If this is a Cinderalla Story – Will I lose my shoe?

I’m on the plane to L.A.  Next stop, another major magazine interview and a radio appearance on 95.5 KLOS!  Chris Carter’sBreakfast with The Beatles!”  You can listen anywhere on line.  Show is 8-11:00 PST, and I’ll hit towards the end.

On Sirius, he was kind enough to play my version of “I’m Only Sleeping” in 2011 BG (Before Grammys); before “the news was read, oh boy”…(Beatles’ fans would get that!)

What a blast!

You can’t make up stories like this!

I am hearing Bill Murray from Caddyshack in the back of my head right now…

“The Cinderella story, here in Augusta…”

Now Kenny Loggins has entered the party in my brain.  “I’m all right, nobody worry bout me….”

Just picture me as the little gofer dancing around!

I'm Alright!

51 years old.  What a journey.

When I went to Mount Everest, I was happy enough to have reached base camp.

Mount Everest Base Camp, Tibet Side. 17,300 Feet

And here I am again, at the base camp of the Grammys.  This was a much more difficult climb, and it took a lot longer to get here.  But at least I don’t need Diamox; sleep in a Yak tent, and have to pee every hour outside in below zero weather at night!  BRRRRR!

I am in awe to be trekking amongst such legendary summiteers as EmmyLou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Ry Cooder, and Levon Helm…crashing in the same tent!

The view is breath-taking.

I wonder what it looks like from the top?


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