Are Chemo & Radiation more effective or lucrative? “Cancer is Serious Business”

Do you have cancer? If so, I am very sorry. I hope I never get it. But if I do…I will not use chemo or radiation. There has to be a better way than killing the bad and good stuff by poisoning and burning one’s body. And there is…there are…but, of course the pharmaceutical companies and the National Cancer Society…and even the FDA,  don’t want you to know about other options, because they and their shareholders will make a little less money.

A friend of mine who was terminally ill, suggested I watch a documentary about a Dr. Burzynski.  http://youtu.be/dQXYXY5GCi4. (My friend is very healthy now!)

This is a story of a medical doctor and Ph. D. Biochemist who discovered the genetic mechanism that can cure most human cancers.

But guess what? If you google him, you will find all sorts of controversy. Why? He is a threat to profit. What the FDA, Big Pharma, and National Cancer Society did to Dr. Burzynski and the human race, is disgraceful.

Basically, the greedy, corrupt powers that be, tried to hang this guy for his discovery, and then steal it! I. am. not. kidding.

And our system is getting more fucked-up by the minute. As an example, when you look up “Burzynski Clinic” on Wickipedia, the first sentence is a lie.

The Burzynski Clinic is a clinic in Texas, United States, founded in 1976 and offering unproven cancer treatment.


How does it get there? How can it be removed?

YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE whether you have cancer or not.

Seriously, everything is getting out of control. Money wins over morals. And the general public is too complacent (or poor) to do anything about it.

Other Examples? Companies being granted the “Right” to not tell us what is going into our food, and our earth.

“Pink Slime” is used in our beef.  No laws or regulations exist to require food producers, restaurants, or grocery stores to label products containing pink slime.

Here is a petition you can sign to fight this.

Then we’ve got your toxins being pumped into the ground for fracking, and the companies using these harmful methods, rather than being persecuted as criminals, have greased government pockets to downgrade the consequences! North Carolina is next to get fucked.

And guess what all of this shit does? CAUSE CANCER.

CHA CHING!  (Check out this link to see the profits made by top pharmaceutical companies…you will laugh that the numbers are quantified by the billion.)

Don't let pink slime ruin this body!

Don’t let pink slime ruin this body!                                                                                                                                                                                     (I used this stunning photo of Irina Shayk, just so folks would click on my blog….nothing sexy about cancer.)


Then of course, we’ve got our wars, and the very profitable selling of arms. At least they don’t cause cancer…just death.

How can we remove the assholes in power? They are too powerful, rich, and stinky, and ruining everything.

The biggest assholes with the most money, win. 

I’m just a jackass with a bank account full of words, trying to make a difference.

And why is it, in order to fight the bad guys, we are asked to donate money for other political good guys?!

If there were no lobbyists, and all candidates had the same exact budget, NOT backed by corporations, the government might get back to working for the people. It’s the only way.

Be healthy and careful. And please watch the movie. It’s free! “Cancer is Serious Business”. Dr. Burzynski, you are a hero.

Happy friggin’ Sunday.

P.S. And of course the other evil empire of health insurance companies, are in bed with all of the assholes. Alternative cancer treatments are not covered.



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