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But this article makes me feel like Rudolph, after Clarissa said something…

“I’m cude!  I’m cude!”

Check it out below, IF you have time in between shopping!  Shopping? Ahh!  What should I get everyone?  Oooh! I know.  I happen to have a few copies of “EMOTIONAL JUKEBOX! just waiting for a home!!

Happy Holidays from Linda the Red Nosed Americana Nominee!


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December 19, 2011

Linda Chorney: A Latter Day Hero and Grammy Nominee. Good Solid Journalism. A Week Before Christmas. Dec 19, 2011

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Linda Chorney

Linda Chorney. Two weeks ago my blog (December 1st) was a copy of my October interview with an amazingly voiced singer, Linda Chorney, who was just beginning the process of submitting her album ‘Emotional Jukebox’ for Grammy nomination consideration. And yes, once again I have not blogged for two weeks allowing extra exposure for my Linda Chorney interview which I consider my finest hour and journalistic achievement since this whole ‘Woodward and Bernstein’(remember them?) shtick began on  July 30, 2011; my first day as a journalist when I covered Old Freehold Day and heard this vibrant feisty singer (of course Linda) do a set before a crowd of people more intent of getting free rides on a hay tractor, back and forth to a suburban New Jersey parking lot. As Humphrey Bogart (Rick) said to Claude Rains (Louis) in ‘Casablanca’ it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I’ve observed the process as Indie (no major record label) Linda Chorney has suited up with determination, drive, depth and spirit and presented herself to the establishment called Grammy Awards. I’m a visual literary guy: I see Joan of Arc, Althea Gibson (one of my life’s heroes. Go Google if you don’t know her), Annie Oakley, Susan B. Anthony, Marian Anderson, Molly Pitcher (Revolutionary War heroine. There’s a hotel near Linda in Red Bank named after her). You see, I like rugged individualists like Linda Chorney. She went out and used the extant tools to bring her musical message to the Grammy voters.

Linda Chorney

Linda Chorney

She’s an Indie. I look at her fellow nominees for Best Americana Album, most of them loaded with Grammy awards already. Linda has now been called the darling of the Grammy awards by many reporters and observers because of the fire of determination to bring awareness to her music far from the maddening crowd of big record labels and money. There’s always a Benedict Arnold, a Dathan (played by Edward G. Robinson in ‘Ten Commandments’) or just another political party on the other side of midnight or an aisle. So I smile sardonically and read the words of some ‘Bob’ or ‘Baker’ guy who are upset because they don’t know her music and don’t think she belongs where she is. Then I look at the United Nations and its inability to reach agreement in ‘Kyoto Protocol’ and I know since the time the Cro Magnons’ played a rendition of soccer right here in Jersey across the street from me, that there will always be towers of babble, ignorance and jealousy as some ‘Bob’ or ‘Baker’ non-entities recently demonstrated and restored my faith in the old adage, “some folks never get it.” As I see it, as objectively as I can be, Linda’s music is wonderful, moving and passionate and deserves to be right in front of all of us with Grammy recognition. I do believe George Washington would’ve loved it too, especially her song from ‘Emotional Jukebox’ called ‘Cherries.’ George did chop down the cherry tree and was honest about it. That’s what I like about Linda Chorney.

Linda Chorney


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2 Responses to “Wahoo! Here’s One for the Scrapbook!”

  1. December 21, 2011 at 7:54 AM

    Nice words recognizing all the hard work you’ve invested in your art. A good read and hopefully a harbinger of things to come at the Grammy Awards. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And if you ever choose to play a gig anywhere near Norwich, Connecticut, holler at me, okay?.

    • December 21, 2011 at 4:10 PM

      Would love to! I go to CT alot….ROCK Doc lives there!

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