12 Years A Slave – Forget Movie & Dinner

12 Years A Slave is so heart wrenching, powerful, devastating, brutal, and sad, that I was nauseous leaving the theatre, yesterday. Forget the plan Movie & Dinner if you see 12 Years A Slave. Because of the subject matter, this is a film I had to “psych myself up” to see, just like any film about The Holocaust, also guaranteed for loss of appetite if you have a heart. But I wanted to see it, especially after all of the nominations it received. The story is mind-boggling.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

My day began with a nice hike on Mount Lemmon. in Tucson. While I was scrambling around within a popular stop with the best view, Windy Point, I found some graffiti on a rock. Some ignorant asshole had written, “Niggah” accompanied with a drawing. I stared at it and shook my head. Really? 2014? Really? Really. I was sad and offended. (I was also disgusted with all of the cigarette butts and a few beer bottles I found.) I could just imaging any kid of any color seeing it, but especially, obviously a black child…or adult. I thought about taking a picture of it, but I prefer not to spread that kind of ugliness. However, I am going to reach out to Tucson Parks and Rec, tomorrow, to see if they will remove it asap. I’ll show them where it is, and help with the removal of such hatred. (And I bet it was written by the same person that left the butts and beer bottle. – I carried out the beer bottle.)

It was quite the coincidence to find this right before seeing 12 Years A Slave. I am disgusted that this sort of bigotry still exists. And although it was very hard to watch, I understand why this film had to be so graphic. Candy coating history is not effective.

The adaptation from a book, to a screenplay and movie, was very well done. As a self-proclaimed film critic, some of the acting is superb, some…not so great. For me, the many nominations are worthy. Certainly a ringer for Best Adapted Screenplay. And although the story is remarkable, I think there were better films for Best Picture.

I cannot recall an Oscar year that has had so many outstanding films. American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, and Captain Phillips are my favorites so far, but I have yet to see all contenders. (My homework for this week!)

Before seeing Captain Phillips, American Hustle was my front-runner. I will buy it to watch over and over again throughout the years. It is smart, sexy, unpredictable, and killer cast. But I was on the edge of my seat watching Captain Phillips…(I was under my seat, with my hands over my eyes, watching 12 Years A Slave.) And I was fuming after learning the story of Dallas Buyers Club.

From the films I’ve seen, Best Actor is going to be a tough call between Christian Bale, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Matthew McConaughey, and Tom Hanks. Actually, Tom Hanks should be disqualified, because he, like Meryl Streep, are in a league all their own. They are too good, and it’s unfair.


Below is the list of Best Pictures. And personally, Gravity and Wolf of Wall Street do not belong there. Yeah, yeah, amazing special effects in Gravity, Sandra was wonderful, but the dialogue and story bored the shit out of me. And I think Wolf of Wall Street could have been much better, far less far-fetched…less over the top. Sure it was entertaining, but no way worthy of a Best Picture Slot. I think Saving Mr. Banks was robbed. Yes, a bit cornball, but I bawled my eyes out and didn’t want it to end. (Even though Disney is a prick.) And I don’t understand why The Butler, Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey were snubbed so badly? That was another tear jerker. I actually didn’t cry in 12 Years A Slave, until after I left the theatre. I think I was too enraged and disgusted with some of the human race. At one point in the movie I was hoping the slaves would kill a couple of the masters, just like I root for the bull to win in Spain. Fucking Bullies. Is that how we got the expression? Hmm.

Best Picture
American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street

This week I will have more opinions after seeing, Her, Philomena, Nebraska, and Blue Jasmine…and hopefully scrubbing a rock with Tucson Parks and Rec. Bigots suck.


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