MY Wicked Awesome GRoovy Supporters!!!

Yeah, this is more of a feel good story.  It is interesting that I got over 1,000 hits yesterday for my sensationalized title.  It is also a bizarre study in human nature, how people are attracted to scandal, over success…

These are some of my observations that I will share in GRAMMY GATE!  (The book by who the f$%^ is Linda Chorney.  A first hand experience of being an “overnight success” as a Grammy Nominee, and the honest, crazy story…)

NOW BACK TO THE positive STORY – hope you read on!

So, several years ago, I created this marketing idea to help finance all of my albums.

For the folks that have been watching me perform over the years, I offer them to be in the record business, kind of, sort of.  (If they can afford at least 100 bucks.)

Before each album was released, they pre-purchased a bunch, at a discount, and got their names, or company names, within the booklet of my album for eternity!  (Some albums died earlier than others!)

So I generally raised enough advance sales to pay for most of the recording.  Groovy Supporters got 6 CD‘s.  And Wicked Awesome Supporters got 30 CD’s.  They make great stocking stuffers!

Though Emotional Jukebox,  was so generously paid for by THE ROCK DOC, after spending ten months of my life working on the album, I still had sponsors!  So I could actually pay some bills!

Friday, I visited a couple of the local business that supported EJ, right in the hood.

One is “Look Back Antiques”, where I definitely spent several albums worth of income.  I made this little video, and completely brain farted the name of the place.  I swear, I am on overload since the nomination, combined with being 51, and forgetting everything else under the sun…never the less…when I saw this item, in particular, I had to let it roll.  And ACTION –

The second, I have gained several pounds going to, but it is the best freakin’ pizza on the planet.  Seriously, and the Grammy Pie goes to…

Sea Bright Pizza!!!  (May I recommend the eggplant?)

Another supporter in town is my awesome Dentist, Dr. Bruce Bilow.  We traded tunes for teeth!

And my  chiropractor, Pat Connolly in Asbury Park.  We traded albums for adjustments!

Any way I could survive on my music, I made it happen….

WITH THE EXCEPTION OF – sleeping with anybody to get ahead.  I kind of accounted my lack of fame to that, and naturally wrote a song.

“I Only Sleep With People That Can’t Help Me” – on my 4th album, “ONE KISS AT A TIME”.

Can you imagine how many folks one would have to bang to get a nomination?!!!

So thanks to all, for the grassroots effort.

P.S.  I GOT MY DRESS!  I GOT MY DRESS!  (Sing those lines, and jump up and down for proper effect….or just imagine me doing it.)

What do Ireland’s First Lady Sabina Higgins, Oprah Winfrey, and I have in common?  

Designer “Don O’Neill”!  His fashion sense is so elegant, but I can assure you, he designed a dress for me that is pure ROCK AND ROLL!  I love it!  (Elegant is not my middle name….(If you guys want to browse at some of his FABULOUS dresses…here is the website!  Can you guess which one I am wearing there?) http://theiacouture.com/Site/#/home

Thanks, Don!!!  You are a doll!  (And Melissa, and Mary Beth!)


1 Response to “MY Wicked Awesome GRoovy Supporters!!!”

  1. January 11, 2012 at 6:14 AM

    Yes I like you! No you have not slept with me yet! (well atleast not while i’m a wake) Ha, Ha, i kid Scott please don’t kill me? And it’s the black dress with the jacket!

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