A line I could just not resist following Springsteen…

Well,  the Light Of Day 2012 show was a blast.  The cause and the effort from so many to find a cure for Parkinson’s is wonderful.  There are many genres that fill the stage all with one heart.

Whether you are on stage or in the audience, you feel the love.

So last night, I was scheduled to hit the stage at the Paramount at 8:55 for a ten minute acoustic mini-set.  But this dude showed up and sat in with the amazing Garland Jeffreys.   It was Springsteen.  So I didn’t mind hitting it after him!

And By the way, Springsteen is up for a Grammy this year for “Best Packaging”.  It took a lot of discipline not to jump on the numerous, tasteless puns.

Ooh!  But what an opportunity to crack at least one joke..or two!  I went for it.  Yeah, I am a risk taker.  Otherwise, life is too safe, too boring.

When you see me shout to the “man behind the curtain” in between songs, it’s because the next band was setting up, and the bass player was playing in a totally different key in my ear.  So, I asked him to stop.

Then in the second song, I fucked up 2 chords.  The inside scoop!

Below is the nice ditty in the article from the Star Ledger….


Linda Chorney might not win the Grammy for Best Americana Album that she’s been nominated for, but she did walk away with the line of the evening. Her acoustic mini-set followed Willie Nile‘s closer “One Guitar” — a song he sang with the Boss beside him, adding harmonies and guitar licks.

That was Springsteen’s first appearance of the evening, and when Chorney took the stage afterward, she cracked “I’ve always wanted Bruce Springsteen to open for me.” That got a laugh and even a few gasps from the true believers — but on a bill that was again loaded with boys with guitars (some of whom, like Eddie, were comfortable giving voice to gender stereotypes in their songs), Chorney’s irreverence was refreshing.

The gutsy singer-songwriter faced the crowd with nothing but her strong voice, her confessional storytelling lyrics, and her singular musical vision — and in so doing, she proved that Grammy nomination was no fluke. She deserved a full set on the main stage. Maybe next year.

Well, this year was fun sharing the stage with all!   (Thanks for the great photo Mike Black!)


3 Responses to “A line I could just not resist following Springsteen…”

  1. January 15, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    Great article and a wonderful clip. You could have invited Springsteen to dinner after the show and then when he ordered chicken cutlets you’d know he reads your blog, too. 😉

  2. January 17, 2012 at 5:32 PM

    Yeee HaaaW!

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