They’ve done it again. The organization that boasts a level playing field for all musicians, luring them into a shot at the dream, with a membership, have changed the game again.

To the average person outside of the music biz, this doesn’t mean much. In comparison to the shitstorms around the world, this is very low on the scale of importance, however, as a musician, its amusing.

I’d give up a guitar to be a fly on the wall during these meetings the controllers have. They really are little bully brats.

“How do we destroy the mess we created?! We offered a service that provides great communication between fellow members, which enabled artists to present their music to other voters, for consideration for a GRAMMY! And…and…damn it, they got nominated! That wasn’t supposed to happen!

Last year we put committees in some categories to prevent the Linda Chorneys and Al Walsers from getting nominated. That’s not enough!”

It is simple math. Einstein’s bastard brother, who was dropped on his head at birth could have derived at the new calculated system they just launched….

“Grammy Pro”.  Or as I refer to it….”Grammy Probe”.

Yes, my ass is sore, as they have just stuck it to us again.

They have wiped out Grammy365, and replaced it with GrammyPro. What’s the difference? Well, now they have capped the number of people you can contact. 750. They have also eliminated pertinent information, such as, do they vote?


INDEPENDENTS BE HEARD? (Just not by too many.)

That page above no longer exists. Although it did, even when they already had committees!

Yes, it is simple math. I got nominated because enough people heard my music…to compete with the support that the majors have in their pockets. (Old news….just making my point.) If we can’t get to those voting ears…an indie – A REAL INDIE, (not Macklemore, which the organization boasted and milked, and misrepresented as Indies last year, as Warner was working with them)…a real indie cannot get enough votes to get nominated, using this new and improved system.





Will I renew my membership? The dues are worth the hysterical entertainment provided to see at what lengths they will go, to keep the majors happy, and keep us out. And best of all…they get away with it, because they can. Brats.

What will they think of next?!

What will they think of next?!

Honestly, the biggest benefit of remaining a member is that I have met some amazing musicians. The saddest part, is that most of you will never hear their brilliant music.


P.S. Book plug….my book, “Who the F**k is Linda Chorney,”  is enlightening and entertaining, elaborating more amusing crap about the music biz.



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