Every time I pull into a gas station I get sudden Tourettes!

(Just imagine me dropping every word in the book – and not in the book!)

These guys are greedy f$&*ing Whores! I hate them!!!!

Why do gas prices fluctuate so sporadically? Why are these scumbags allowed to do it? I HATE THEM!!! (Did I say that already?)

Is it a coincidence that the prices get jacked during holiday travel?!


It’s literally highway robbery.

At least I have a Prius.

Hitting the road for Vegas tomorrow, but starting to gamble now. Should I fill the tank today? The prices have gone up like 5 cents a day for the past week….will they go back down after the weekend? Or mysteriously go up again tomorrow because why? What happened between yesterday and tomorrow to drastically change the price besides the demand?Welcome_to_Las_Vegas

Did the fuckers go on vacation to Vegas and lose a few hundred grand at the black jack table, so they are making it up this week? Did they impregnate another sheep and need to take care of it – and now that they can’t aboard it in Texas, they need to take the G5 and fly their ewe to another state?

AHHHH! So corrupt. So unfair. How does the government allow them to rape us? Oh yeah, I forgot…..Free-dumb.

(Speaking of DUMB – why am I going to Vegas in July?)

I’ll make sure I say hi to your girlfriend.

Don't leave me Tony Ha-a-a-a-yward. I love ewe!

Don’t leave me Tony Ha-a-a-a-yward. I love ewe!

Here’s a fuck you to all Oil companies. Viva lost wages.


I feel a little better now. Thank you.


1 Response to “GAS PRICE RANT!”

  1. July 21, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    Linda, watch for a possible hurricaine, They shut down the oil rigs and the price hoes ip, I believe there is a Hurricaine off Mexico. We pay close to five a gallon. Cost $90 to fill my 6 cylinder SUV. Get 400 miles. $50 to fill my
    BMW, get 200 miles. I know she is a expensive toy. Have fun in the heat. Aloha

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