All is Quiet on New Years’ Day

“All is quiet on New Years‘ Day…”

Every New Years’ morning when I wake up, (well, technically, normally, afternoon),  that song just won’t escape my head!!  Thank you….2.

But at least today that head is not throbbing with pain!  No hangover!

I have had many a new year celebrations, I would say 75% of my adult years, where I woke up feeling like shit, but with NO regrets!  Worth burning a few brain cells.  Hell, I think too much as it is!

I feel for you guys going, “Ehhhhh, I feel like a cow pooped in my mouth and danced on my brain…but what a blast!”

And then a giggle as you reminisce the events of the night before…..that you can remember.

I had a woman come up to me last night at my show and say, “Last night I think I made out with Rita!  Well, at least I think I did!”  (She rang in the New Year a little pre-maturely.)

We had a good laugh, and I thought it might make a good song.

Then I read a friend’s post on Facebook that said, “Yes, I fell asleep before midnight, doh.”

That has happened to me maybe twice, since my legal drinking age.

So, what does that mean to fall asleep before that ball drops?

Well, yeah, we are getting older.  Maybe not as energetic as we used to be.  Maybe just wiser and more content.  Not out searching for something that is missing.  Maybe not.  Maybe because it’s too risky to go out and drive anywhere.  Maybe we are more responsible, and don’t want to drive drunk, like we used to.  (I am hearing Mic Jagger in my head now, from Miss You…”like we used to”)

Or maybe it is too friggin’ expensive to go out.  If I was not a musician, that capitalizes on New Years’ Eve, as it pays well….and if it doesn’t?  Why bother?  But last night was a blast playing with Nick Clemens Band, Ralph Notaro and Bob Polding!

However, if and when I’m not performing on Dec 31st, I love to have an evening with good friends, make an extravagant meal.  Lobster, Filet, caviar, good champagne.  Tons of Hors d’oeuvres (Thank goodness I am not hung over right now, because my mind could not take the meltdown of going over how ridiculous the French language is to spell!  Really?  Vanna, can I buy another vowel?)

Which brings me to another subject.  Content.  Real conversation.  For me, I just don’t have the patience for superficial conversation.  This is for any eve.  Sometimes I just sit back and listen to nonsense.  And at the risk of sounding pompous, I get bored.  What is the point?

And then also, (and I am sorry to be judgemental here), but being in the entertainment biz, I am surrounded by people who are wasted, that do not know when to stop.  When you need subtitles.  When that limit is exceeded, (not the legal limit… the one that reaches a level that activates a switch within your own mechanism that changes you.)   One person who is normally quite charming, becomes a complete ass.

Being funny is one thing, but when someone becomes vile, and even violent, I just don’t enjoy being around it.

Now, when they make out on the floor with Rita?   That’s cool!  It’s hysterical!  Why not?

(I guess as long as it doesn’t lead to a new addition to the family the following September!)

Sorry to get preachy back there….it’s just where my head went.  I am proud to say I am perfectly capable of being an ass without the influence of alcohol!  Yep, I got that going for me!

I dedicate this blog for those of you waking up…..or eventually waking up, and feeling like a sledge-hammer dropped at midnight, after dreaming about drinking a silo of water, looking by your bedside only to find the glass is empty.  Just getting up to pee is challenging enough, but to have to fetch a pail of water?  Ahhh!  Where are Jack and Jill when you need them?

…that rambled on….BUT most importantly, about you guys waking, that you are LAUGHING because you had a great time!  A memorable evening.  I am kind of jealous!  Enjoy the carbs you are craving!  Eat that delicious salty, fried food!  My favorite is a chocolate milk shake, some Mexican, Chinese, Steak and Eggs, and a little more hair of the dog!!  The diet will start tomorrow!  (Man I am hungry, better wrap this up.)  Hope that last sentence doesn’t make you hurl!  That, we could all do without.

So giggle away; call the friends you shared the evening with, and say,  “Hey!  Remember last night when you fell after coming out of the bathroom, and Joey picked you up and carried you around the dance floor on his shoulder, and your crack was showing, as you screamed out, “Get me another Red Bull and Vodka BABY!!  Wahooooooo!…where is my iphone?  Take a picture of the noise maker in my butt!”

(I wish I had the photo!)  Let me go to google images and put that in….hold on….

I didn’t quite find that shot, but I did find a few others that made me laugh out loud….

And just for the record, this is MY idea, shitfacebook!  Linda Chorney @copyright Jan 1, 2012  (Darn it!  I just found out, somebody else thought of the same thing.)  Yeah, and I wrote “Let it Be”, too!  What are the chances?

May I suggest putting on, or at least imagine Louis Armstrong singing “What A Wonderful World” , as you gaze at the photos!




2 Responses to “All is Quiet on New Years’ Day”

  1. January 2, 2012 at 9:31 AM

    So Cool and Right on Linda… Thanks for Sharing and hope to one day see you in person performing… Don’t worry, I’ll be the Sober one… 🙂

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