Should Obama Bow?

I was having dinner with some folks.  Never mix wine with politics, especially if one couple is Democrat and the other very Republican.

The first part of the “political” discussion was about being gay.  And they had gay people in their family.

The wife said, “Being gay is Mother Nature‘s mistake.”  I could hardly believe what I was hearing!

I replied, “It is part of nature.  It is not a mistake.  And what does it matter to you if a woman chooses to love a woman?  Women are beautiful. And if a man chooses to love a man?  So what?  How does that affect you?

She replies, “It’s just not natural, it’s not normal.”

I asked, “What if it were the other way around?  What if you lived in a world that was mostly gay, and you were straight, and that was the norm?” I was just trying to get a little empathy out of her.

Now, I had put the word “political” in quotes, because this is a moral issue.  Why is it that conservatives are so rigid, and holier than thou?  How is it that they have the right to judge another human being, and believe they are the authority on what is right.

Some may be thinking, well the liberals are the same.  But it’s just not so.  I would say that we are all about saying “Yes we can”, and the Republican side prefers saying, “No you can’t.”

Better change the subject!  Another glass of wine…uh, oh, Obama comes up next, during a lovely dinner.  And I am not being sarcastic!  I really like these people, a lot!  I just don’t get it?!!  I don’t get how really nice folks, funny, warm, intelligent, hospitable folks, can think a certain way.

It’s like they have been brainwashed, perhaps by Sean Hannity, in this article, equating bowing to socialism.  (Not to mention, that had anything to do with FOX News being on the tv, during dinner.)  And they have a cute little dog named Cheney.  There is more than a fine line between Cheney and Chorney!  Too many close letters for comfort!  AHHHH!

So the issue this time, the next “no you can’t”, was about Obama bowing to other world leaders.

She says, “No President in our history has ever bowed to anyone. He’s such a socialist!”

I actually can’t believe that is true, if it is.  And if it is true, I am a bit embarrassed.  I am quite sure in Japan, that many US Presidents have bowed to greet more than just world leaders.

I believe it is almost equivalent to a handshake, but I could be wrong.  But what is so embarrassing about respecting a culture?  On the other hand, she is a bit embarrassed that Obama has bowed. I wonder if she is embarrassed about this…

Brewer, "Ya know, Mr. President. I think you should not bow to other leaders. You hold the highest, most powerful position in the world, and that demands respect! Obama, "I really appreciate your concern. Thank you so much. Now let's find your meds.

I think Obama has the class, and understanding of respectful relationships with other countries, to have the humility to stoop so low as to bow.

If it is culturally expected, and accepted in a country to greet someone with a bow, than why not do it? How is our President the exception?  How is he better than anyone else?  What kind of impression would that make on another country?

I say good on ya, mate!  I am proud to have my President be so tasteful.  (And he can sing, too!)

Now, I will say, that not all cultural practices are moral, like beheading, stoning women, cutting off clitoris, not allowing a woman’s right to choose, dictating who can marry who, etc, but I don’t see a proper greeting as being harmful, offensive, or humiliating.

There was a poll in the US, asked if they approved of the President bowing in Japan. I could see if the greeting, in addition to bending over, required getting boned up the derriere, and then having to eat foie gras off of the royal ding dong, and couscous off of his balls?  Then I might understand the objection.

I hope that hasn’t ruined your appetite for brunch.  In fact, I am starving!   Off to have some sausage, and finish up my book!   I’ll leave you with these photos, which if I may suggest, you sing in the back of your mind, “What a Wonderful World”. And a 1 and a 2 and a 3…”I see trees of green, red roses, too..

What a Wonderful?…..World…Oh yeah.

Will somebody please educate these people? (that make stupid, disrespectful posters like this.)



1 Response to “Should Obama Bow?”

  1. February 26, 2012 at 2:44 PM

    Perhaps he should have offered a backrub.

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