Okay.  So what’s next besides the next album?

Rock Doc, his wife, Lisa, and Scott and I, just polished off a couple of bottles of champagne, celebrating the journey that ended up on the Red Carpet at the Grammys!

Mom, Dad, Rock Doc, Lisa, Tracy, Doug, Thomas Hutchings, Julia, Guest (My love, Scott) & me - In no particular order!

Ya all know I am writing a book about this entire crazy story.  I mean, who would have thought the unbelievably kind, and generous gesture of one man would lead to a Grammy Nomination?  One very goofy, amazing, human being with a check book, a love of music, and a heart of gold.

So we are sitting around deciding who is going to play who in the movie, and having a laugh.


Scott – (husband),  Sean Penn or Bruce Springsteen. (Can he act?)

Rock Doc?  Eugene Levy

The ROck Doc

Linda?  Linda.   (I’m going for an Oscar next year!  Is there an Oscar 365?)


Thomas Hutchings/ Band Member – Will Smith

X- Publicist – Cathy Bates


Rock Doc’s Wife, Lisa – Edie Falco

Grammy Member/Producer/ New friend – Jeff Bridges

My Record Promoter – Tom Hanks

Dad – Larry David

I think I was adopted, and larry David truly is my biological father. (Daddy, no offense to you! I love you. It's just a movie. And you are nothing like Larry....I am!)

Mom – Barbara Streisand


Bob Lefsetz –  Jason Alexander

In the film, I leave my husband for Lefsetz

And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver!


(Okay, the movie is a bit of a fantasy.  But so was being nominated for a Grammy!)

When the book comes out, (which will hopefully become the movie), you will know all of the shit I have had to put up with.  What I thought would have been just a feel good story, went from elation, to shock, to frustration, to graduation, and back to elation!

And the bottom line is….I can only be me.  I can only be honest.  I cannot play the game.  I will never be fake.  I will always tell the truth.  If I think someone is out of line, I’m going to express it.  I am not going to kiss ass to get ahead.  The phrase, “You can catch more bees with honey?”  Yeah, that’s true.  It is an art.  But sometimes that can be interpreted as “You can manipulate more people with bullshit.”  (Which may explain why I have not had the big success in my music career.)

And I’m one of those people that sticks up for someone being wronged.  (Including myself.)  Like, ya know on Oprah, when they put a hidden camera in place, and they stage a couple, where someone is being victimized, and no one wants to get involved, except for that one person?

That is me.  At the risk of getting physically hurt, or involved.  That is me.  When I see a pregnant woman smoking?  I say something.  When I see a guy yelling at a woman, and pushing her around?  I step in.  When I see a kid getting beaten in Turkey?  I step in.  (But there is never a camera around for me to get a free car!)

But maybe there will be a camera around to capture what I have experienced.  And I guarantee it will not be boring or predictable.

And I am sure I will make some enemies of a system that is broken.  Of a corruption that is just accepted in the music business.  And in parts of society.   I mean, just look at my song “AWOL” on “Emotional Jukebox”.  I am sticking up for men that did not want to go to war during the draft.  Not a popular stance.  An “Unpatriotic” stance.  But it is my stance.  Hence part of my motivation for my record label.  “Dance More Less War” records.

And the bottom line?  The artist is usually at the bottom of the food chain.  There is the exception of the .01 percent of the artists that are lucky enough to reap the benifits of the business.  And by no means am I suggesting they do not deserve the accolades and the doe.

But many of the players on the chessboard of the music business are profiting, and most musicians are just sacrificial pawns.   I will not be one of them.

On a lighter note…I have a show Friday!  I am playing in Carbondale at Steve’s Guitar Shop.  And in the morning I am on Breakthru Radio with Jezz Harkins, and this afternoon on KDNK with Alan the Dream Weaver.

Oh yeah!  I am on the Americana Charts!  Thanks to all of the folks spinning my record, and to Fred Boenig (played by Tom Hanks), for making it happen.  More champagne!!!


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