Within my book, before it begins, it says:

“Limited Edition Writer’s Cut (So it is really fucked up)”


Well, I sure am glad I tossed that disclaimer in…because that is an understatement!

After reading, and correcting at least 5 times through, how on earth did I not see, for example, blind sided got turned into “Blind-siding?” AHH!  It must have been a final run where I went through grammar check.

How did I have FCC when it was supposed to be FAA?  AHHHH!

On the VERY FIRST page of the story, which I have read umteen times, it says:

They don’t make cartoons they way they used to. How did I not see that??!!  THE way they used to!

These mistakes are taking me aback!  (In the book I use taking me a back!) WTF?

Guess who pointed a few of these out to me?

My Daddy!

Why did I not have my Ph.D. from M.I.T. Brainiac Dad help with my editing, too?!!!  AHHHHH!

Well, he is on the second run! I will add him in the credits. Thanks Daddy.

My lame excuse? I got friggin’ vertigo right before I put out the book. I am a dizzy broad. I felt the urgency to get out the book because of the recent changing of the rules in the Grammys. Timing is everything. (Except time for editing properly!)

And for those of you who have the first edition….which is now a collectors item, that I only have a few remaining, please forgive that I certainly am not a Ph.D.!


There goes my Pulitzer!


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