Starbucks of Vail Final Episode.

(If you don’t care about skiing or Starbucks, or the principle of anything, you might not find this interesting…although there is a moral to my story.)

When we last left the scene, our damsel in distress had left Starbucks in Vail with her cup half empty. Being shot down for the free birthday shot left me pessimistic.

HOWEVER – I am here to report that my cup is more than half full….it runneth over!

I was originally told by an employee of the Lionshead location of Starbucks, that because they were privately owned, they did not honor any discounts/or freebees offered by Starbucks.

After I wrote my blog – “Starbucks of Vail, Colorado is Grande Greedy and I need to Vent-i”  In response, the next day I received a lovely surprise tweet from Arabelle, a luxury hotel in Vail. They invited me for brunch, on the house, with as much Starbucks as I wanted. I wasn’t sure if this was a legit offer…but it was.

How on earth did that happen?

Within my blog, I had shown different hotel rooms available in Vail. One of which was Arabelle. (On the higher end.)

And as it turns out, this swank hotel is owned by Vail Resorts…and so is…(drum roll) said Starbucks. And their search engine had picked up on my blog.

When Scott and I went to have our decadent breakfast before hitting the slopes, two of the hotel managers came to sit with us and…apologize. And in fact, they wanted to thank me for bringing attention to the issue.

Apparently, the employee at the Starbucks was ill-informed, and they do in fact, accept the Birthday Freebee. And they were quite upset that we had been upset.

And with all sincerity, they explained that the goal of Vail Resorts is to make anyone visiting feel like royalty. They realize how this dream destination costs a lot. They emphasized that they train their staff to make everyone’s experience as spectacular as possible.  Wow. I was impressed with the effort. They more than made up for the little mishap at Starbucks. The Eggs Benedict rocked.


Vail really has the best terrain on the planet, which you pay for. (GET THE EPIC PASS if you are skiing more than 6 days. Biggest deal in Vail! And best deal ever for skiing in general.) And go back to the last blog for tips on other ways to save. I also discovered a great local place to eat in West Vail, that does not cost an arm and a leg. The Vail Ale House. Awesome food, great atmosphere. Get a booth if you can!

Order the Hanger Steak Frits, the mushroom soup, and the brussel sprouts!

Order the Hanger Steak Frits, the mushroom soup, and the Brussel sprouts! (sorry we ate it all before I could take a photo.)

The moral of the story is….get your own blog and maybe you can get free breakfast!

And in conclusion, I am happy to report…if you have any discount aps for the Starriest of bucks….go save a few in Vail by getting your free drink on your birthday! Yay! Tell ’em Linda sent you.


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