Monica. Part II. The U.S. Empathy.

Hi Monica,

Me, again. I have appointed myself the U.S. Embassador to the The U.S. Empathy. Seems like not a lot of people are knocking on the door to come in. I feel a bit discouraged.

As you know, in my first letter to you, I expressed my little pep-talk. One to encourage you to be brave enough to tell the real story, your real story. I was under the impression that people would want to know the truth from your perspective.

I mostly got smart ass, sexually inuendoed cheap shots. I can’t even imagine what you have gone through. (And I am also empathetic to Hillary.)

But the lack of humble understanding, blew my mind.

Jeez, how many women have been used? How many girls believed someone loved them in high school, or college, and then slept with that person, only to find out the guy’s goal was to only get into their pants. And then, to top that off, they told their buddies on the football team, and all of a sudden, even though he was the only person you slept with, you are now easy. With a scarlet letter on your team jacket. “Slut”. (Feel free to create a significance to the S and the C)

Girl next door gets her first lesson when a guy lies to her in order to get into her pants.

Girl next door gets her most valuable lesson when a guy lies to her to get into her pants.

(No offense to the beautiful young lady I found on google images. You just happen to have an “S” on the jacket)


But in your situation, it wasn’t just the campus that knew…the entire planet found out!

You would think people evolve, grow-up. Not judge. Get off their fucking high horses of perfection, and get down to earth with some compassion. And certainly get past the double standard. Men are the whores who pray upon most women’s hearts. Using love.

Anyway, I’m not saying that Bill didn’t love you. He may have…

I’m just saying that I am disappointed that I have not found many people with empathy for you, here in the U.S.

In other countries, they laugh at our puritan bullshit.

I’m shaking my head this morning, and will laugh later.

I think you should still write the book, and we should still make that movie!


The U.S. Embassador of the Republic of Empathy.


1 Response to “Monica. Part II. The U.S. Empathy.”

  1. 1 Lisalowell
    May 10, 2014 at 9:51 PM

    Do not go near the president’s trouser snake or you will be bitten hard by the press. It’s political, more than puritannical. Now let!s go quail hunting, that’s safer…

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