The send and the sorry button. A retraction.

Yummy.  Eating crow.  Pass the catsup, please?

A while ago, I wrote a blog about the “send” button.  How you are the master of your own little universe.  How one action of the hovering finger actually coming into contact with the keyboard of execution, can set off your own little weapon of mass destruction.

Well, I went kaboom yesterday.  And now it’s time to take responsibility for the damage, and make a huge apology to the Associated Press.

One of the advantages of going to NAMM, and walking around, meeting such pros in the business, is their wisdom.

They taught me about having to grow really thick skin.  Not only is mine not thick enough, yet, but it is a bit too sensitive.

(Not to mention that I might want to grow a few layers over my mouth!)

Although, I try to use humor, sometimes, to help me through uncomfortable situations, I guess some people might not think it is funny.

I am always the first to admit when I fuck-up.  (Drum Roll)…..I fucked up.

I mean, a wonderful, well written article, I would say, on my behalf, was just spread around the entire nation.  And I had to bitch about photos?  Ego check, Linda.

The only way I know how to express myself, is honestly.

I am honestly trying to share what I am going through, during this new chapter in my life.  I wanted to keep it real.  If I am being a jerk, I want to be a jerk, and not pretend that I am this mature, cool person, that I am not.

And now I am honestly sorry for the blogging tantrum.

I am extremely grateful for the tremendous support I received from the Associated Press.  I loved the article.  I love the comments.  Yet, I came across disrespectfully, to a media entity who was more than fair to me.

What I don’t love, is that I may have offended anyone, by not loving my photos.

I am a pro musician, but certainly not a pro, yet at being in the public eye.

So I am very sorry for my comments, yesterday, that were considered offensive.

That was not my objective.  So I am officially retracting them.

And I hope I haven’t left any crumbs of crow on my plate.


1 Response to “The send and the sorry button. A retraction.”

  1. 1 jamesd11
    January 22, 2012 at 8:50 AM


    I tune into your blog everyday to see if there is an emotional tribute to yourself. I find your ride to stardom an important historical record that reveals the human condition. Don’t stop being you. In my opinion, it’s bad business advice that will ultimately prevent you from achieving your personal goals.


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