Superbowl Sunday and I’m saddlin’ up for L.A.!


Imagine how hyped up you are if you are a Pat’s or Giant’s fan, right now.  Now take that feeling of excitement, if your team wins…

If your team is down by 23 points, and it’s the 2 minute warning, and they somehow pull a win out of their butts!

The Impossible Dream.  That feeling of hope, even though you think you are screwed?

Now take that feeling and multiply it by 100.  (My other amazing nominees are like the Yankees, just another World Series Victory to hang in their stadium.   I’m like the Red Sox before 2004!)

Good Morning.  This is how I feel today!   AHHHHHHH! AHHHHHH!

Packing.  Figuring out what to wear for all of the events this week!

Performing Thursday Night at a cool club called, Genghis Cohen, in Hollywood.  7:00 – 8:00.

Don’t miss seeing me for 10 bucks!  I promise never to charge $300, like half-time acts do.  (Even if I could!)

I am quite sure my value will not soar their.   But you might have to pay 20!

Scott and I are driving from Tucson tomorrow morning, via San Diego.  I’m going to stop along the way, and sing out on a few streets for fun!  For free!  Remember my roots.   I AM TRULY THE 99% OCCUPYING THE GRAMMYS!

And I want to thank the Arizona Daily Star‘s Cathalena E. Burch,  for writing this nice article to see me off of my second home.  (And actually talk about the MUSIC…what actually got me the nomination!)  YEEEEEHAH!

Title?    “Tusconan’s Grammy Nomination Pretty Crazy After All These Years”….

Hey!  I resemble that remark!


And to Channel 4, NBC here, who will literally see me off tomorrow!  Tune in.

Wicked Awesome Photographer Fred Presnell, and I hiked Honey Bee Canyon.... Exit 2544, Desert State Parkway, New Jersey

GO TEAM GO!  Go Pats!  (Yeah, I live in Joisey, but I will always be from New England!)

Let’s both take home Trophies!!!  (Well, at least one of us, preferably, ME!!!)


1 Response to “Superbowl Sunday and I’m saddlin’ up for L.A.!”

  1. February 5, 2012 at 9:11 AM

    Go Get em’ Linda. Make us from the 508 proud!!
    Jeff Ravreby

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