He Had A Dream

Do you think Martin Luther King ever dreamed that a half-black man would ever become President of the United States…and re-elected?!!

I am very proud today to be a part of more than half of my fellow Americans that voted for Barack H. Obama. (This new “H” thing is a little bizarre, verses the dreaded “Hussein”.) But watching the inauguration, for the second time, brought me tears of joy.

And Obama and Michelle seem like such the perfect couple. She is a wonderful first lady.

I must admit I lust a bit after him. Ya know that game where you get a fantasy one time pass to be with someone? Yup, mine’s Barack. But I seriously think he is not the kind of guy that screws around on his wife. And she could kick my ass!

I actually don’t think Bush cheated, either. (On his wife, that is.)  But I imagine that most U.S. Presidents, and certainly most world leaders stray. They probably get more ass thrown at them then professional athletes. But it’s much easier for Pro-Athletes to screw around and get away with it.

But I digress…

On this Martin Luther King Day, it is not just because our President is a black man (sort of), (James Taylor’s appearance obviously proves he is half-white), but because I believe he is a great man. And it was also nice to see, right behind Barack, another man of color on the podium, with such an important position. John Boehner. Seriously, his skin is darker!

And to see a hispanic woman, Justice Sotomayor, swear him in was….a tease!

When are we going to have a woman as President!? (But one that can’t see Russia from her yard, or outer-space.)

But another Michelle, Obama, would make a great president…and I also think Hillary is a contender.

I’m wondering if Christie might run for the Democrats as well? Martin Luther King would be less likely to have dreamt that, than a black man becoming President.

I want to thank all in history who fought, and even died for abolishing slavery, and demanding equal rights…although, I think there needs to be an amendment that says that all men and women are created equal.

Yes, times change, things change, amendments should be updated. (I know all of you who voted to see Obama re-elected today know what I mean. Can I get someone to second that emotion?) YES WE CAN. (I hope.)

Let’s hope that more great people will have less of a chance of being shot, so they can live to see such a wonderful day as today.

I find the gray even more handsome!

I find the gray even more handsome! (NO I CAN’T)


2 Responses to “He Had A Dream”

  1. January 21, 2013 at 10:42 PM

    Oh yes he did! and oh yes he is (hot)!

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