What a drag it is getting old?! That is an understatement.  I decided to cover Mother’s Little Helper on my album Emotional Jukebox, because, although I have a great deal of respect for Mick and Keith, I AM THE WOMAN IN THE FIRST PERSON feeling it! What does a 25 year old Mick Jagger know about getting old?!  I say, “Hah!”

But there is much more to the story, when it comes to the music video. I started filming as my mom was dying, a year ago…today. She was battling cancer, in and out of the hospital with pneumonia, which the doctors told us would eventually kill her. But she was hanging in there.

Then the heart attack came out of nowhere. Now she’s in ICU. (mid-Nov, 2014). But the doctors say she is going to pull through!! Dad and I were at the hospital every day, hanging with mom as she got stronger. They would take her for walks. We would spend at least 8 hours a day there. So I figured, what the hell, why don’t I take this opportunity to start filming Mother’s Little Helper? Mom would get a kick out of that. She was my biggest fan.

So I asked the nurse if she could get me one of those silly caps, and that plastic breathing mask. She hooked me up, and when mom was taking one of her walks, I jumped into her bed in ICU, and held the camera with one hand, as I filmed myself. Dad was in the room with me, giggling. We needed a little comic relief, I’ll tell you. (That was after I had jumped into an empty ambulance parked outside of the hospital! And roamed the halls with my camera, envisioning myself on a gurney being wheeled into ICU.)

I also envisioned a super hero come to save women with Valium! After all, the song is about Valium. Duh. That was all I had imagined for the video.

Then…my mother, put in rehab, for some fucked up reason, is diagnosed with…death. We bring her home from that excuse for a rehab facility, and hospice comes in. Now I need a valium.

We get her home on Thanksgiving Day. And she died sometime after midnight on that Sunday. We are coming up to the one year anniversary of losing Shirley Ruth Chorney, on December 1st. What a drag?

Afterwards, I went away with Scott for some much needed R&R. While visiting some friends, we discovered they lived with….hundreds of Galapagos Tortoises. My mom collected turtles made out of everything. Precious stones, ceramics, crystal, you name it. I asked if they would mind if I took some pictures with the tortoises. They said, sure! Then, I thought to myself, that very second, “Holy shit, what if I did some footage for Mother’s Little Helper with the tortoises?” Tortoises are the oldest living things on the planet, and mom loved them! My friends were kind enough to say, “Go for it!”

Scott shot, as I gently got to know these lovely creatures. They are remarkable.

Now all I have to do is fly through the air in my homemade super hero costume, with floating pills! How the heck do I do that? I call Harry Findysz, my great buddy who owns Southern Arizona Video Productions. He also filmed my music video, The Cantina.

I cut up a shirt, grabbed a bottle of Valium, and let the genius take over…(you will know I am being sarcastic, if you click on the vimeo link….) Here is an exclusive look behind the design factory, sunrise, morning of filming. https://vimeo.com/146508466


I just finished editing last night, and here is the video. Dad saw it, and cried, because of the sad memories at the end of Mom’s life. I, for some reason, feel closer to her when I watch it, because she was alive in those scenes. But I also feel her pain, and am reminded of all of the pills she had to take for her cancer. I miss you, Mom. I wish you could have seen this music video. I can hear your laugh now. And my new album coming out, will be the first one you won’t hear. What a drag.

And lastly, I’m just sharing the shrine I made for my Mom, out of some of the turtles she collected. The silver piano on top of the shrine, which sits on top of the piano that my mom gave me, contains some of my mom’s ashes. I use some of the charms from a bracelet of hers, including an Egyptian queen, because she will always be our queen.



P.S. Once again, it will be interesting to see how all of this time and effort and expense in putting together a new music video will pay off in anyway, other than a few thousand youtube hits. WHAT A DRAG.










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