idropped iphone igain…istupid!

imad. ifrustrated. icheap. igive up. igive in.

It took me a really long time to give up my regular good old-fashioned cell phone to upgrade for my very first iphone, 2 years ago. As far as I was concerned, checking my email when I get home…was just fine.

Then there was an incident that could have been avoided if I had just had an iphone, 2 years ago. (A stupid, unneccessary drama from X-publicist.) (It’s in my book.)

So, yeah, now I embrace having communication with the planet…from my backside.

I’m still a bit of a tomboy, and have not embraced carrying a purse, so my iphone generally goes in my back pocket when I am walking around, outside of my home.

And when I am walking around outside of my home, (where I try to use my iphone as little as possible, because I am still paranoid it is giving me brain cancer,) and I don’t have the luxury of my own bathroom…occassionally, imust use a public restroom. And a few times, when iassume the position, my friggin’ iphone falls out of my back pocket and onto the floor!  ihate that!! (And I also wonder if I can get butt cancer from carrying it there!)

I roll my eyeballs. “Linda! You know this happens. Why didn’t you take it out before, you dumb ass!?”

So then it becomes my ewwphone. imust pick it up. At least it has never landed in the bowl.

Then itake it to the sink, and wash my sacred iphone cover and carefully wash the front glass, (which cracked after 2 years…I did pretty well with it for a while!)

But ithink about all of the germs on the ground.


And then when iuse my iphone, and put it up to my face, ithink about the filth going onto my cheek! Ewwwww!

igot my iphone cover at TJ Maxx for $6.99. It’s a mini-amplifier, so I thought it was wicked cool. I felt so wicked cool whipping it out of my back pocket, because people would just be in awe of my wicked cool, cheap ass, mini-amplifier cover. It doesn’t truly protect the front of the phone…but it’s…Wicked. Cool.

R. ipeace.

R. ipeace.

“Where did you get that? That is wicked cool!?”

But now, after having dropped my amp on public bathroom floors – for the last time last night at a rest stop on i10…igive in…igive up. Trashing it. Wahhh.

So now I am faced with the ever so difficult decision on what to replace it with.

iwent to the apple store this week to fix my Mac. While waiting for my 2:30 appointment, where they finally served me at 3:07…I was browsing the cover selection. I found a cool one…it was fifty bucks. Fifty bucks?! Are you shittin’ me?

ican’t justify spending that kind of money for a cover….so for now, I am going commando.

ihave 2 new challenges. Finding another cool, reasonably priced cover, and finding another brain that will remind me to remove it, before talking out of my ass igain! Hey! Maybe I’m not so forgetful.  Maybe it’s the brain cancer that is affecting my memory. I feel better now.


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