Having Flash Backs of the film “Almost Famous”

No, this is not some self-absorbed boast, insinuating that I am almost famous….far from it.

For what is the obvious reason, the film, “Almost Famous” is flying through my head right now?

Our fucking plane just made an emergency landing!

Just left Los Angeles on United Flight 6445 at 8:40 pm PST.

We almost missed the flight, because we were running around all day.

First, to get interviewed by a wicked nice guy named Phil Gallo, from Billboard;

then shoot the video for “Cherries” with awesome movie producer Forrest Murray,

that got potentially rained out, until my publicist had the brilliant idea of shooting indoors at Amoeba Records…so we did.

Then we searched Hollywood for a hard copy of “Variety” article that sweetheart Christopher Morris wrote, that came out today…to find I was on the cover!

Then we found out Chris Carter sent out a blast to his listeners of “Breakfast With The Beatles” with a play list that included my live performance on his show at KLOS on Sunday!

Then we got lost in Santa Monica returning the guitar, my friend Steve Postell let me borrow for the shoot..

Then we got lost finding the rental car return building.  And on the shuttle ride to LAX, of course, United was the Last stop!

I dove to put my i.d. in the kiosk before the 30 minute cut off, and made it with 1 minute to spare.

Ran through security, hurdling like O.J.,  and got to the gate in time to take a stand-by flight back home.

Plane takes off, after 5 minutes, it makes a loud noise. (We were above the wing).

Then another noise.  It sounded like the wheels, but who knew.  Plane starts descending.  No announcement.

I start thinking about the movie, “Almost Famous”.  Even though I am not, to wait all this time for my break, and then just hours ago, film a song that ends with the following lyrics,

“Life’s a great big bowl of cherries, sometimes bitter sweet,

so you taste all you can, and embrace all the love, and avoid all the hate.

And never hesitate to wear my heart out on a limb, and laugh and be silly with my friends

And sing at the top of my lungs, my favorite Beatles songs

Oh cuz we never know when we’re gonna go

We never know when we’re gonna go

But what’s to come will come no more

When we’re gone.”

FUCK!  Am I a goner?  Is this it?  Now?  You’ve got to be kidding?  The most exciting time of my life?? I just got here on this unfamiliar, unreachable doorstep!

Finally the captain comes on the speaker:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, ah, we are having mechanical difficulty.  It looks like we are going to have to turn around and go back to LAX.  The landing gear is not functioning properly.  We should be down in 10 minutes….

20 minutes later, still over water.

I’m not freaking out, just rolling my eyeballs.

I thought to myself, I hope Forrest still puts out my video if I die!  (oooh, maybe it will get more hits!)

Then we landed safely.  Scott and I went directly to the bar.  I pledged allegiance to Mother’s Little Helper and a glass of wine.

Wrote this blog…

Now I have landed safely.  We had to turn around again on the tarmac before take off a second time.

I am exhausted, at 2:00 am.  And I will dream about getting lots of hits, and almost being almost famous!


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