Anonymous twitters are twats. They have no balls. They are cowards. I believe it is negligent for twitter to allow bullies to have a global platform. Sure, one can be blocked, and banned from twitter…eventually. Enough complaints and evidence have to be brought against the user, as far as I know. I am no expert on “The Twitter.”

There are always going to be nutballs and ass clowns. Why give them a platform to harass? I believe Twitter needs to chance their policies. PERIOD.

I believe they should be held responsible.

You have an account? You are obligated to be who you are. If you are a company? You may twit as the legit company, as long as the user’s real name is provided.

Let me give you an example of what shenanigans go on…

Ani Difranco was going to have a music seminar at a plantation in Louisiana. All hell broke out on twitter, because this was a “slave plantation” in the past. And the media went a bit…over the top on this subject as well. Why? Because controversy gets attention. Then hate twats started chiming in….some as themselves, and many anonymous. It’s easy to be bold when no one knows who you are. I am not here to express my opinion on the subject of the fuss.

There has also been a great deal of venom circulating against Michelle Shocked. On March 17th, she had a very controversial show in San Francisco where she said a few things that made some folks pretty unhappy… She has a twitter account…as Michelle Shocked. She says what she says, and owns it. (I am not here to discuss what she says, judge, or to defend her.)

The aftermath on twitter was…viral.  People expressed their outrage. However, the anonymous bullying seems unfair to me.

I am also not here to promote, or repeat anything anyone has tweeted. I am not interested in spreading harmful words, and giving the peanut gallery a platform. And I certainly don’t want the attention of the nutballs.

Now it is 9 months later, and the bullies continue to anonymously tweet. It really is sad how many haters there are out there.

Their accounts get suspended, and then a couple of days later, they can go back on. They simply use yet another anonymous name.

This is bullshit.

Freedom of speech is one thing. Having a cyber soapbox to spew hatred anonymously is another.

Even as yourself on twitter, you can get suspended for hateful speech, and harassment. I agree with enforcing this muzzle.

Yeah, the First Ammendment…you can say what you want…on a piece of paper, in public, at a party. If someone doesn’t believe in gay marriage, or is a homophobe – it’s their right. If someone is an ignorant bigot…that is their right. (Present company EXCLUDED on both.) But that doesn’t mean Twitter, or the Media has to give you your stage. Why on earth did the media give that asshole burning the Koran an amplified voice? If he was on that lawn in Florida without the boneheads covering it, I bet lives would have been saved.

And even blogs! WordPress, for example, where I get to express my thoughts…I wonder if I started writing harassing, hateful and racial stuff, if they could cut me off? Why not? It’s a free country. So they should be free to say, I don’t want to support this kind of toxin.

But, I don’t write that kind of stuff, and wouldn’t. It’s not me. (Of course, one persons humor, is another persons’ poison.) I enjoy good raunchy humor. But it is harmless.

Now I am babbling. Hence, I am not really good at Twitter, because of the limiting characters. (140)

But these “characters” who anonymously write, in my humble opinion, need to be limited, to zero. Twitter should not give them a red carpet to chirp like birdbrains.

Ha ha ha (evil laughter) Let me spew whatever I want, because no one knows who I am! And Twitter doesn't mind!

Ha ha ha (evil laughter) Let me spew whatever I want, because no one knows who I am! And Twitter doesn’t mind! #I’m a coward and an idiot!

I believe it is unethical for twitter to freely offer this platform. And it should stop. Twitter has the power and the choice to be ethical.

Hmm, let me try and tweet this entire article within the character boundaries…

Twitter should not allow anyone to tweet anonymously #cowards don’t deserve platform #bullies suck #revise policies. You are responsible too

Yay! I got it down to the exact amount!!!

Hash tag. You’re it. What do you think?

P.S. Thank you

Copyright © Hands Up Puppets 2004

for having your art on google image…which I have borrowed. I hope you don’t mind.



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