What a fucking rip-off! Yeah, yeah, the view is spectacular. The quick elevator ride up with the footage of the city is impressive…but THIRTY-TWO DOLLARS?

I guess my expectations were a bit taller than the Freedom Tower, who’s owners are free to gouge people, taking advantage of the largest terror attack on our soil, in American History.

I dunno, I just thought there would be a little something, tribute, to those lost on September, 11th. I realize there is a 9/11 Memorial right below; and a museum dedicated to the tragic event. I should have spent less money to visit that, ($24) rather than be cattle on a cruise ship.

Yes, a cruise ship without bathrooms! When you arrive, you wait in one line, which wasn’t so long, (if you have a reservation). Otherwise you must use the Disney line for them to take your money.

“Excuse me, can you tell me where the bathroom is?” I desperately asked after entering the building.

“It’s after security.” Perfectly understandable. Absolutely necessary. But then after you’ve gone through security, no bathroom. “It’s at the top.”

At the top?! Yes. They funnel all the cattle to the top. Thousands of people, and no bathroom.

I get to the top…”Excuse me, can you tell me where the bathroom is?”

It’s after this quick 5 minute presentation…

No. I need it now.

“You have to wait until the presentation is over.”

No, I. need. it. now. I’m going.

The very nice elevator attendant informed me that the builders even neglected to put locker rooms anywhere for their employees. I guess with 102 floors, there was no space.

I was escorted to the rest room, which you can’t get to unless you go past their tacky gift shop at the top. 4 stalls for the masses. Only four stalls!

THIS IS NOT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. There is no Windows of the World, just a tacky cafeteria.



Yes, that was class. And if you went there, you didn’t have to pay to go up the damn elevator. You could spend your hard earned money on a drink, or a lovely meal, while dining with table cloths looking over the greatest Western city in the world. (Small tip, when visiting cities with tall buildings, try to avoid the “observatory tickets”, if there is a restaurant. Go there and enjoy a similar view.)

Now it is like a freaking Costco Cafeteria, without the bargain hot dogs, and its even more like a Costco, (I love Costco, by the way…even though I never leave without dropping 200 dollars), because there are employees in golf shirts with wireless speakers giving demos about the attractions of the city!

But wait! There’s more that you get for your 32 dollars to ride up a fucking elevator. As soon as you are done with the impressive 5 minute movie, which at the end, the screen rises, to reveal the SPECTACULAR skyline – Once you finally get out of the maze, excited to get your cheese, you arrive at the cheesy hustlers in the golf shirts, egging you on to get your photo, backed by a green screen. Once you skate around that, you FINALLY get to the observation area, with the Costco demos.

It’s closed in. No outdoor observatory. Yes, the view is insane.


The most moving experience is looking down at the Memorial of WT 1 & 2. But not a single exibit about it.

Then to get the elevator down, you must go through the gift shop, filled with t-shirts and mugs made in China, by ten year olds in sweat shops.

The graffics on the ride down are also cool….for ten dollars. 20 is a stretch. But 32 fucking dollars?

Once you get off the elevator, there are actually more bathrooms.

But even after flushing my $32 dollars down the toilet, I had not escaped the cruise ship. As soon as you are about to leave, they ambush you, asking for your photo ticket. Huh? Yeah, the hustlers are there to sell you your photo. “WHERE IS THE EXIT?!”

I say shame on you. A normal family of four, (where Mommy or Daddy aren’t employed on Wall Street; and 100 bucks is what they spend on lattes in a week, without batting an eye) has to drop over a hundred dollars to have the freedom to see the greatest view in the world.

My advice? Skip it. Unless you bastards lower the price. Go to the 9/11 Memorial Museum instead.



  1. June 16, 2015 at 9:30 AM

    Linda, I feel shame at all of this. When money becomes the god that all those people died for … I feel shame in my country.

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