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It’s ironic that most of you will read my anti-social media via social media. The fact is that social media is a complete ruse. It has sucked in a large portion of the population to participate in nonsense. And the worst – or best part about it (depending on how your life is) is that it enables you to escape your real life. Yes. Social Media enables one to escape their reality. The reality that surrounds them. Their closest relationships…thus making them anti-social.

When you are completely sucked into this scam, you are not present in your immediate environment. The world is big, and your access to it spreads you thin. It allows you to not be present.

Why is it a ruse? The machine has you believing that tweeting is important. Yes, it is a great way to get word out of stuff you want to promote…or to share something clever to say. I mean, look at how clever Donald Trump is! Now the entire world can see how clever Donald Trump is 24-7! Or recruit idiots to join isis. And we are all paying for it. What is twitter worth?

While twitter’s net worth increases, real relationships decrease. I know it has cost me dearly. How? Well, my “social media” director happens to be my husband. Although it is kind and generous of him, he spends time every day increasing my twitter followers, by reaching out to them and following them, in hopes that they will follow me back. Woopie! I have a bunch of followers, where maybe 5% actually read what I have to say. And I read about 5% of what they have to say, because only 5% of the time are they actually saying something. And now these fuckers have you believing that your worth is valued by the volume of twitter followers you have. And the world is buying it, hookline and sinker. People actually look at how many twitter followers you have, (in the entertainment world, at least) to decide if you are somebody.

Am I somebody? I dunno. What happened to quality, not quantity?  The anti-social media world fucked that up. Not to sound arrogant, but if you are going to say something. SAY SOMETHING! Not hashtag you, you, and this and that. What the fuck does that mean? SAY SOMETHING! Amuse me. Every boring person on the fucking planet has a twitter account. (Am I an asshole, or what?)  But then there are the 5% who amuse.

Am I one of them? I hope so. And when I have something I would like to share, that I think might be beneficial to a stranger; because it might make them laugh, or relate to, or even act as a mini-therapy session, because what I might be bitching about is something they bitch about too, (perhaps in the form of a song) then, yeah, I hope what I am tweeting is productive….thus, I do not tweet often.

But according to my social media director, I have to keep tweeting to stay in the game. So on occasion, he has taken the liberty to tweet for me, and it causes a huge fight. “I would never say that!” Then after the too familiar argument, does it really fucking matter? Who is reading this shit anyway?!

And now we come to the 95% of tweets that mean shit. And responding…or not. And how often one monitors these useless pieces of information interrupting my life. Here I am enjoying a good old program on the boob tube, Sunday night at 10 pm, PST, when I hear a “Blink-a-dink” sound. It’s the sound of my husband’s fucking iphone, which he holds as dear and close to his body as his dick, alerting him to an incoming tweet. Ooh! How exciting. Then another, and another. (And an echo of that same annoying sound coming from his computer as well!)

What is so important that you have to read, and respond to this 95% of garbage right away… at this hour…interrupting your life…or more imperatively, interrupting my life? It is anti-social. And I just think it is sad that so many people fill the void in their life by escaping it.

I am anti-social media, because it causes the participants of the inner-circle to be anti-social. #getalife. #antisocialmedia







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  1. May 23, 2016 at 7:23 AM

    I absolutrely concur, Linda! And Twitter IS the absolute worst! How many lives and careers have been actually RUINED by Twitter? One stupid remark goes viral and all of a sudden, some poor idiot looses their job or worse! But often, you don’t even have to MAKE a stupid post, sometimes, just being a WOMAN in a male dominated industry is enough to guarantee some of the most hateful, hurtful and heinous verbal abuse that you could imagine (ref. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tU-D-m2JY8), which later becomes ENTERTAINMENT on late night comedy shows (“Mean Tweets”). I despise the platform and even though I do manage social media for several clients, have abandoned it. I simply do not have the stomach to compete the anonymous, racist, misogynistic or homophobic death threats. If that means we’re “Nobody”, I’m willing to acept that. At least we have our self-respect and integrity.

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