The latest controversy in the “friendly skies” is about the knee defenders. These gadgets have been invented to prevent a seat from reclining.

To me, there is no debate. These should be illegal. They take away the rights of an individual to have a seat they paid to recline! That’s part of the fabulous package deal the airlines have to offer for your comfort! (Yeah, right.)

I am certainly not defending the folks who actually have the balls to buy and use these. But the question is, why were they invented?

They were invented because the fucking seats on planes have become ridiculously squishy!!!

On my last flight, I posted a few shots. The knee room was a joke. The airlines are removing the old seating, and replacing the rows…with additional rows.  And gouging the customer to pay more to have a seat meant for a pigmy.



The photo above was taken BEFORE the seat in front of me was reclined!

And this was after!



Once I took a Laotian airliner from Bangkok to Luang Probang, where I banged my head on the seat in front of me, for lack of space. And if I had a kok, I would have had to slap it up on the tray to fit. Fortunately, this was a short one hour flight. But this was also a third world country’s airline!

This has nothing to do with the subject of the blog, but Laos, properly pronounced is "LAO" no S. You're welcome!

This has nothing to do with the subject of the blog, but Laos, properly pronounced is “LAO” no S. You’re welcome!

But the pictures of me, above, were taken on United….fly the friendly skies, my ass! (Which I could barely fit in the seat.)

On top of major airlines squeezing in more rows, they continually squeeze the customer with any changes made on a ticket, and charging for bags and food. I don’t care about the food thing. I prefer bringing my own pic-a-nic. But I can barely fit my little basket on the tray now.

Regardless, my goodies would never include “knee defenders”.

And I cannot believe they have been defended in publications:

“A must have”


“If the guy won’t compromise, whip out your knee defender”


“These little beauties work. definitely made my time at 36,000 feet more comfortable and more productive.”

Travelocity – Amy Ziff

Yeah sure, Amy, but what about the person in front of you, who has the person in front of them, reclined?


I find the airlines at fault for cramming more seats on their planes. But I also accuse any asshole purchasing these things, and actually using them.

Its like having a hotel room, and thinking, hmmm, this isn’t quite comfortable enough. I think I will take the pillows from the next room, where someone is staying. Let them suffer.

Or being at a restaurant, and your portion isn’t big enough, so you grab food off of the table next to you.

It’s not yours to take.  (Although I have tremendous empathy for the taller passangers.)

Recently, a plane had to make a diverted landing, because said asshole used his knee defenders, and the woman in front of him got so pissed off that she threw a soda in his face, causing a confrontation. I wonder what I would have done?

I suppose the man would need a different sort of knee defender if it had been me…his hands, if they are quick enough, to block my knee from bangkoking.

“Lao! That hurts!”







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