MERIKER, home of the free and the dumb

God bless our guns. God bless our freedom. God bless the Second Amendment. Umm, what about Thou shalt not kill?

(Please recite this in a really silly, twangy, accent.) “Well, if it ain’t a gun, it’s gonna be a knife. If it’s not a knife, it’s gonna be a hammer. If it’s not a hammer, it’s gonna be gasoline.

How about, “If not a gun, a nuke? Why don’t we just all own them to defend ourselves?” Ah, but that would be ridiculous. Insane.

What most people twist about the Second Amendment, is that todays weapons did not exist back then.

Our lovely species just keeps on improving the killing machines. NOT the mentally ill, but manufacturers with the intelligence to build more deadly weapons.

Basically, the one with the biggest, wins. Our country is in control, because we have the most nukes. Because we spend the most on defense.

Is that setting a good example?

And it seems as if lying is now okay in Ameriker. News stations are allowed to present opinions as facts, to fuel the free and the dumb.

Why are people not held accountable anymore? It’s a fucking joke.

The free and the dumb receive propaganda like this, and BELIEVE IT.


Here are the facts. Approximately 10,000 Merikin children are injured or killed EVERY year by guns.

There are over 30,000 gun deaths per year in these United States of Meriker.

Number of deaths in car accidents, about the same.

We can’t live as easily without cars.

About 10,000 people are killed per year by drunk drivers,

The “Organizations” (Rulers of the free and the dumb), that distribute these lies, should be held accountable.

And the most horrifying part of it is….most of these free and the dumb are sitting in Congress.

God fearing good folk who trust faith over science. Denial. Denial of climate change. Denial of guns being a problem.

There are states where it is actually illegal to carry a DILDO, but not a gun. Home of the dickheads and shit for brains.

And of course, in the great state of Arizona, where you can carry a gun, but you can’t carry a beer.





I was on the Tayvay, in Arizona this week. They were nice enough to invite me on to promote my new video, “The Cantina”.

When I arrived there, I was informed that my lyrics in the second verse were too “racy”.

“They talk about a hard-on!” We can’t have that on daytime television.

The actual lyrics are:

I met a handsome man in the cantina, he said you’re new let me show you ’round town

And I noticed something below his belt buckle, I was flattered at what I thought I had found

As we walked out the door, I looked down and said, is that a beer in your pocket or you just glad to meet me

He said, “Quiet down, woman, I’m sneakin’ out my Miller Lite

Aw, shucks, looks like I’m not getting lucky tonight.

Okay, I can respect that decision…really, I can.

But, at the same time, I had 3 guests with me, with real guns. That’s okay.

God forbid a little sexual innuendo in this country. So destructive and inappropriate….but guns? Nah.

MERKIKER, home of the free and the dumb.






1 Response to “MERIKER, home of the free and the dumb”

  1. 1 Adam Caper
    June 6, 2014 at 1:28 PM

    It’s not just the advances in weaponry; the Second Amendment was clearly about maintaining battle-ready militias (that’s what “well regulated” means) which was an absolute requirement for a new Federal government that did not have a standing army of its own. The reason “the people” are mentioned is because:

    a) the framers didn’t want the states to have standing armies (they wanted what we now call the National Guard, which are really militias managed by the states)

    b) The slave-owning states were terrified that they might be denied the ability to own weapons, because they were vastly outnumbered by the slaves and knew they would be slaughtered if they didn’t have weapons.

    What the Second Amendment was NEVER about was hunting, sportsmanship, heritage, or any of that other bullshit that the NRA runs. It was about protecting the new government while it was in its infancy, and its wording was the result of a compromise with the slave states while the Bill of Rights was being drafted.

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