Anti-idiot (My Gun Rant)

It’s not that I’m Anti-American. I’m Anti-Idiot.  It’s just that there are so many idiots in America. North America that is. Of course so many of the idiots still refer to our country as America, because they think the United States is the only planet.

And this planet on America, known as the United States, has spun out of control…and it is making my head spin! I am having to pay my shrink overtime to just vent my frustration within half of it’s population! Well, maybe within the 59 million and change who voted for Romney, verses the 62 Million plus who voted for Barack.

Now before I piss everyone off, I want to be fair. It’s an undetermined percentage of the 59 million, not all of them. But I guarantee that all this fuss about gun control is coming 100% from those within that party. I pledge to eat my arugula off of my hat if any of the stink is coming from democratic population. I’m not talking politicians. I’m talking the people.

I’ve been ranting quite obviously on facebook about my disgust and sadness since the Newtown shooting. And I am baffled at how many people, no matter what reason and logic is presented to them, will respond with the same old stupid fucking ignorant lame excuse: The 2nd Amendment. (Yeah, back when that was written, they used condoms made of animal skins, and people died from syphilis.) It’s anything but gun control for them. What the fuck?! I went as far as asking those opposed to Obama’s proposal to identify if any of them were democrats. I heard crickets.

These are the idiots I am referring to.

My main topic with my shrink is control. When I can’t control something that is so obviously wrong I internally blow a circuit. And speaking of blowing, I sure wish I was back in my good old days, when all I thought about was sex. Now all I think about is how fucked we all are!

The dialogue in my head goes from, how can these idiots keep believing the bullshit they hear on television? Why do these idiots on television have a platform, and a right to lie? Oh yeah, because they are being funded by the Giant Rich Evil Idiots.

The Giant Rich Evil Idiots have control over the world! They are poisoning our food, water, air…and some minds. Cancer is showing up way too often. And they get away with it! Why? Why are laws changed with clauses that harm us? (Allowing chemicals to be put in the ground, allowing gun manufacturers to get away with murder.) Allowing idiots like Terry Jones to have a voice in the media. Answer: $$$.

And speaking of media and idiots, I give myself idiot for a day award, yesterday. I clicked on someone’s link to a survey on gun control. Naturally, I thought the objective was to support the Prez and his efforts. The questions were something like, “Do you agree there need to be stricter gun laws…do you believe the 2nd amendment is being compromised with the proposal…who did you vote for….”

I proudly supported the proposal with my answers and shared the link on facebook. Then I found out that this publication was run by the idiots! Oops! And now those idiots have my email address.

I am afraid to admit this tragic journey in my mind has gone so far, to fear on Monday, during the inauguration, some idiot will try to shoot the President. (And I hope I am wrong!)

My shrink suggested I get involved with some organization fighting the good fight. But I feel it would be like spinning my wheels for nothing, because the GREIT’s (Giant Rich Evil Idiots) will still find a way to win. (At least they lost the election.)

But after having to stomach the GREIT’s victories, I go from the stomach to my head and continue with how much evil there is. (Massacres, ethnic cleansing.) Then I think about more idiots who say that without evil, one could not know what good is, and so forth.

And speaking of idiots, the audacity of Mike Huckabee saying if God was in the Newtown school, (prayer, teachings), maybe this would not have happened. What? If there was a God, he would have used the all mighty power to stop the nut ball. If there is a God he is an idiot. (Yes, I am using “he”, because most violence comes from the male species. I am not anti-men, though. There are many, many great men. I’ve even married a few for good measure. (And we have our share of idiot women.) But if there was a God, and she was a she, the world would be better off. (You’d think I would have married one of them by now.)

And yes, it is not the guns alone that kill, it is guns in the hands of nut balls. (Most of which are men.)

But the idiots must grow up, (men and women), get some q-tips, buy better glasses, and actually listen to what Obama’s proposal entailed. Quite frankly, I found it quite mild. But it doesn’t matter what he says. The idiots have some sort of mechanism in their brain that translates, “We must address mental health, stricter screening before guns can be purchased, and we are not taking your guns away, only the assault weapons with more than 10 rounds of ammunition”, into, “Obama sucks, he is a Nazi, and he wants to take our guns.”


Now I don’t like resorting to name calling…I guess I’m a bit of a jerk….but I’m no idiot.



7 Responses to “Anti-idiot (My Gun Rant)”

  1. January 19, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    Right off the rip you couldn’t be more wrong. Sen. Reid (D-NV) leader of the Senate is a huge 2nd amendment advocate. So are many Democrats, when do you Democrats stop blaming just GOP politicians and start realizing it is all of them that have this country screwed up. Chicago, where Barack as you call him is from, has the most gun regulation in North America, yet they lead North America in Murder with over 500 last year. Whether you like it or not, the Majority of people who live in North America, (Democrats and Republicans) ,
    don’t want their 2nd amendment rights played with.

    • January 19, 2013 at 8:45 AM

      Beau, I love you and the Red Sox, but again…you are just proving my point. No one is taking away the lame excuse 2nd Amendment, and I emphasized it is the democratic population – NOT the politicians, ( some of whom are in bed with the NRA) that are 100% in favor of changing the gun laws. Using an example of how many people have been murdered in Chicago with GUNS, does also not strengthen your case. GO SOX!

  2. January 19, 2013 at 8:51 AM

    Reblogged this on Ahead Of These Blue Eyes and commented:
    Linda get you gun! the Crazies are mounting a stockpile of wepons.. run for the hills.. NOT

  3. January 19, 2013 at 9:04 AM

    Great blog post Linda. Hilarious! And could not agree more. Congrats for telling it like it really is. And for this first comment from Boyle, I could not disagree more. This is by far a Dem vs. Repub issue, bet my bottom dollar on it. Everyone disagreeing with the Prez are the same numb nuts who wanted Romney elected. And again Beau here is missing your point. As far as these idiots go who are fucking up our country, all they can do is spin this into some kind of 2nd Amendment rights issue, when again Obama is not taking away all your guns, just trying to put some common sense restrictions on some of them. And one of the reasons there are so many murders in certain cities like Chicago and DC, who have very strict laws, is that something like 65-85% of the guns used there come from out of state, like Indiana, which have very lax laws. We need a comprehensive law for the whole country. And I will also bet my bottom dollar if your put this to a vote, the majority of people in North America would vote for what the Prez is saying and then some. We are all sick of the extremists that try to run their will on this country. They, like the NRA, are by far the minority opinion and they will lose this one. It’s just too bad it took Newtown to finally wake people up.

  4. January 19, 2013 at 11:16 AM

    Love You Too Linda….. Don’t always agree with you LOL

  5. January 19, 2013 at 3:02 PM

    Right on! And being in Arizona, this conversation about gun control is especially fervent. Used to live next to a guy who spent his weekends building bullets in his garage – had to be prepared for zombie takeovers and all.

  6. January 19, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    I appreciate those who took the Lord who watched over the Lilies of the Field and has His eye on the sparrow and turned Him into the guy to whom I make the sign of the cross before I shoot a foul shot in basketball (yes Jason Kidd, I mean you) or to whom I point after the aforementioned SotC when I hang that slider just off the plate and still get that third strike called. With all due respect to Governor Huckleberry Hound, I have the same sense of Divinity Randy’s Newman has in God’s Song.

    In the month since Newtown, about nine hundred other people have died in gun violence. It’s just another day in ‘Merika I guess because no one, from the President to the Nazi Ranger Assholes, seems to care about those deceased folks. Maybe they’re not really dead. If a tree falls in the forest and there aren’t any TV satellite uplink trucks to bring it to us live, does it get its own benefirt concert in MSG?

    So yeah, you should get angry, but not so angry that you reach for a weapon to resolve your ‘issues.’ I’m old enough to remember when the cool kid in seventh grade had a scout pen knife for show and tell. Now we have more metal detectors in our schools than in all other public buildings combined. And more people incarcerated than 1/3 of the nations who are members of the UN.

    We need to promise to one another to stop posturing and pouting, or electing asshats who do one one and/or the other. Pointing fingers at ‘that guy’ doesn’t fix anything, never did; and when you look down at the hand doing the pointing, three of the fingers are pointing back at yourself, which is only fair because that’s where the change has to start. My mantra has become ‘Begin with Me’ and if folks want to think that’s a request to Higher Power, that’s fine. If they see it as a call to action, so much the better. What it isn’t and never will be is acquiescence in my own annihilation. We can not only make a differenc we should strive to be the difference.

    Thanks for making the music you make-and leveraging your success to a public posture on issues of national import. I may not always agree with you but I admire you a helluva lot, lady so continue to Bear Witness and I’ll continue to bear that much of the burden that I can carry.

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