Sandra Bland should not have been arrested. PERIOD.

I don’t understand, why a guy who was allegedly giving this woman a warning, couldn’t just let it go. He does not deserve to wear a badge that requires responsibility. He is supposed to be the professional.

A civilian gets stopped maybe once every couple of years. An officer pulls over a civilian multiple times per day. His job is to do his job. His/her job is not to escalate the situation.

I watched the entire clip with the verbal exchange, and then the threats, and assault of an innocent Sandra Bland.

I saw a strong woman who knew her rights. I saw me. (Although I don’t smoke.) Is it illegal to smoke in one’s car when being pulled over by a cop? I don’t think so. Would it have been nice of her to put it out? Yes. I hate fucking cigarettes! But she never used profanity, she never raised her voice, until he dragged her out of the car, threatening to “LIGHT HER UP,” with a tazer. WHAT. THE. FUCK?

The officer asked her if something was wrong. He asked the question. She answered it honestly. He was smug. Such a child. Big man with the wittle badge has an ego problem, and she was ruining his power trip.

What a big bully. I am so sick of seeing these guys abuse their power. What happened to freedom of speech? And yes, I wonder if she were white if he would have been so disrespectful. Would it have been courteous if she had put out her cigarette because of his request? Yes. But not a law. And certainly not a crime to warrant arrest. She asks several times why she is being arrested, and he never answers.

Watch, and I mean, really watch this entire exchange, and you be the judge.

This second video has audio of him afterwards, calling and attempting to explain/justify the idiocy of his decision to arrest her in the firt place.

Clearly, Sandra Bland should never have been dragged out of her car. PERIOD.

I felt so disgusted and discouraged after really seeing for myself, that I changed my profile picture to hers. And I asked people to change theirs. I thought if we, as a whole, could let the world know that it is not okay what happened to Sandra Bland, her family could know our compassion. Imagine if everyones profile shot was her face for the day? It wouldn’t bring her back, but the love would be felt.


I tried. Hardly anyone bit. People don’t care enough anymore. I do.

And I am not accusing anyone of murder…yet. I am accusing false arrest and unnecessary abuse to a citizen of The United States of America.

What did happen afterwards? I don’t know. You heard her start to cry when she was being hurt, and defeated. If I was being man handled, I might have mouthed off, too. And then when reality set in, and my fierce lioness was beheaded, I’d start to cry, too. I’d be really scared. She was scared.

And if this triggered other things going on within her, and caused her to take her own life, it is just tragic. With all of the injustice I have seen lately with the Black Community, perhaps it was too much for her. Perhaps she lost all hope. I found her exchange intelligent. I did not see a woman who would take her own life. But I could be wrong.

Regardless, the arresting officer should not be punished by being behind a desk, he should be behind bars. He fucked up, and he should pay the consequences. Cops should not get a pass. Most cops are good. This guy is not. Get him off the force.

My condolences to the family and friends of Sandra Bland.


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