Just did my first conference ever!  Using powerpoint is like walking and chewing gum at the same time.

I have no trouble speaking….or in public…but not clicking a little hoosamajiggy at the same time.

The conference was called “RETHINK MUSIC”, and focused on how social media has changed the business.

And we all know how I utilized that option.

But I was a little surprised, after all the shit I had already falsely taken for “Gaming the System“, at what they chose to name my shpeel.

I got there, all excited!  Couldn’t wait to tell my story….in 10 minutes.  To set the record straight, how I got nominated because of my music!  And to show other musicians how to use Grammy 365.

I opened up the program, with all of the distinguished speakers, and there I was.

They named my presentation “GAMING THE GRAMMYS“.

I rolled my eyeballs.  Really?  But I decided to change my direction in the speech and use it as an example of the “Sensationalized Marketing” milked by some of the press during my nod.

But regardless, one guy, after seeing my name tag the day before my presentation…”Oh, your the one who gamed the Grammys”, he said snidely.

Umm, “No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did”.

Me – “How did I game the Grammys?”

Him – “Well, you sent your album to a committee, right?”

Me – “Yeah, so, how is that gaming?”

Him – “I don’t know, but then you sent your music to all the voters.”

Me – “Yeah. So how is that gaming the Grammys?”

Him – “Well, yer not supposed to….umm, well, I don’t know, but that’s what they said.”

Me –  “I got nominated cuz it’s a great fucking album”.

Sure I was a bit defensive…but so tired of the same old bullshit.

Then I overheard a couple of people saying, “I have no interest in hearing about how that girl gamed the grammys.”

So I kind felt like I was thrown under the bus…

But instead, I played nice, and thanked whoever was responsible for creating this title as a perfect example of sensationalized marketing…(even though I was secretly pissed off.)  (Although, I was still on a high from singing at Fenway)  (And a low for them blowing a 9 run lead.)

What can you do?  Laugh it off…  And when I was finished presenting, the President of Berklee congratulated me, and I sold a ton of “Who the F^&* Is Linda Chorney” T-shirts!  Yahoo!

If you are interested in seeing the presentation, I have it privately on youtube, and I will send you a link if you write me at


Bottom line, I said, :  “It’s not about gaming the system, it’s about staying in the game.”

Thanks to the Boston Phoenix for the nice mention in their newspaper.  I like the writing style of journalist Chris Faraone.  He has balls.

And of course, thanks to RETHINK MUSIC for inviting me.

Bla, bla, bla,



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