Obamacareless, try CHORNEYCARE Final chapter – the 69 point plan!

Third time is a charm!!  By George! I think she’s finally got it!  (I think I have worked harder than Congress in the last three days on this.)

The Zeros is Spain stay mainly on the Plane

The Zeros in Spain stay mainly on the Plain

Okay. So I missed a zero or three. And I rounded off beyond…overcompensating. As far as the education thing, that would only be a small percentage of the 317 million US population. I don’t know what percentage is between the ages of 18 and 22. I have no idea how to find out. Regardless, why does it cost so much to go to University (Out of State) in the U.S?? WHY????

According to this link, which is back from 2000, and the only thing I could find without spending more than 3 minutes…shows 15-19 and 20-25. So splitting the difference, it looks like 4% of the population are in their college years.

4% of 317 million…is….(I better get this one right!) That would be 12,680,000. Let’s just call it 13 million. So every year, hoping we could somehow regulate the cost of education in Universities, to let’s say, 20 thousand a year? (Special America Group Rate. As opposed to the outrageous 50,000 a year, of many) For 4 years, that would be 80K per student. Also assuming per year, this continues, new students roll in; older ones move on and make a living …if the US paid for University, that would come to about 260 billion dollars. (Now that I know what “e” is on a calculator.)

For those who do not want to attend University, they will have an option to make 20k a year, interning at SOLAR and WIND companies.

Or working at the Cloning Corporation of Bradley Cooper.


And the rich bastards could still go to Harvard…and pay out of pocket the difference, for the higher tuition.

The Defense budget is 800,000,000,000  EIGHT. HUNDRED. BILLION. So, can’t we take out a measly 260 billion? A decade ago, we spent less than 100 billion on our bomby killing toys.


Now back to healthcare. I do feel we’ve been mislead. For some reason, I thought Obamacare was going to make insurance more affordable, as well as healthcare. I thought OUR GOVERNMENT was going to pick up the slack. I didn’t think the people were.

The only reason I have survived on a musician’s pay, is because, for starters, I didn’t have any insurance. I barely went to Doctors. Haven’t stayed in a hospital since I was 10, when my entire family got into a car accident and my teeth went through my chin, causing a huge scar. I had plastic surgery three times. Since then, nada.

I ski. In 1993, for the first time since I was self-employed, from age 21, I purchased a “Catastrophic Policy at age 33.” It was 160 bucks, and I think there was 5,000 deductible. It was a four month policy, during ski season. I never broke anything, and was kind of pissed that I even blew 160 bucks back then! So the following years, I didn’t bother getting it. (Foolish, I know.)

And since 1993, I have just paid for my doctor visits, or traded them for music. It was not until last year, when I turned 52, that I signed up, because I am getting to be an old bag, pushed the risk envelope, and had a man who could afford to pay for it. Like 250 a month. (5,000 deductible, 50 bucks co-pay) So, over the years, I saved, like, 64,000 dollars. 64 Grand?  That got me around the world several times, and paid for ALL of my albums. And nothing ever happened to me. (Except for Grammy Nominated Emotional Jukebox…tee hee!)

Now, if I continue with my Blue Cross plan, I will have to pay 350 a month, (6,000 deductible, and 80 bucks co-pay)  WHAT. THE. FUCK? I can’t afford that on my own. And for example, a chiropractor in Tucson costs fifty bucks for a session.  And my co-pay is higher? And now it’s a wash. (Plus the monthly outrageous insurance bill.)

I’d rather take my chances again.


How about the government paying our healthcare????  Single Pay????  I don’t know. I think it should be more like Canada. Oh yeah, I resided there for a couple of years, on and off, and I used their hospital one night, thinking I had a kidney stone, but it was just a back muscle issue…they did all kinds of tests, gave me morphine, (yay!) a bed for a couple of hours, and my bill was…..drum roll…..ZERO. I also went another time for a sprained ankle. Xrays and crutches.  Bill….zipo. And I’m not even a citizen! Sure, the hospitals weren’t as flashy. So what?

So, now let me get back to the original objective of Obamacareless/CHORNEYCARE post.

WHY CAN’T THE U.S. do the same? What WOULD it cost? I overcompensated on part 1 and 2 of Obamacareless/CHORNEYCARE blog, and grossly miscalculated. (If I hadn’t dropped out of college, because I thought it was a rip-off, maybe I wouldn’t have screwed it up.)

So, let me try, FOR THE LAST TIME, to be realistic about numbers….

I think the reported earnings of BCBS, last year, were….

This is just from Tennessee, 220 MILLION.

I found another report that says in 2010 BCBS showed a 1.09 BILLION dollar profit.

This is bullshit.

What kind of deal did Obama make? My price went up, as well as deductible. Who is making the profit?

They said it was because now you are covered for physical, mamo, girly stuff. And they are accepting people with pre-existing conditions.

They were already doing that last year @ 250. Are the insurance companies paying for the folks who will receive free healthcare? Are they pocketing it? Are they taking that extra 100 dollars and giving it back to the government, and are they using it for the elderly, poor, and vets?

It is my theory, that somehow, other than the elderly, poor and vets benefiting, (which I think they should) the insurance companies will show even greater profits. While the middle class gets fucked and squeezed again.

Let’s say the government paid everyone’s premiums. And let’s just say it costs 100 a month per person. (A group rate for America) that would be 1,200 per year. We are responsible for our co-pay of 50 dollars NOT fucking 80…and a 5,000 dollar deductible.

1,200 x 317,000,000 = 380 billion, 400 million dollars. Uh. Oh. That’s quite a bit. And lowering the premium could really put the CEO of Blue Cross Blue Sheild out on the street!

CEO Patricia Hemingway Hall,  had a 61% increase of her salary in 2011, to 12.9 MILLION DOLLARS. Certainly, cutting that to an unreasonable, measly 5 million per year, would be unfair. Right.

Let’s go back to the fucking Defense Budget. 800 Billion.

I see absolutely NO reason why our great country can’t pay for all citizen’s premiums and education.  The insurance companies get their money, we get to keep enough money to….LIVE.

The economy thrives, because we will be spending that 300 a month on food, etc. And fuck the defense budget. We spend a bargainous 640 BILLION. And toss 100 billion to DEFENSE. We won’t need oil anymore, with all of the wind and solar power we can have.

We still legalize marijuana – tax the shit out of it.

Eliminating mucho crime – and again decrease more crime, by families having enough money to eat and live.

And maybe even shop at Whole Foods

Either make cigarettes illegal, or only smoked in the smoker’s home.

All tobacco companies must pay 50% of the medical bills caused by smoking. (Smokers do have to take some financial responsibility for being idiots. I guess that includes our president.)

Fine all cigarette smokers heavily for each butt they throw on our earth, anywhere, other than their home.

If they cannot afford to pay the 1,000 dollar pollution fine, they can pick up 1 butt for every dollar.


Anything with over 6 bullets….illegal. (okay – if a riffle holds 8? What do I know?)

Bullets should cost 500 dollars each for a hand gun.

And 50 bucks each for a hunting gun.

The profit moneys from the bullets (distributed ONLY by government) go to people injured, families who have lost a loved one to gun violence, and preserving wild life.


Find a different way WITHOUT chemicals. And if you can’t, NO FRACKING.

No Corporations are allowed to back any candidate. Each candidate will have the same budget for campaigning.

Monsanto – patents on genetically engineered seed – gone.

Music Downloading must find a protective software to avoid illegal downloading.

And last but not least, The Tea Party can suck my dick.

I’m sure I am forgetting a couple of things, but adding that to my CHORNEYCARE; covering health and education, that’s my 69 point plan.  (And that should be legal in all states, too.) AND ONE LAST THING….Politicians can say fuck in public. CHORNEY 2016!! (But they can’t smoke crack. They can even have hookers. – Oh yeah, legalize prostitution.)



I sure hope I didn’t screw up again on my numbers.  If that is the case…



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    Genuinely makes sense to me..

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