Dear Monica Lewinsky, you have a story to tell. Own it!

Dear Monica,

Hi. Allow me to introduce myself. If I may be so bold to give you some advice, here are my thoughts. And please do read my tone with all sincerity, and zero snarkiness.

Your’s is not just a story of scandal. This is not just a story of a President…who screwed one of his interns. This in not just a story about Bill Clinton. I don’t feel this was a forced strategy, put upon you, because Hillary is running. This is your story.

I want to know what it was/is like to have been a twenty-four year old girl, with a mad crush on a very charismatic President of the United States of America. And then to get the notch on the belt for having an affair with the most powerful man in the world…and having the entire world find out about it? Do tell!

You weren’t just balled, you were blackballed. I know what that’s like….being blackballed. And to be honest, (I know no other tact), if I were twenty-four years old, and there was a mutual crush with the President of the United States…and he was Bill Clinton, who personally, I find very sexy, I would have done the same thing. Maybe my response would have been different to the press. But, maybe at age twenty-four, I hadn’t that confidence yet. But certainly by age forty, my confidence would boast about it!

Fuck morals, and judgemental nobodies, by the way. I’ve had an affair. It was one of the greatest, hottest experiences of my life. We loved each other. I don’t regret it for a second. And every second I was with him, was euphoric. Spectacular sex that I will recall with a smile on my face, all the way to my grave. Do I regret hurting anyone? Of course. (However, I told the truth to my husband, at the time….umm…we got divorced.) Most people who have affairs, from a woman’s point of view, are no longer in love with their husbands. And you weren’t even married, anyway. Bill did the boo boo. Men, on the other hand, (I think) can love more than one woman at the same time. (Gentlemen, correct me if I’m wrong.)

Then there is that complication of children. I didnt have any. I can take a wild guess that Bill has had many affairs, and probably cares deeply for his wife and daughter, but maybe Hillary and he are just best friends at this point in their lives. But so what? Lots of marriages are like that. He just happened to be POTUS, and his wife might be one, too!  Many Presidents have had affairs. Most men in power do. Most professional athletes do. Most famous actors do…and even the not so famous. Most high level executives do. Most. Men. Do.

 I think there is a double standard.  Women need to grow balls about owning it.

I say, if you’re going to have an affair, and get crushed anyway, might as well do the Pres! And then write a friggin’ book!



I’m a little disappointed that you sold yourself short with an “essay,”  rather than a full-blown (pun intended) book! I’m not just talking about the graphic details of sex. I’m talking about emotion. And how you handled, or didn’t handle it. It’s a fucking movie! If you are completely honest, it would be most compelling.

Act I – The Crush. (And a bit of childhood background of YOU)

Act II – The Affair

Act III – Getting Caught & Life Afterwards for YOU

I. Smell. Oscar.

I googled, “Does Monica Lewinsky have a book?” And all that I found was a book on Amazon written by an “Andrew Morton,” entitled, Monica’s Story. 

So, I read a quote from your Vanity Fair “Essay.”

“I myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again. I. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.”

I think it would be fascinating to know in detail, why you regret it. What do you not regret?

What the fuck did happen? If you are going to spill some beans, do it yourself! Why sell out to a magazine?! Why not write your own book? Take control. Do not let ANYONE intimidate you. Did you consider writing one? (Or have you already, and I am just talking out of my behind?) Were you blackballed in the publishing industry, too?  Did you have a planted publicist to fuck with your head? They can be pretty evil, ruthless, and out for themselves over the best interest of their clients. I’m sure your well being was not on the top of the priority list of those in charge of our country when they put this thing to bed. (oops…)

Your parents and family have already been put through the ringer. And I am sorry about that. But the damage is done. (Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Lewinsky. I bet you are unconditionally loving parents.) Shit happens.

In your essay, it also states that you are having difficulty finding employment, even now, because of your past. Create your own position! You don’t need a job. You have a story to tell.  

I am quite sure there are many people, besides me, that have compassion for your situation, or just want to know the truth…if you tell it. In your words. No editors, uninterrupted. Take control of your story! The whole story. I am rooting you on!

I cannot imagine how difficult it was for you to be the brunt of many jokes…on, or off, tv. The bullying. Making fun of your weight. Cruel, ridiculous.

Look them in the face. And laugh. Fuck ’em all. (Figuratively, of course.)

And were you in love? Do you think Bill loved you? Besides the scandal, you must have been heartbroken. How did you get through it all? It must have hurt. How badly did it hurt? What was worse, the heartbreak pain, or the embarrassment? How badly does it still hurt?  I’ve wanted to die after loving with all of my being, and then being dumped. But I got over it. And write songs!

Of course, it is your prerogative to not share any of this. But the point is, you already have, by writing this “essay” for Vanity Fair. Think bigger. You have a story to tell!

In Wikipedia you are quoted as saying:

The affair led to pop culture celebrity for Lewinsky as she became the focus of a political storm. In 1999, Lewinsky declined to sign an autograph in an airport, saying, “I’m kind of known for something that’s not so great to be known for.”

Fuck that! You didn’t kill anyone!   You   fell    in    love.  Go out there and tell your story, woman! Profit from the bullshit you went through just because you are female. (A female that had sex with POTUS, which resulted in his impeachment. Minor details.) You are woman, let’s hear you roar! You fucked Bill Clinton! (Or had relations) How cool is that? Tell all! And own it! How about a book on tape!? Does the Secret Service have a gag on you? Tell it like it is. Show off your notch. Embrace what happened, and make the best of it. Take your folks to the Oscars, when we win “Best Screenplay” for the next “Best Picture”.  And I’ll do the soundtrack, too!



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