Oy vey. Filming today.  I have no idea how to do my makeup, and of course I am not a big star with the big budget for my own makeup artist.

In the book, I talk about a couple of instances where I could have used one. Makeup really is an art. When you are older, it is a skill that does miracles in front of the camera.

I am no miracle worker. Sometimes it actually looks like Helen Keller would have done a better job than I.

Apparently the show is viewed in a bunch of states….  “The Bongo Boy Rock’n Roll TV Show Series.” I must admit that facebook is working quite well for a source of P.R. I used to dog it. But now I am a bit addicted.

Tomorrow I am also being filmed by the Asbury Park Press for a show hosted by John Pheiffer…the first guy to ever review “Emotional Jukebox”. Thank you very much, John!

I’m very excited to be getting press on the book! Even a shout out to Cameron Crowe made this article from MetroWest in Massachusetts! (Wonder if he reads that paper.) But most importantly, the mention of THE ROCK DOC, Dr. Jonathan Schneider was included.

I am so happy that the real story is coming out. The feel good…and the not so feel good. But the truth. Part of my objective in this book tour is to applaud the kindness of The Doc for shelling out the money for the album that actually got the nomination! He believed in me so much that he just paid for it out of the goodness of his heart. THAT should have been one of the main focuses on the story! And now it will be!

And I even got the Sunday Boston Globe!! They used a photo taken in Tucson by Shelley Welander. It’s a good shot. (That’s why I chose it for the back cover of my book!) And photoshop does wonders! I insist on keeping some of my wrinkles. I want to look semi-real. But I don’t mind ironing out my, what I call, “My what the fuck wrinkles”, from my forehead…they are the ones you get when you scrunch up and think, “What the fuck?!” (Which I think too often.)

Thank you Photoshop!

Thank you Photoshop!

Well, maybe I’ll sell enough books to afford a makeup artist so I don’t look like Tammy Fay Baker’s estranged Jewish cousin, like I did in this video from the Hollywood Reporter last year!  (feel free to like it!)

Come see my in New England this week and next week on my Musical Book Tour!  (Link to addresses)

Wednesday, May 22, Providence, RI AS220.

Thursday, May 23, Goodnow Library, Sudbury, MA

Tuesday, May 28, Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA

Thursday, May 30, Cheshire Library, Cheshire, CT

AND my OFFICIAL BOOK RELEASE PARTY, June 5, Watermark, Asbury Park, NJ!

P.S. I am very grateful for the press for the DIY Dame. Thank you.



  1. May 19, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    You have spent your whole life getting and being ready. I, for one, am grateful for the opportunity to (cyber) meet you as the ride got serious before it got too dark. Now, it looks like you’re in the light on the other side and it suits you fine. Keep on rockin’ in the free world! And thanks for being…

  2. May 19, 2013 at 9:43 AM

    This song came into my head while reading this blog. Life Is But A Dream. For you a dream that is coming true. To get your story out. For makeup you can go to Macy’s and let them do it. I would use Mac for TV and anyother for photo shoots. And spend the money to use the makeup they put on you. So happy all good things are coming together for you. My husband Nick is now on tweeter, look out for his tweets. You have done so many great things in the last few months, a journey at your age, should inspire anyone that complains about life stops at a certain age. For you the ROCKIT SHIP is taking off to a place where music will bring so many people back together. All because you are a indie, with a voice that can knock even your
    RED SOCKS OFF, get it MLB. You might beable to sing at a home game. The sky is yours to catch all those shooting stars, remember to take time, to take it all in. Aloha and Good Luck. I guess I am now a groupie, never thought I would say that word again at my age.

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