Cyber Space Invaders, Lana Del Rey does not suck, and some critics can be pussies and assholes.

This morning I read an article about an artist that sang on SNL.  It bashed the crap out of her.  And I watched the video to see and hear for myself.  And I only read it because a friend sent it to me.

As I read through the comments under the article, (which were all pretty opposed to what the article said), I hit the  “like” on one of them. The one that said, they preferred her singing to the article.

Next thing I know, there it is on my facebook wall…the article.  The article with a vicious title.  Hence, appearing as if I am sharing this opinion.

I am not.

And I removed the post, after a comment came.  I wouldn’t have even noticed it was there!

The woman was Lana Del Rey.  (And I made sure she was mentioned not negatively in my title.)

(But I must admit that I am guilty of adding “Pussies and Assholes” in the title, so people would read it, and it is true…SOME critics.  But most of them are awesome!  I love them!  BROWN NOSE ALERT!!)

So there are two possibilities here.

One, is that the article was written, and sensationalized solely to get a lot of hits, because some folks just thrive on negativity.  They enjoy disliking, and seeing someone up there falling down.  And the price of getting so many readers only cost Lana humiliation.  No skin off their back.

The Second reason, is maybe it was an ingenious plan to get people to watch, and discover that it was not that bad.  In fact, it may piss off readers that believe she is being bullied, unfairly, and therefore increase her fan base, not because her music is brilliant, but because SOME critics can be assholes and pussies..I guess covering all holes!

Yes, I read the article, yes, I watched the video.  But most people just read the headline, and jump on the “she sucks wagon”, without even investigating the music.

I mean, who would take the time after this title?

“Lana Del Rey Bombs with “One of the Worst Outings in SNL History”

And I did not make the title bigger, or bolder, so the skimmers just focus on it.

And Brian Williams saying it was the worst performance ever on SNL?  Brian, come on.  I am a fan of yours.  I wouldn’t have expected that from you.  I sure hope you don’t do it to me if I ever get lucky enough to get a a slot on SNL.

She sang live, she had very good pitch.  She has a quirky voice, it’s a bit timid, but has a vibe.  And her presence goes along with it.  I found the song to be weak, but that’s just my opinion.  And how old is she?  Has she lived long enough to have the thick skin?

Now the clincher here, is that at the very END of this long article, the writer, who used this woman to get hits, writes…

Worst “SNL” performance ever? No. Clumsy? Yes. Lana Del Rey definitely wasn’t in the best shape to perform, and her “SNL” appearance may indeed go down in the history books as one of the series’ musical low points. But this was more a case of being overwhelmed than lack of talent. With critics looking for any excuse to dismiss Lana,  should she be encouraged to continue? This writer believes the ball is rolling too fast for her to stop now.”

So why didn’t that show up at the beginning of the article?  Why was there not a question mark on the headline?

I find this behavior appalling.  I can’t wait to see what they write about me next.

In fact, there was an article written about me, that received the most hit’s in it’s publications’ history.  It read,

“In Linda Chorney’s Defense”.  Then she proceeded to back handedly defend me.  Using my name in the title to get the hits.  This is how I was “defended” in the beginning of the article..

“When the Grammy Awards were announced, I posted something on Facebook with a link to the nominees. Someone commented asking me if I knew who Linda Chorney was. I did not. Had never heard of her. My inclination was to listen to her record. I couldn’t make it through. It’s not a very great record. Maybe not even very good.”

Thanks for defending me.  I am honored by your chivalry.

Lana, I hope I get to meet you, maybe at the Grammys, and we can compare notes and have a laugh.

P.S.  I am not linking to either of these articles.  I am not here to promote critics, or the aliens in cyber space invading me.

(And I also chose not to use their names or publications.  Not my style.)


1 Response to “Cyber Space Invaders, Lana Del Rey does not suck, and some critics can be pussies and assholes.”

  1. January 18, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    English is my second language. Maybe that is why I get so confused by the use of some words. Like the way Linda just used “Pussies and assholes”. Those words could be used to describe parts of the human plumbing system or as centers of sexual pleasure. I think Linda is using the words for a different meaning. What if she said, “he’s a dick”? Would she only be trying to declare the persons gender? That would make sense if the persons name was Pat. Another one that is confusing is “piss off”. If “on” is the opposite of “off” what does “piss someone off” really mean? Maybe its like when someone says they just “got off” and then they smile and have a cigarette. The phrase that most confuses me is “she sucks”. Maybe if I change the punctuation. “She sucks”? or “She sucks”! How about “He sucks”. I kind of remember in High School this would make a person double their chances for a date.

    Oh that English language. So confusing and at the same time beautiful when it is used by a skilled writer like Linda. So maybe that is why some critics love your music and others simply don’t get it. I’m the last person that should be giving advice on the use of language. But I do remember sending you a note a long time ago and telling you that Chorney meant black in my language. Hope you don’t ever get compared to that other singer Rebecca Black (Chorney}.

    For now I’m just going back to my Urban Dictionary and figure this all out.

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