Maybe we should outlaw tampons! They can kill, too.

Maybe we should outlaw tampons! They can kill, too.

This has to fucking stop. This country has to grow up! Really? An 11 year old got hold of his parents’ shotgun and blasted away a little 8 year old girl…because she wouldn’t let him pet her new puppy?!

The mental illness lame ass excuse is not valid. It is a lame ass excuse for those who like to jerk-off on their guns…or cook bacon on them. You guys are the ones with a mental problem.

There are solutions without taking your surrogate cocks away.

Here is my 4 point plan to save lives.

1) Make bullets $1000 each. Let the hunters go back to using bows and arrows. Have the balls to actually make it a challenge. The profits do not go to manufacturers. They go to tax and victims of families. Nut jobs won’t be able to buy the ammo.

2) A 6 month waiting period for a gun license while the GOVERNMENT does an extensive background check.

3) If a child gets hold of a gun, the person who owns the gun will have to give up their entire home and possessions to the family of the victim.

4) Anyone defending the bullshit argument that if it’s not a gun, it will be a hammer, car, knife, pen, ax, chain saw, or a tampon….can go fuck themselves. (Because most likely, no one else will.)

That’s it.

And for fuck sake, why is it okay to carry a gun, but you can’t carry a beer, in Arizona? Here’s a song I wrote to try and laugh, because it beats the alternative of tears.

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My condolences to all victims of BULLETS. Yes bullets kill, not the guns, or the people. BULLETS kill. And more condolences to those who need to compensate for their lack…with guns.


1 Response to “MAKE BULLETS 1000 DOLLARS EACH”

  1. October 9, 2015 at 10:01 AM

    Hi Linda, I feel your pain and agree it has to stop! I do think your on to something but, a late financial hurdle on cost of bullets probably won’t change anything. This kid was already under a “watch program” at his prior school and that didn’t follow his move. I think a good look at what is being put on the movie screen and TV has a responsibility that is being totally ignored. The more glamourous killing and destruction is the more its carried out in society. Like the “war on Drugs” actually did the opposite and changed getting high in the park to gunning people down in the streets. JMHO

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