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MONSANTO, “Killing us Softly” with their poison. Boycott the scumbags.

Today is the first day to my healthier life. GMO’s have scared the crap out of me, now that I know more. The problem is, most of us do not. We don’t understand how the shit Monsanto is putting in OUR food is “killing us softly”. But they do. And they profit.

And so does our government, yet they don’t seem motivated to do a fucking thing about it. Perhaps some do, but those with louder wallets, are able to hush the harsh reality.

Bottom line:  Below are the companies that use Monsanto GMO products. I will no longer use their products, although it will be difficult to give up some of my favorite addictions. (Like Kellogg Frosted Flakes) Sorry Tony. We’ve had some wonderful times, but you’re not so Grrrrrreat anymore. Me and my banana will miss you, terribly. They put shit on your tank.


The list reproduced above purportedly details a wealth of food-related companies or brands supposedly owned by Monsanto, the multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. In fact, Monsanto doesn’t own the listed companies; this item appears to be an attempt to compile a list of companies selling food items that make use of products developed by Monsanto (such as artificial sweeteners or agricultural products derived from genetically engineered seed). 





Yikes! That’s just about everything in my pantry. Spring cleaning. What really sucks is that avoiding these companies’ products will cost a shitload of money in groceries. They attract us with “deals”. Sugar Pops for $1.99? I slay that special. Buy them by the six-pack. One of my favorite go-to snacks on the couch is my beloved cereal from the box. I even put it in one of my albums!! No kidding!

Lyrics to "Living Alone": "Eating Cereal from a box without a care."

Lyrics to “Living Alone”:
“Eating Cereal from a box without a care.”


That’s right. It’s even in my lyrics to the song I broke the top 40 with, 14 years ago, when cereal was cereal! On my “Racing with Reality” CD. Above is a page from the insert.

How ironic are my lyrics?  Eating cereal from a box without a care….?!!

I care now. I have to. Everything has changed. (Like that huge TV I am watching. No flat screen? Just flat boobs.)

In that particular photo, I am eating Golden Grahams. My fav! (I’m hanging my head for a moment of silence, as I give them up.)

Damn you Koch Brothers! (Imagine me saying that like Charlton Heston did, when he discovered that “They finally did it”. (Planet of the Apes is one of my favorite all time movies that I can watch on my couch eating cereal. AHHHHHHH!)

"They finally did it. DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU TO HELL!"

“They finally did it. DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU TO HELL!”

But this will snap me out of my remorse:


These are actual rats that have been fed the corn they use in cereal chalked with 12 essential vitamins and minerals?  No. Choked with GMO’s that will give you fucking cancer.

Look at these poor animals!

The results of GMO's on RATS! (I know who the real rats are)

The results of GMO’s on RATS! (I know who the real rats are)


Anyway, how can we mere mortals have a voice against the evil empire of our country? We have to stick together. We have to be educated. (So please do share this?)

Right now in Washington, they are voting whether or not these scumbags need to even tell us what they are putting in the food they sell us!

And I bet they will get their way.


I am starting my own little revolution. I hope you join me. Let’s boycott the motherfuckers. Cash in your stock now, if you own any in the companies above. Stop buying from those companies. And I am sorry for all of those employed by the Evil Empire. Maybe if we force our “Corporations” to produce healthier food, the costs will go down at Whole Foods, where my eyeballs pop out of my head when the bill comes for a small bag of groceries. And you can get a job at a competitive healthy company.

This is no joke, folks. I wish it were. I want my cereal!

But I don’t want my Lucky Charms to have it’s newest marshmallow shaped like a tumor. They’re magically suspicious.

And that photo of Chuck might not be so far fetched for our future.



Washington is so fucking corrupt. It’s all about money, greed, and power. No one gives a shit about PEOPLE anymore! How do you all sleep at night? Oh, wait. I know. In your million thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, some wine you’ve been bribed with, and an endless supply of ambien from your favorite pharmaceutical lobbyist up your stinky ass.

What has set me off this morning? Besides waking up to discover I now have balls from eating too many unrevealed GMO’s? They are hanging from my clit! It’s crazy. (I searched google image, and couldn’t find any pictures. And I’m too shy to take photo of my own.)

But in addition to that, I received a petition to sign, to fight Monsanto’s right to NOT label products with GMO’s. I didn’t even know what the fuck a GMO was, until my enlightened, hippy nutritionist sister told me. I love my fucking Log Cabin syrup, and she gives me shit every time I use it!  The corn syrup used in it, is most likely made of modified corn used in experiment below with the rats. (Although I was brought up in New England, for some reason, my palate longs for Log Cabin, VS real Vermont Made Maple syrup.)

Here is the link to the petition from Credo:


Please feel free to sign it, although I don’t think it will do any good. I don’t trust shit in Washington, anymore.

Let’s look at the healthcare bill, although it provided many individuals with Medicaid, guess who it provided more to? THE FUCKING INSURANCE COMPANIES! Blue Cross Blue Shield licked Obama’s Blue Balls and all of Congress’s vaginas, to arrange this bullshit. I thought the objective was to bring down the cost of healthcare for Americans. To stop being raped by insurance companies with astronomical profits. Not jack up the cost for most people, resulting in insurance companies fucking us even more! I am very disappointed in Obama. There. I said it. Obama is about as liberal as Reagan.

And the Koch brothers and Monsanto are doing their best to make us sicker, so we have to go to the hospital. Why do you think so many people are getting cancer, and so little has been done about it?

MONEY. And they just laugh at people like us who care. They fucking laugh. They. don’t. give. a. shit.



So Representative Mike Pompeo’s number one contributor is…The Koch Brothers. He has brought a bill to the table that would allow companies to NOT disclose what they are doing to the food you put into your bodies. W.T.F?  Here is a link to a very well written article about Monsanto, without any fucks in it.

The results of GMO's on RATS! (I know who the real rats are)

The cancerous tumor results of GMO’s on RATS! (I know who the real rats are.) Poor little creatures. This made me ill.                                  (Maybe those aren’t balls hanging from my clit…maybe the are tumors?)

So who is Credo? Are they corrupt? Not from the research I have done: (Googled them – and Wiki’d their asses. I’m a regular Dickless Tracy)

CREDO History

Working Assets was established in 1985 in San Francisco as a business that would use its revenues to fund progressive social change work. Working Assets was founded to give people an easy way to make a difference in the world just by doing things they do every day. Each time their members use one of its services—mobile, long distance or credit card—they automatically send a donation to progressive nonprofit groups. To date they’ve raised more than $76 million for groups like Planned Parenthood, Rainforest Action Network and Oxfam America.

Well, that’s pretty cool. But raising 76 million? 76 Million is what the Koch brothers spend for their 1 Billion thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

We cannot compete with the money these people have, and their influence over Washington.  (And I also, honestly, doubt many “non-profits”. Many of their CEO’s and top staff make BIG BUCKS.)

My shit list:




ALL PHARMACEUTICAL  COMPANIES  (The worst part is that it is so difficult to even spell the word pharmaceutical. Thank goodness for spell check.)

CORPORATIONS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTRIBUTE  TO WASHINGTON. PERIOD. Of course, who votes on those decisions? More corrupt motherfuckers in D.C. So, naturally, the bill to stop it, did not pass. And I’m sure Monsanto will get their way, too.

Everyone’s balls will be Genetically Modified Organisms. And those balls in Washington are too big to fail.

So here’s my official FUCK YOU of the day to….I don’t know. You pick. Too many to choose from.

But Koch Brothers can still suck mine.






Yup, I went to Vietnam a few years ago…just so I could say,

“I was in Nam, man.”

That is totally not true.  I went there to check it out…(and buy pearls.)  But I still like being able to say it.

However, I could not imagine having to have been there to fight.  (Or anywhere else, for that matter.)

The last blog has made me think about Vietnam Vets and the War.

Was it worth going over their to fight?  It’s still a Communist country.  They don’t appear to be any unhappier than anyone else, from a tourist’s observation.

You don’t see beggars.  (They boast about it.)

The beggars usually consist of land mine victims.  I saw plenty of them in Cambodia.  Each one of these musicians had a limb missing or were blind.  It was heavy.  But they made great music and I bought a CD.  I was amazed at how many people just passed them by in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Band on the run - (swept under the rug) CAMBODIA

Basically, the government sweeps them there, under the rug, like dust balls, that blow West.

Many people have a romantic idea about going to Vietnam to see how beautiful it is.  I wouldn’t call it that.

Hanoi is cool.  Killer deals on pearls, (as long as you get real ones), and the water puppet show is wicked awesome and worth the 40,000 dongs! Like 2 bucks.  (Actually, any currency named dong is worth spending just for the sophomoric giggle.)

Just watch out that a Vespa doesn’t drive by and splat you with pig’s blood.  I came close to getting hit with a scooter hauling a slaughtered hog!  When he turned the blood just missed my feet on the ground!

(I saw up to 7 people on a Vespa!  That was the record.)

Ha Long Bay is pretty scenic, but not worth the schlep, as far as I’m concern.  And it’s pretty dirty.

There is more gorgeous terrain in Laos and Thailand.

South of Hanoi is the town of Hoi An.  That is the most charming place I went.  KILLER deals on original paintings and lovely architecture with a French influence.  And the food was good there.

I went to China Beach, and it just made me sad.

A lot of the jungle had been destroyed, though a lot grew back.

Nevertheless, it felt eerie to be there.  I felt guilt.  I heard ghosts of screaming and still smelt death in the air.  (Although it was TOTALLY psychosomatic.)

But the most emotional moment for me was going to “The War Remnants Museum “ in Saigon.  Also known as Ho Chi Minh City.

I was a little nervous about going in, for fear of what I would surely see.

I wondered what the Vietnamese thought of us; of me, as an American, as I entered.

Then I walked into a vault of horrors.  I was ashamed to be part of a country that did such atrocious things to women and children.

They didn’t have photo shop.  This was the real deal.

I cried when I exited.  I felt like shit.

I saw two beautiful Vietnamese girls selling paintings.  I looked at them and saw generations of pain.  But they were still smiling and kind.  Still crying, I said I was sorry.  And I bought this painting.  Not because I felt bad, because I LOVED IT!

The frame that I bought in the U.S. cost 10 times more than the painting!  (And it was probably made in Vietnam!)  And every time I look at it, it reminds me of how stunning the world could be.

And yes, the American soldiers didn’t know who to trust, and who not to trust.  But somehow, I think infants were not capable of being a threat.

And yes, the enemy showed new ways to destroy the human spirit and body.

War just fucking sucks.  It is so stupid.  So childish.  Such a waste.

I went to visit the Chu Chi Tunnels and climbed down there where the VC held there headquarters.  Where many died.

Of course this is now a tourist destination, and more of an obstacle course, but imagining what REALLY went on there was mind blowing.

It was almost as fun as the sport of crossing the streets of Saigon, dodging cars!  Basically, you walk and NEVER stop.  If you stop, you get hit.  They anticipate.

There were a couple of people on the guided tour with me.  (You couldn’t just roam around the 75 miles of this maze of subterranean world.  Kind of like a giant ant farm.)

We had to climb down deep into the earth.  Maybe 100 yards? I don’t remember.  Just that it was deep and narrow, and a little creepy.  And a few people freaked out and waited above ground while we explored for a while.

It is extremely claustrophobic.  And quite a workout for my knees.

I was relieved to find the exit eventually….even though it was 100 degrees with 100% humidity.

Then I hung with the staff and played a little ping pong.  I was so naive that when I thought they were giving me a peace sign, it was actually the hand sign for “VC”, or VIctory, or something like that.


Regardless, they were very nice.

If you want to feel like crap, have an amazing power shopping spree, buying custom made silk dresses to snap out of the guilt and support the economy, and eat soup out of a plastic bag, go to Vietnam!

How’s that for a Tourism Slogan?

OH!!!  And, if you want a picture with the South East Asian Version of Paul McCartney, he’ll pose with you!!!!!!  (This was a Beatle Band that performed in Saigon!)


(And if you live in New Jersey and want to just experience awesome Vietnamese cuisine without shelling out the air fair and astronomical visa cost, go to “Pho Le” in Red Bank.  DEEEELICIOUS!  ME LOVE IT LONG TIME! And Vietnamese owner Lori, is as wonderful as her food!)

And any Vietnam Vets that may read this….thank you for trying to defend our country.  I will sing for you any time.  And for the dodgers….I don’t blame you.

Peace, Linda


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