Grammy After Party

After the Grammys, they throw a huge party complete with acrobats, dancers, food, booze, and Kenny Loggins performing.  It was a blast.  (And I am a huge fan of Kenny!  There was one review about my music comparing me to Loggins and Messina, as if that was a bad thing…let’s see if I can find it…)

“I find this all fascinating. And here’s what I think, for what it’s worth: I’ve listened to most of her nominated album, “Emotional Jukebox.” It isn’t very good, in my opinion, and it is definitely not Americana, though that’s a hard word to define. At best, her songs remind me of mid-70s Loggins and Messina. At worst, I get some Shania Twain. I suspect there are a lot more than ten albums that are better than this one.”

(And btw, I have no problem with anyone having their opinion about my music.  I find both comparisons flattering. This person had the class to preface that it was an opinion. What I do have a problem with is when someone insults my fans.)

Now back to the party…Grammy Nominees get 2 free tickets to attend, and everyone else has to pay $200 dollars to get in.  (That is in addition to the money you have to pay for your tickets to the Grammy show, that can range from $300 for nose bleeds, to $1000 dollars.)  Or you can go on line and get ripped off and pay up to $5,000 dollars for a fancy ticket that a record label has made available to scalp at 5x the cost!  If you are a Grammy Member, you can get the nose bleeds for $150.

You cannot go to the party unless you purchase the tickets to the show.  So, at the very least, it will cost a member $350 dollars to go to both.  But it was a great show, and a hell of a party.  For the Rock Doc, it was 2 Grand.

For me, it was complimentary, but we had to shell out for hotels, make-up and hair, transport “Goin’ to California”  (Which you can download!!), and other stuff.  So, there is a couple of G’s right there, too.  (If “Going to California” gets 3,000 downloads, I might break even!)

So 2 things…

Number 1, my new friend, fellow Grammy member, nominee, and WINNER, Herschel Garfein….just wrote me and told me a story.

ELMER GANTRY is the winner of 2 GRAMMYs

Robert Aldridge and Herschel Garfein

Congrats!!  Great Opera piece that actually uses the word “fart” in it!  So, I had to vote for him….

Anyway, he won.  He brought his 9 year old daughter with him, all the way from New York.

There are several check-point Charlie’s before attending any of the events.

So, Herschel and his daughter were at one of the check-points, to the after party, and found that someone had swiped his tickets from his tuxedo pocket!

He explained to the security, and then, even to higher authorities, that he was a Grammy Winner, (and there was evidence), not the actual trophy, (you get that in the mail, a couple of months later…I may be camping out in front of his door to swipe it!)

But, regardless, they would NOT let him in!!  No ticky no shirty!  With his 9 year old daughter!!!  WTF!!???

Anyway, I am sorry Herschel.  That totally sucks.  (However, I would rather have had the win, and not have attended the party!)

Thing 2 – Looks like I am going to have to go on the road asap.  I love performing, though!

I played in Carbondale, Colorado, this Friday at Steve’s Guitar Shop.

Thanks Steve! Wicked Awesome, Groovy Venue!

This was a very cool venue, like a trippy living room with guitars hanging from the ceiling, and all over the walls.  Great vibe.

Testis 1-2-3 (Soundcheck at Steve's Guitar Shop, Carbondale, Colorado)

Thanks to the talented Mike Waters for hooking it up and opening for me!

And thanks Besty, for sending this shot!

LIVE at the show. Must have been a very serious moment.

And thanks to Alan and Luke at KDNK for having me on the show, and playing LIVE, the debut of my new song, “When I Sing”, which I am currently recording with Robert Xeno, co-producing.  Hear that show here!  (With my horse voice I could hardly sing!! laryngitis still full throttle. Tried to squeeze that last note out!~  Ouch!)

THe Odd Squad at KDNK, Sock Monkey Dream Weaver Alan, and Luke, and the oddest of them all, me!

But the bottom line?  I had articles written about me all over the world.  Tons of press.  But I make more sales in one show live on my CD‘s, then I do with downloads on line, on the week of the Grammys!  WTF?

So I’m a little depressed this morning, on the first morning I have been able to relax in my own bed in a while.  But the relaxing will not last.  Gonna hop in my Indie mobile, (Ford F1-50) and gonna hit the road to do some shows.  Probably going out solo until I can afford a band.

I am discouraged about how infrequently music is bought these days.  Not just from me, but other Indies without the giant muscle behind them.  And mainly, it is because people can steal your music.  Why pay?  Or stream it for .017 cents.  (or whatever ridiculous fraction of a penny an artist gets.)  WTF???!!!  (Do the math on how many times someone would have to listen to my song to make a dollar!)

And I wonder how many more albums my fellow nominees even sold after the nomination?  Of course, in a blog, recently written to diss me and my fans, Bob Lefsetz mentioned how my record sales did not “spike”.  But, he neglected to provide info of the others’ in my category.  And they are tremendous musicians, with great albums, so my point is not one of disrespect, just curiosity.

If I may take the line from one of my favorite movies, “Stripes”, written by Harold Ramis,

I gave my love a cherry....hey Cherries! Maybe Harold Ramis can do my movie!! Stripes, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Animal House...and his latest comedy...me!

(Whom I was lucky enough to have met gigging in Aspen, a while back….

Bill Murray says, “And then the depression set in”…

So, the party is over.


2 Responses to “Grammy After Party”

  1. February 19, 2012 at 1:21 PM

    Hey Linda,

    Never met ya, but I love your story. So “David and Goliath.” Congrats on all your Grammy coups!

    Anyway, I wanted to pass along some info on my friends’ experience with selling their music. They’re brothers, (their band is Makepeace Brothers – real name, often compared to Paul Simon/ “Graceland”), and they’ve gotten really good feedback handing out business cards with single-song, free downloads on them (aka “download cards”.) My hubs said the room went nuts at Folk Alliance 2011, when the brothers announced they had download cards available. People love free stuff, and it introduces people to their website for more sales / show date info.

    I think the other possible payoff is playing at full-on music festivals where people buy bigger tickets, and you’re actually paid to play, and including your CD (or mini CD, etc) as part of the show price, a’ la Prince at Coachella. Prince is a brilliant marketer, and he was way ahead of the curve on that one (2004, if I remember right). (BTW – did you know Prince mixes his own sound from onstage – true! My hubs talked to him about it around 1990, when they met up on tour (hubs was playing w/ Rod Stewart.)

    Anyway, Prince’s new tour strategy is saturating a location with weeks of shows, before moving on to the next town. That’s brilliant – absorb all the fans, minimize travel expenses, give fans multiple chances to see you, etc. Of course, “YMMV”, he is Prince after all, but still… 🙂

    And by the way – you looked completely the part on the red carpet, great dress, great smile, but also – way to rock 51! Just goes to show we ladies can still look great when we take care of ourselves 🙂 One more reason why I think you’re a great role model on so many levels. You come off as a smart, happy, hard-working lady who stays in the game, whatever the game is!

    Nice handling re: the haters too. I think you’ve been both diplomatic and smart in your retorts to their (in my opinion) “sour grapes” spin on your career.


  2. February 19, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    PS – have you looked into public speaking as part of your tour plans as well? I bet you’d make a great speaker at indie music conferences and colleges, etc.

    Cartoonist Lynda Barry does this – I loved seeing her at Yuma Art Symposium, where she was the (really wonderful, insightful and inspiring) keynote speaker (around 2004). And hearing her speak spurred me on to take her amazing writer’s class a few years later, too. Win-win! 😉

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