Like Sally Fields said, “You like me, you really like me!” (Linda says, well, most of you!)

Really you guys, I have to admit, I am having fun.  Yeah, I know my blogs have been a little self-absorbed, lately.  (Hope you didn’t just have a mouth full of something, that spat out after reading, “a little”?!)

Not bitching about the usual or unusual things that irritate me.  I’m not even addressing the GOP debates!  I’m just too happy.  I’m not used to this.  What do I do?  Do you miss the old me?

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you start to question your disposition?  When you say to yourself, “I dunno.  Things are going too well.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Like, if you have a Mac computer, and you don’t see the colored wheel of death spinning for weeks?  I don’t know what the P.C. equivalent is.

More good press!  Man, the pressure is kind of on.  I’m not sure if I have enough support to outweigh the labels’ muscle.  I know I have a lot, but is it enough?  Normally, yeah, I have won, simply by being nominated as an Indie.  But after the barrage, (from the few), I……wouldn’t mind taking home the statue.

Regardless, I hope you will be there to pat me on the back, either way, after February 12th.  Ballots must be in tomorrow, in Los Angeles.  So my campaign is done.  There is nothing more to do, except hurry up and wait!!!!!

Oh shit.  There we go, that’s much better.  I’m starting to get anxious.  That’s more like the Linda I know and love.  Yeah, I love myself.  So what?  I dare say, I might be my biggest fan?  You guys love yourselves, don’t you?

Here comes the love fest for me this week…..

Newark Star Ledger from Friday,



 And Yahoooooooooooo today!


Tomorrow, big photo shoot in New York with Associated Press!

Really, I am sure Emmylou and Lucinda are not spazzing out the way I am.  This is not their first rodeo.  “Ho hum, another Grammy Show, not this again!”

Well, for now, I am going to relish in the excitement.  Like the song on Emotional Jukebox, “Do it While You Can!”  (Please catch the rodeo clown if I fall!)

And speaking of Clowns, now I can concentrate on watching the GOP debates again!  Step right up!


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