Thanks N.J. Discover! A blog of blogs, and some babbling.

This is a blog of blogs.  Can I tell you?  I wish February 12th was here already.  The anxiety of the wait…breath, Linda.  Enjoy the ride, Linda.  The road you envisioned of having less bumps and potholes, is still scenic.

One of the best of good guys, Cal Schwartz, has been in the car with me on my journey, from day one.  Actually, he was shining up the rims, before I even got nominated.  He was supportive just to see me trying to get into the game.

Here is that blog and video, which he is responsible for orchestrating, and thanks again to Cal, Curt, and New Jersey Discover!


I promise never to forget all of you whom have been so kind to me along the way.  I am extremely grateful and touched by those of you who have given me their best advice to guide me and protect me, through this unfamiliar world, on the cusp, so I don’t fall over the edge.  Those of you who did it sheerly for your fondness of my music, and (aw shucks), me.

And I will also do my best to forget those who have done their best to try to push me over the edge.

I will tell you, in my “Evelyn Wood Speed Celeb Crash Course”, that being semi-known, is not all it’s cracked up to be.   “Be careful what you wish for”.   It’s not quite what I imagined fame to be, (the little I have had, so far).
So when you might be at home, wishing you were the one strutting down that glamorous looking carpet, with all of the light bulbs flashing, and people clapping, that smiling face you see posing, might not be so happy behind the smile.  (I can only speak for myself, but I’m betting that is the case with a bunch.)
And the closest I have come to any Red Carpetish scene was 2 weeks ago, when rows of crazed, die-hard Springsteen fans were lined up, waiting for the arrival of Bruce at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park.  (Imagine that in Asbury?!)  Scott dropped me and my guitar off to the back stage load in where they were.
And although I was not who they were anticipating, I sure received a warm New Jersey welcome from some folks that actually knew who I was, and got cheers.  It was awesome, I must admit.  And my first experience in that situation.  And my smile was genuine…I dare say, I even blushed.
But certain things since then, have started to take a toll on my disposition.
Ya see, once you are in the public eye, you lose a lot of freedom.  Being an independent artist my entire life, as well as an independent woman, I like to do what I want, and certainly not have to watch my p’s and q’s.  I’m not just talking about “f” bombs, (which I cannot possibly stop dropping..on my blog.  I can’t become completely fake!  That would kill me!).  Not to digress….but why is it you have to pay for television that drops “F” bombs?  Like HBO.  Is it okay to hear words people use every fucking day, as long as you pay for it???   I digress.  I’m not talking about that here…I’m talking about the old cliché, “Never let them see you sweat”.
Celebrities are looked at by some of the media, and others, through a magnifying glass.
(I’m not looking for the little violin here.  I am just speaking the truth.)
So, even if something upsets you, there is some unwritten rule that you can’t reveal that you are human.
And people will take an article, and change the original title, sensationalize it with perhaps a hint of scandal, so people might read it.  Hopefully it seduces readers to read.  And that’s smart.  But some readers don’t have time, and conclude the wrong idea from the title, and that can smart.  (But you just have to smile!)
This really balanced article was written by Dan Deluca, Philly Inquirer, entitled: “Linda Chorney, Grammy Underdog”.
That same exact article was picked up in Vancouver, and changed the title to:  “Grammy Nominee Accused of Gaming System, Aye”. I love Vancouver!  One of my favorite Western cities.  But I just found the switch interesting.  Did it get more folks to read it?  (And it really didn’t say, “Aye” at the end.)
But the more visible you are, the more you are a target for some that like to throw stones.
And if you don’t like a particular photo of you, that is made public, you can’t do anything about it.  And it’s stuck on google images for eternity!  AHHHH!  (I know this shot was not put there intentionally for any bad reason, I am just my own worst critic, like most  people.)
And now it’s on google images…I look like a kvetch. (But at least my arms look totally buff!!)  (And they aren’t anymore!)

"You mean, I can't send back this dish that is too salty, now? Oy Vey!"

Another example, this shot of Jan Brewer and President Obama.  Maybe she just wanted him to pull her finger.

With all due respect, Mr. President, could you please pull my finger? I had huevos rancheros for desayunar.

I did a blog on New Year’s Day, and googled a bunch of shots of drunk people that were pretty funny.  Then I came across one of Katie Couric dancing.  She may not have even been drunk.  It was just the position she was in when the shot was taken, maybe.  Regardless, I had
grabbed it, but then decided to trash it, because I LOVE Katie Couric, and did not feel like exploiting that shot.  I wondered what that shot made her feel like, every time it could pop up?
 I’m learning to be more empathetic.  So that’s a really positive thing about this experience for me.   I am becoming a more tolerant person.  And regardless of whether one is famous or not, being mindful is good practice.  But I still have to say fuck sometimes!!!  But in a good way!  My intentions are goooooood.  (Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood).  (Brief pause to sing in my head.)

Even folks that had good intentions, like Disc Jockey, Gordon Ames, got sucked into some of the poisonous peeps, by being manipulated and misquoted in this lovely article.  And I would not have known it, if we hadn’t spoken.  He was disappointed with what was supposed to be an “off the record” conversation, with a call from the Houston Press, that was twisted and manufactured to the author’s agenda to further bully me.  Who is that freakin’ guy?  Who cares.

But Gordon was nice enough to call me and apologize, invited me on his show for next Monday morning, on Big G’s Texas Roadshow, and he asked them to take down the article.  They did not, but put some lame disclaimer first, and changed a few of the vile words they originally used, but kept it very offensive.  Oh well, pass the valium….I mean, umm, never let them see you sweat…what a great article!  I love it!  Please, go on!  Flattery will get you everywhere!
And speaking of flattery, now that I am in this new galaxy, I can’t complain at a restaurant anymore!  AHHHH!!!  I’ll starve to death!  If I can’t send stuff back that sucks, I’m not going to eat it.  I’ll just have to sit there and play with my food and make that face you see in the picture you see of me above.
Because if I do dare return it, they might say, “What a bitch!” And all of a sudden, I am a bitch world wide.
I am the Larry David of Musicians.  (Curb Your Enthusiasm).  Although I must say that I am extremely nice to all of the bus boys, who are generally bus “men”.  I observe how hard they work, and wonder what their lives are like?  How many mouths they have to feed.  How they just do their jobs, and stay in the background.  I always smile and look into their eyes, acknowledging their presence.  And most of them seem to have one thing in common.  They are not white.  I think about my grandparents, and how they came here as immigrants, and how hard they had to work, and learn a new language.  And I am actually writing a song called “Bus Boy” presently.  Unless you are a Native American, you came from immigrants.
But other than that, I tend to be a pain in the ass at restaurants, kind of like Sally, in “When Harry Met Sally”.  I like things on the side!  And every time a plate is presented, and the server says, “Enjoy!”  I start to giggle, and repeat it under my breath.  Because it happens all the time!
Well, at least I won’t gain any weight, so I can fit into my dress on the red carpet.  I’ll be miserable and hungry, but I will look marvelous!

2 Responses to “Thanks N.J. Discover! A blog of blogs, and some babbling.”

  1. January 27, 2012 at 10:13 PM

    Honey…no one .. I mean NO ONE rants like you do.. I love you each and every word. The freedom of expression and honesty should rule the day when we all live in PEACE..” All We Are Saying , Is Give Peace A Chance”.. John Lennon

  2. January 27, 2012 at 10:15 PM

    Reblogged this on Ahead Of These Blue Eyes.

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