Obamacareless, try CHORNEYCARE Final chapter – the 69 point plan!

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Third time is a charm!!  By George! I think she’s finally got it!  (I think I have worked harder than Congress in the last three days on this.)

Okay. So I missed a zero or three. And I rounded off beyond…overcompensating. As far as the education thing, that would only be a small percentage of the 317 million US population. I don’t know what percentage is between the ages of 18 and 22. I have no idea how to find out. Regardless, why does it cost so much to go to University (Out of State) in the U.S?? WHY????

According to this link, which is back from 2000, and the only thing I could find without spending more than 3 minutes…shows 15-19 and 20-25. So splitting the difference, it looks like 4% of the population are in their college years.

4% of 317 million…is….(I better get this one right!) That…

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