The Day After Pill! (Didn’t need one.)

I couldn’t be happier!  The day after thrill, is more like it!!

Thank God it’s over!!!!  The anxiety of not knowing was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through.

a) I hate waiting

b) I can’t stand not having control over a situation, or being left in the dark.  Too much time to speculate.

Did I think I stood a shot?  Yeah, a little.

But it sure is nice to come in behind the likes of legend Levon Helm.

And I’d like to congratulate all of the nominees for Best AMericana, Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, and Rye Cooder.

Ummmm, I was the only one that showed up at the pre-telecast.

But at least I had the chance to speak with CBS at the Grammys!  And get what I thought was a very important message to fellow, struggling musicians.  Yes, I still feel I am in that category.  (If the big bucks start coming in, you will be the first to know!)  But for now, I have to return the gorgeous black diamond earrings that “The Gold Tinker:”, in Deal, NJ, so graciously lent me!  Thank you again!!


And now we are at LAX waiting for our flight (delayed) to Colorado.  Gonna do some runs down the white carpet!

Hmm, should I wear this on the slopes?  And I just found out that I am a nominee for women dressed in black!  (I’m a blushin!)  Check it out here!

So thanks again, and congratulations to Don O’Neill for designing my dress from Theia!!  I LOVE it!!!  (And Robert Huber for sharing his stretch Limo with Mom, Dad, Rock Doc, Thomas Hutchings, his hot woman Julia, Tracy Monahan, and her bitch, Doug!

Bracelets by Sweetbird Studios on my right hand, and Lou Guerrin on my left.  Necklace, also by Lou.  Boots?  29 bucks at Daffys!

This has been a blast!!!  And the press still wants to talk to me.

CNN asked me about Whitney Houston.  First of all, it is very sad.  She is an amazing talent, and I have been a fan.  Really tragic.

I responded by actually saying that I think some of the media and critics should take responsibility for some of the mean things they say.  People are human.  They have feelings.  Of course, they are not responsible for elements of one’s personality.  However we all have the choice when seeing someone on the edge, to talk them down, or push them off.  I believe too many people chose to push.

Jennifer Hudson blew me away last night with her performance of “I Will Always Love You”.  She gave me goosebumps.

But to lift me up, and cause an emotional outburst, Paul McCartney ended the evening, by sheer coincidence, with “And In The End”!

This is the song I chose to end “Emotional Jukebox” with.  So, I lost it.

But guess what?  It ain’t the end!!!  I’m just getting started!


1 Response to “The Day After Pill! (Didn’t need one.)”

  1. February 14, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    Linda, I am so happy for you. That closing jam with PM, BS, DG et al, gave me the big O just watching it on the TV…I can’t imagine being there. I cried (tears of joy) for you. Great interview with CBS. You looked wicked awesome!!

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