Looks like there will be an episode 4 – Mission Impossible removing bigoted graffiti. Wahh.

When we last left episode 2, I was hoping episode 3 would be the final episode. The bigoted graffiti found at the popular stop, Windy Point, on the road to Mount Lemmon, would finally be removed. After making numerous phone calls, I had gotten through to the Graffiti Squad, and spoke to a woman named Julie.

She thought their team would be able to do the job. She just needed approval from the Coronado National Forest, where the rock lies, to use the chemical to remove the paint.

Well, she called me back, and…..it’s not in “their territory”. The rock is too far away from the road, (which is what they maintain.)

Ugh. It’s like 50 yards from the parking lot. Who cares? Let’s get’r done!

She said she was going to call the Coronado Park Ranger…whom I’ve already called twice without a returned phone call.

She said she’d be able to get to a human and get’r done.

I’m expecting a phone call from her today. She is on the team. And I really think she is not trying to pass the buck. Just dumb rules.

Christ, if this is how things work when there is a government agency involved, I can see how we waste so much time and money with our tax dollars, to pay the staff.

I’m sure here in Arizona, they would rush to the scene with a siren if it were some anit-gay graffiti. Not. (Brewer better get the right chemical to veto B1062 this week as well!)

But if it was something that threatened the freedom of guns, the NRA would send a swat team to take care of it.

If I don’t hear back from Julie by tomorrow, guess what I am doing tomorrow? (Just call me Picasso.)

I’m going to grab a couple of quarts of paint, go there myself, and paint over the ugliness, replacing it with a peace and love sign. Yes, Jack-ass of all trades will now dabble in art.

Jack Ass of all trades, Linda Chorney do right!

Jack Ass of all trades, Linda Chorney do little…I mean, do right!

Guess what I hope I am not doing tomorrow? Getting arrested for Graffiti. Wish me luck. I am going to record the entire process.

I can just imagine people thinking I was the one who put the racist crap there in the first place, when they see me there. Very risky task.

But I accepted this mission, and I will not fail! I want to make Mr. Phelps proud!

Just pretend I am the female...while you pretend to hear the them from Mission Impossible. Or better yet, sing it out loud.

Just pretend I am the female…her expression captures how efficient I feel the system is here at the moment!


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