning.  (I couldn’t even find that version on youtube!)

The song expresses his disdain for the USA’s mistreatment of Vietnam Vets.  (I have a song called “AWOL” that’s on a different page of the same book. – Track 10 on “Emotional Jukebox”)

Later Springsteen did a superb remake, without his typical production…that I can listen to.  Whenever Springsteen performs like this I can listen all day long.  It gives me goose bumps.

However, when the song is performed like this, I can’t even take 4 bars.

I’m sorry.  This is just my opinion, and I am definitely in the minority.  But the sound of that carousel keyboard nauseates me.  The very white rhythmic feel, chord progressions and sonic choice do nothing for my ears.  The majority of his songs are head banging, rather than hip moving.  (He certainly doesn’t need my support.  Millions of folks love it just the way it is!)

I love Springsteen’s passion, morals and ethics!  But not the “Jersey Shore” sound.

I respect how he had the balls and conviction to perform “41 shots” (American Skin), in front of booing police officers at Madison Square Garden, where fans were hassled just for entering.

Bruce is a musical vigilante.

The song was about a tragic death of an innocent, unarmed street vendor shot 41 times and killed by 4 police officers in reaction to him reaching for his wallet.

Springsteen stands for the underdog, the working class.  (The ones that make less than $250 K, but still some that get brainwashed into voting against higher taxes for the FRSF’s that can afford healthcare.)

He is so dedicated to his beliefs to stand up for injustice, that he risks popularity and ruffling feathers to make his point without compromise.  I can relate, man.  (Say that like a hippie.)

It is ironic that I have some die-hard fans that love my music, and hate my politics.  Hi Craig! (My number one Mid-Western right winged fan!)

My Dream Springsteen Experience would be hearing more about what he believes in at his shows, alone with his guitar… And then I could produce his next album with more organic arugula and less iceberg lettuce.

With this nightmare scenario for his fans, I could single handedly destroy his sales! But I might get him some new admirers!

I saw Springsteen on his “Tunnel of Love” tour at the Boston Garden for my first experience to see what the fuss was all about, many year ago.

Well, I didn’t get it.  And not until my FRSF dragged me kicking and screaming to a show 4 years ago, had I seen him since.

There is no disputing that he is an amazing entertainer.  And he puts on a show with energy that rivals Mick Jagger.  However, I can watch The Rolling Stones Band ’til the cows come home.

But then Bruce and I shared a venue in Asbury Park.

That was when I saw him play solo for the first time.  That is when I figured out the brilliant disguise.  He masks the purity of his voice and music when he dresses it with his band of great musicians.

113 Years of Good Liberal Genes!

When Bruce Springsteen strips down, and is buck naked Bruce,

he is Michelangelo’s David!

(Photo by Jenneson Grey – Thanks for snapping it!)

And when I met him backstage, the first words out of my mouth were, “I was so jealous to see you on Jon Stewart!  Stewart has met presidents, world leaders; the most powerful people in the world, and maintains his composure.  But with you, he was like a giddy school girl.”

That’s why he da Boss.

Then I got my picture!!!  (Unlike McCartney.)  And my, oh my, did he look like a Masterpiece in person.

And if Michee was around today, Bruce would make a fine specimen to sculpt, and plunk in Florence.  The line would be longer than the one for David, ‘cuz the Italians adore Spreeenga Steena, too.  And instead of a leaf, there could be a guitar!

(brief pause to enjoy the visual…)

Maybe my X-FRSF will take my poor liberal ass back to Italy if he is not too pissed off!

Fortunately he’s not the type to grab one of Nugent’s machine guns to fire 41 shots at me after reading this, leaving me DEAD IN THE U.S.A.

I’d like to thank you, Bruce, for actually influencing my husband with your words, spoken or sung.  He does listen.  (to you, anyway.)  And I’ve seen tears come out of the rainbows in his eyes when he talks about what you stand for, and how you sing it.  (I actually wish he would give it a rest.  “Can’t you go a day without mentioning Bruce?” has come out of my mouth too many times.)

Finally ending on a positive note,  between your music and mine, we at least converted one!

Ciao for now!

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