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It’s so nice when my readers are wicked smart. This letter from Lisa Lowell is so right on, that I had to share.  And a good afternoon, and fuck you to the Koch Brothers, Washington, and Monsanto.



I am having computer problems. But I wanted to post this comment in response to Rick and your fabulous diatribe. Speak for me babe:

Ahem, throat clear. GMO means genetically modified organism. Yes this has been going on for many decades. It used to be that the large part of the populace was impervious to it. But in the last 10 years or more, the corporate gain factor has accelerated.

There is a very strong opposition to GMO’s because if you ask any nutritionist they will tell you half the produce we now eat is now not only tasteless, and lacking nutrition, some of it is downright toxic. Those tragically afflicted rats were eating corn. IF you eat enough corn chips and corn products including corn syrup and corn starch and other modifiers you will probably develop reflux for starters.

Then there’s the wheat issue. Read “Wheatbelly.” We cannot digest this new wheat. I’m off it and feel 100 per cent better. I don’t have the wheat disease called gluten intolerant either. I just was feeling crappy, and told after having a hair allergy analysis to avoid it and all GMO’s like the plague.

It is a matter of extremes. Because the corn, wheat and soy is all GMO and many vegetables and by-products of them as well. Canola oil, the list goes on. We dominantly see them in processed foods.

And it is worth mentioning that these Monsanto Corp seeds also carry ‘built-in’ pesticides eliminating the need for external round-up pesticide. None of the vegetables grown this way have been tested on humans. It is “assumed” those inherent toxicities will just burn up in our acidic stomach bile and leave our systems graciously?

Does this sound like an answer to world hunger to you? Or possibly the world’s largest food domination scam to control the food and seeds, which they get “royalties” on for second year crops, and sue poor farmers about when their seeds migrate on their own into uncontaminated fields of organics.

As with Bill Gates (My personal least liked God-playing madman) (See recent articles in the Guardian where he takes credit for this travesty) and his cronies they now attempt to geo-engineer the weather, and the world. No country isn’t affected by this corporately spawned agenda.

This is a global strategy and governments do not take responsibility for it, which is why civilians have to step up. Or we will eat shit and die. The shit is poison, nutritionless and causing cancer in growing proportions daily.

Like Linda, my metaphoric Balls are as big as China right now. And growing. Everyone needs to understand that mother nature is being ravaged by these satanic “specials” who do NOT eat this GMO food, trust me. They know that if they do, they will sooner die.

Lisa Lowell




  1. 1 Lisa Lowell
    April 16, 2014 at 1:58 PM

    Thanks for the compliment Linda, and a fierce high five to you. It is alarming to me how casually people are taking the rape of mother nature. I don’t think they have the innate creativity to see end times in our day. I do, and feel an urgent need to at least die fighting. I think we are similar in this way.

    If you will be anywhere near Union Square on May 24th, myself and some activisty friends will be setting up a table for pamphleting info on geo-engineering and it’s connection to GMO’s. I have written a song called “Don’t You Play With Me Weatherman”…and Caroline Mas is going to sing with me too. I think it’d make a fierce threesome….


    • April 16, 2014 at 4:27 PM

      Hmm. I may be on the East coast by then. But probably not. Playing WOnder Bar, May 30th. Wanna do a song? Maybe your Weatherman song? Glad you aren’t sitting back while they trash our world.

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