Ahhh. (she says calmly)..then AHHHHHH!

I am in Arizona now.  Nice and quiet.  I almost had an anxiety attack on the plane.  I think it is the proximity to Los Angeles.

I didn’t freak out, or anything, but I started writing the book on the flight.

Of course, I am not going to give it away.  But it begins on the actual plane.  In chapter one, I write a mock acceptance speech.  I think that is when I started losing my normally so calm demeanor.  (not).  My eyes started welling up.  So many people are saying, “Bring it home Linda!”.  I feel pressure.  I imagined my parents up there in the nose bleeds watching.  Wanting to win so badly so they could share the elation!  I am so lucky that they are both around to witness this turn in my career.  I was imagining their joy.  And that’s when I started to cry.

The book ends on February 12th.  So I will be writing it every day until then.

The last chapter will begin with either of these two-word sentences.  I won.  OR  I lost.

And when the book goes to print, we will already know the outcome.  Like, we know the ending.  That’s a weird way to start a book.

But you get the middle and the beginning.

And either way, I promise honesty, vulnerability, vulgarity!  What else is there?

You won’t be able to put it down!

It moves me to think of all of you doing your own movements while reading it.

I am still on the fence about the title.

Certainly, “Grammy Gate” is in the running.

Also possible, “My Scenic Route to the Grammys

Or, “Jewish Americana Princess”?

Or, “Fuck. I lost.”

Or, “I won!  Now what?”

When I got up to shake off the anxiety, I spoke with the flight attendants in the back, and shared my little story.

They told the head flight attendant, and she came over to me with her CD.  She was a singer from Nashville!

When the flight landed, she got on the P.A. and said,

‘Welcome to Tucson.  We have a Grammy Nominee on board, Linda Chorney, and let’s all wish her luck.  She’s gonna win!”

The airplane cheered, and the flight attendant started singing Patsy Cline‘s “Crazy”.  More applause.  And I hugged her goodbye.

I also looked like total shit!  5 hours of sleep in 3 days.  Thank goodness, the pony express paparazzi were not around.

So what the hell are you doing up now, Linda?

Still wired.  Such a great week-end at “Light of Day“.

And my husband’s dream came true.  He got to sing on stage with Bruce Springsteen, and 50 other of the Boss’s BFFs.

Bruce starts singing “Thunder Road“.  I am up front there on the stage, and start to creep away, because, I don’t know the fucking words!

I really like Springsteen, but I never owned any of his albums.  Scott owns all of them, including the one up for Best Packaging this year in the Grammys.  And I found out from Bruce that he is coming.  I assumed he was not, and offered to take his trophy home for him…(like he would ever see it again!)

He is coming for reasons other than collecting another Grammy, but I won’t spoil the surprise.  (And, no, he is not singing with me.)

He only opens for me!  (ummm, joke from yesterday for those new to the blog.)

So I am trying to sneak away to not embarrass myself in front of die-hard Jersey Bruce fans, to see the clueless Bostonian, mouth totally wrong words, until it comes to, “Thunder Road”.

As I am half way across the stage to make my escape, Scott shows up on the stage, singing at the top of his lungs with a joy on his face, only to be surpassed by my parents, if they see me win the Grammy.

He grabs me, and luckily I notice a teleprompter in front of Bruce.  So I position myself to try and read the words, so I don’t look like a total Jackass.  ( I wasn’t there to Bogart the stage, just to see the damn words.)

Garland Jeffreys grabs me, and he doesn’t know the words, either.  So we both strain to catch up to the bouncing ball following the lyrics.

Only when it broke into the La La La La la, did we command any inch of the stage.  And oh boy, oh boy!  Guess what?  It was all caught on video tape!

Scott is thrilled.  He is behind me, holding me around my waist, and Garland has his arm around my shoulder.  Looks a little kinky, but it was all innocent until John Eddie showed up with his big deck.  (That’s one of his songs he performed at our show last night to close the festival.)

Happy Birthday Bobby Benjamin.  I wish you good heath.  You cannot imagine how much joy this event brings to, of course the audience, but the musicians as well.  And now without further adieu, my potential Grammy Nominated performance of “Thunder Road”.


5 Responses to “Ahhh. (she says calmly)..then AHHHHHH!”

  1. January 16, 2012 at 9:20 PM

    Linda this is just fab, how exciting for you. Certainly got me in the mood for a part! Good luck rooting for you x

  2. January 17, 2012 at 1:27 AM

    You could call your book, ‘Thank Goodness It Wasn’t the Third Vowel’ in honor of your sentence from today’s entry “John Eddie showed up with his big deck.” After all, it wasn’t called the “Leght of Day” benefit.

  3. January 17, 2012 at 7:51 AM

    Hi Linda, This is GREAT ,I actually wrote this for Mary Zarilli along with a lot of his 70’s stuff.You owe me , break a leg at the Grammy’s! Jody

  4. January 17, 2012 at 8:04 AM

    Scott should be!! He has to teach you the words (& Garland), (& hold u tighter)] Great Show!!! Gee, Chorney-Grammy, looks good!!

  5. January 19, 2012 at 12:26 AM

    Well, I’m glad someone in your family knows the words! Funny stuff. And very cool for your husband to experience that. Whenever I hear the start of that song, I will visibly swoon.

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