Obamacareless. Try CHORNEYCARE Part II

Okay – now for the realistic numbers and 3 point plan…(for those of you who get my mailings, Part I was accidentally sent prematurely, without edits and Post Script.)

Assuming on an average, worst case scenario, healthcare insurance is…6,000 a year. NO CO-PAYS – NO DEDUCTIBLES, 10 grand a year more…so that’s about 16,000/year.

Let’s even round it up to 20K. Just in case you need a bunch. But on average, with the inflated monthly cost for most humans, the actual bills for check-ups, tests and medication, won’t exceed 3,000 per year. (Excluding Senior Citizens.)

Then you have the unfortunate people that have cancer, or other life threatening, money draining illnesses or conditions.  (And how about making cigarettes illegal. OR Cigarette companies have to be accountable for ALL lung cancer bills.)

So – POINT 1.  Government allocates 20K per person/year (317 million population x 20,000) = 6,340,000,000. 6 Billion is nothing!

POINT 2. Government pays for Education. I cannot fathom how many of the population per year go to school…but let’s just say 22 years of education. And let’s make it simple, hows about 20k per year…for 22 years.  That’s 484,000 per person, over a 22 year period….or let’s just say 20,000 per year, again, forever, to overcompensate. That should take care of Universities’ fucking ridiculous costs…so there is another 6 Billion and change per year.  Now we are up to 13 measly Billion.

POINT 3. Let’s just toss another 7 Billion a year for wind and solar. (And toss in another billion a year to clone Bradley Cooper.) Bradley-Cooper

TOTAL BUDGET ALLOCATED FOR THESE NECESSARY EXPENSES FOR AMERICA = 20 BILLION. 20 Billion?  That’s a frigging bargain! That’s a few drones, and a bunch of  bombs…big deal, and a handful of contracts that waste a shitload of money.

IF our Defense budget is EIGHT HUNDRED BILLION – Yes folks, that’s 800 BILLION DOLLARS. I think we can cut some of the bullshit out, and take care of our citizens.

Last night, after watching “Too Big To Fail”, I wondered in bed…how the “Richest People in the World” got that rich. Was there an inheritance? Was it stealing oil, where they wiped the blood off of their hands with 100 dollar bills? Was it the stock market? Or did they really work their asses off, in something other than trading – gambling, murder?  Who did they step on? Who did they financially rape? What inside information or scam did they take part?

And what politicians have NOT sold out? I now have zero faith in our politicians. (There are only two women I believe in – Margaret Flowers and Dr. Jill Stein.) The rest suck up and go against their better judgement, because it will further their career, or it’s just too hard to fight the big guns. I’ve seen that on a smaller scale in the music business. It’s really quite disheartening. It all comes down to gaining power and money. This world is not run for the people…just a select few.

Hmm…I guess I am now announcing running for President in 2016! The Peace Party. I’m no less qualified than any of the other clowns. I’m sure the corporations will want to back me! I dropped out of college. I smoked pot and inhaled. (Though, I never smoked, or purchased crack or a hooker.) I am an Atheist. I say fuck a lot. And I survived the dirty politics of the music business. If that didn’t kill me, nothing will.


OOPS! I did it again! I forgot a zero! It’s TRILLION! Not Billion.  DAMN IT!  Okay.




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