I really do believe the characteristics of Americans, not mental illness, is the root of the problem of failing to pass reasonable gun control laws.

I have come to the conclusion that many Americans are unreasonable, have a warped sense of entitlement, and have huge ego issues.

I can admit when I am wrong. I don’t like to be wrong, but I can be. And honestly, when I am, I don’t mind admitting it. “Oops. I guess I was wrong.” Live and learn…move forward, more educated.

As an experiment, I put up a post on facebook asking a question that only had one answer, but asked for a YES or NO answer.

Here is the question:

Can we all not agree on the black and white…no other answer, that IF a mass murdering SHOOTER did not have a GUN in his hand…shooting the bullets into the flesh of the victims…the victims would not be shot? This is not a trick question.
The answer choice is yes, or no. Period.

Well, dog gone it, if you could read the answers, it would take a while, because an unimpressive majority could not find a crack within their egos, to answer YES. Instead, I got the same old bullshit about cars killing…mental illness…bla, blah, blahhhhhh. (That last blahhhhh was the sound of me puking.) I even had one suggest that all teachers have guns in their desks!

I am sick to my stomach by the ugly attitudes of so many Americans. I want to hire an exorcist to rid them of their demons.

One person asked one of the ranters, “If by changing the gun laws, you could save one child, would you?” The answer was…”NO!” No? What a selfish asshole.

And that’s when we come back to the root of the problem. Too many selfish assholes in this country. “I want all of my guns. I love them. They protect me. And its my right with the second amendment.

Why the fuck have we not changed the second amendment? We change other laws. Actually, I don’t mind keeping it the same, if it means everyone can have a musket. Let’s see how brave, and how many deaths one asshole can cause with a musket.

Muskets for all!

Muskets for all!

I am all for hunters and hunting for FOOD. And if someone needs a handgun for self-defense, even that sounds reasonable. BUT NOT ASSAULT WEAPONS.

And if one has to take a course, and several months to get a driver’s license, why do they not to obtain a killing machine? Yes, cars, although they do cause accidents and death on occasion, are designed to get you from A to B, not to kill people.

Mental Illness? All countries have mental illness, but the countries without access to guns rarely have gun deaths caused by those with mental illness.

A good guy with a gun, is not going to stop a bad guy with a gun in most cases. He will cause more death in the confusion.

And bullets? Why not make them $1,000 dollars a piece? With ID on each one? Yes, it will cost money to put ID on each bullet…but that’s one reason why they will cost $1,000 bucks. (With ONLY the exception of hunting riffles that will have to be registered every year with a fee and renewable license. And a controlled amount of bullets for each owner. Yes, it will be a pain in the ass, just like the DMV. But that’s the law.)

Most of these mass shooters are not living the good life, and wouldn’t have the money to afford the bullets. Problem solved.

It is as simple as that.

Let’s compromise. Let’s do better.

And lets bring back those sexy outfits the Minute Men wore! And again, let me reiterate, everyone can have a musket! Having more guns is not going to cure you of being a minute man, anyway.



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