Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Terrorist Attack or Media Terrorizing Gutter Clowns?

This morning I read the most logical explanation, based on fact & experience, verses fear & stupidity, for the crashing of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. It was written by a pilot.  The article was published by “Wired”.

After watching several News Reports, my big inexperienced question was:

What does “All right, good night” mean?

Is it something normal to say? It could be. Or maybe it means, I’m taking down this plane. I’m a psychopath.

According to the article I read, which is totally worth your time, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the pilot, had 18,000 hours of experience. And in a nutshell, the plane encountered an electrical fire, or a fire due to a tire that caught a slow burn on take-off from a blow-out. There was no communication, because the fire caused all communication to malfunction. And the most logical, responsible thing to do when this occurs, is to get to the closest airport. Get. On. The. Ground. When the plane made an erratic left-hand turn, it was heading to the closest airport…and it did not make it.

1) My condolences to all of the families who lost loved ones.

2) CNN, and all made for TV media…you are fucking ass clowns. I would expect such inept professionalism from FOX News, but from respectable networks? Have they disappeared into thin air, like the flight? As soon as the quote was reported, “All right, good night”, any moron would have had the same question as I had. Is that a normal thing to say?

It should have been followed with the simple responsible statementWe spoke with several pilots, and they confirm that there is nothing abnormal about that statement. Thus, there are no red flags there.  Rather than doing that, you paint the pilot as a potential terrorist, or suicidal whack job. You purposely plant doubt and paranoia. Hence, the title of my blog…YOU are terrorists, terrorising the public, and especially the family of the pilot, who most likely did his best to save everyone on board. And you do it for…$$$. The more you milk this tragedy, the more viewers you get. Shame on you all.

3) My conspiracy theory: Is it possible that Malaysia Airlines figured out there was a fire, perhaps due to malfunction in the aircraft, or the tire blew because there was not enough air put into it, thus, leaving the airline responsible for the deaths of 239 people? That would cost a lot of Ringgit.$$$

4) Non-conspiracy theory:  Shit happens.

This is CNN reporting from the gutter. Tune in for more trash.

This is CNN reporting from the gutter. Tune in for more trash.


1 Response to “Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Terrorist Attack or Media Terrorizing Gutter Clowns?”

  1. March 19, 2014 at 9:05 AM

    I read that story on wired, and it sounded like a plausible explanation. Some experts are discounting it because they say the change of course was programmed in before the pilot said “all right, good night” and his sign off gave no indication of any trouble aboard at the time.

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